Best Rated Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers – Top 10 Reviews

These days using the truck is becoming more common. This is because it helps to keep more luggage in it. With this, you can carry heavy duty materials in an easy manner. In order to maintain its durability, you need to protect it properly. How can you do it? The only solution is to buy the best roll-up tonneau covers. Yes, these types of covers come with several features to make your task easy. If you are having the roll-up cover, then you no need to worry about the unused parts of your truck. It will take care about your truck and will help to extend your good looking trucks lifetime.

Reviews of the Best Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

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How Do Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover work?

The tonneau covers are the great option to protect your truck and’s inner content from the outside elements such as water, snow, UV, mold, and much more. It can also help to offer increased mileage due to the reduced aerodynamics drag. These kinds of covers are made by using the quality and durable materials so it will last long and also a good tear resistant too. After buying this cover, you need to install it. Most of the covers come with pre-assembled parts so there is no need for drilling as well. It can also be rolled up easily for further use.

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Things to Consider When Buying Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Different covers in the market come with various features. Definitely, it pulls you in confusion so that you will feel difficulties in searching the best. Even, there are several top-rated brands are out there to provide tonneau covers but we cannot assure the quality. The only thing we can do is analyze the special features of the covers in the market. Most probably, it’s important to think about its sleek profile, waterproofing, weather resistant, durability, cost, ease of installation, and much more. The following section briefly describes the things that you should think while buying tonneau covers for your truck.

  1. Types of roll-up tonneau cover:

The tonneau cover is one of the most important accessories you should buy it for the safety of your cargo. Normally, roll-up tonneau covers are the best forever when comparing to other.

If you want to buy the roll-up tonneau covers in the market, then you should consider the types of the bed cover.

Roll-up tonneau covers come with 2 common types such that soft roll-up tonneau cover and hard roll-up tonneau cover.

If you want to quickly access your tonneau cover, then soft roll-up tonneau cover is the best. It helps for easy opening, provides better security to your payloads, and good comfort.

  1. Maintenance of roll-up tonneau cover:

Of course, this is one of the most important factors to consider while you buying the best tonneau cover for you. If you want to buy the roll-up tonneau cover in the market, then select the low maintenance tonneau cover why because it comes with a low cost and it provides easy cleaning.

Most of the tonneau covers in the market come with low maintenance so it is not difficult to find the best one for you. Some of the tonneau covers will allow for proper clean using the water and normal soaps so give the most preference to these types of roll-up tonneau covers.

  1. Installation time of the roll-up tonneau cover:

Most of the roll-up tonneau covers on the open market come with the installation period up to 1 hour completely so it may be tough to you. Better you can avoid those kinds of tonneau covers why because it comes with expensive and also it needs extra tools to access.

Those who want to reduce the installation time, they can choose the soft roll-up tonneau covers in the market. It requires 30-45 minutes of installation and also it comes at a reasonable price in the market.

Normally, soft roll-up tonneau truck tonneau covers do not require drilling so this is one of the main benefits you have for choosing the soft roll-up tonneau covers.

  1. The weight of the roll-up truck tonneau cover:

The weight of the tonneau cover is almost the important factor to consider for buying. The heavyweight tonneau covers can’t able to offer more convenient to the user and also it is very tough to manage. But, the lightweight roll-up tonneau covers provides the facilities of easy folds, low cost, and better comfort so the lightweight tonneau covers are the best.

Lastly, check whether your roll-up tonneau cover comes with weather-resistant because it can able to protect your cargo from the sun, rain, and snow.

Best Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Covers – Our Top 10 Recommendations and Reviews

Here is a list of top-rated covers and it’s features.

1.   Tonno Pro LR-1050 Lo-Roll Black Roll-Up Truck Tonneau Cover



Tonno Pro is one of the best leaders in providing the tonneau covers and this cover is the most durable one in the market. It does not compromise quality and cost.

Special features:

This cover is designed by considering the real customer needs so you can expect quality from this. It’s quite simple to install with the use of the socket and ratchet.

Sleek profile:

It looks attractive because of its sleek profile and made from quality materials with aluminum coated frame which in turn it is easy to carry.


It features good dimensions so it fits your truck bed perfectly. Along with this package, you can get SureSeal tailgate seal, TonnoTorch detachable LED bed light, Pro Clean vinyl cleaner and Pro Gloves.


It works great and does not require more time to install it. The aluminum coated frame will make this lasts long forever.


  • It is highly resistant to tear.
  • It provides good security to your truck bed.
  • It’s easy to install.

This is really a wonderful quality tonneau cover which keeps your truck bed safe even in the cold weather and sunny conditions.


2.   Lund 96893 Genesis Elite Roll-Up Tonneau Cover



Lund is considered to be the best manufacturer in delivering the tonneau covers with good quality and reasonable price. Now, it has been introduced the most durable cover to protect your full truck bed from the unwanted dirt and rain.

Special features:

If you’re tired of shifting the truck contents from it, then you can use this cover to protect it from rain.


It is perfectly engineered by the experts so it definitely meets your expectations. It comes in an attractive color so it will match your truck nicely.


It’s really made from the premium quality material so it will provide long-lasting durability. Moreover, this cover is highly resistant to water, tear, dirt, UV, and mold.

Easy to clean:

There is no need to use any harmful chemicals to clean. This is because it is made from easy-to-clean material so you can simply clean with water and let it dry.


  • It is designed to reduce drag.
  • It comes with the limited lifetime warranty.
  • Made in the USA.

If you really need to get the quality tonneau cover under your budget, then this awesome and easy-to-install tonneau cover is best.


3.   TruXedo 246901 TruXport Soft Roll-Up Dual Latch Tonneau Cover



This is another great tonneau cover from the world’s leading brand TruXedo. It’s perfectly designed by the experts to provide people the good quality cover.

Special features:

This is the best cover for those who are looking for the high-end models at great low prices.


It features a sleek design, which looks attractive and as well as it increases fuel economy.

Easy to install:

There is no need to experience difficulties while installing it. This is because it takes only 20 minutes of time to finish the installation process completely.

Strengthened Velcro:

In order to tightly fit the cover on the rail of the truck bed, it comes with high-quality Velcro straps so it will not get open until you open it.

Easy to adjust:

Without any tool, you can easily adjust the cover to be tight forever. The manufacturer is providing a limited 5-year warranty with this cover.


  • Sleek design.
  • It’s highly affordable to buy.
  • It’s easy to install and quick as well.

If you really want to protect your truck bed with high-quality tonneau cover at low prices, then this is really the best choice.


4.   Gator Roll Up Tonneau Cover 53109 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra



Gator has been the renowned manufacturer of the wonderful tonneau covers and all these products from this brand are high in quality and low in cost as well.

Special features:

It is featured with the good color and the size is also great, which measures 5.8 feet. This size will be good for covering your truck bed entirely.


As I mentioned above, this manufacturer is using the good quality and durable materials to make this cover so it will not get damaged easily.

Simple installation:

There is no need to drill in the truck bed to install this cover as it comes with the drill-free clamps to make your installation process simple.


It’s designed with the easy-to-operate trigger latch which allows you to operate with one hand in an easy manner.


It looks really nice because it features a sleek profile and greatly offers good protection to your truck bed. This is because it’s highly resistant to water, dirt, and UV.


  • It’s easy to install with minimum tools.
  • It looks good and fits your truck bed.
  • It’s easy to roll up while it is not in use.

This tonneau cover is a nice addition for the truck bed which features good size and it’s really great for your money.


5.   North Mountain Soft Vinyl Roll-up Tonneau Cover



North Mountain is the best leader in the market for selling the tonneau covers which meets the customer needs. This cover is perfectly designed with the needs of customers in mind so it will offer enhanced comfort and performance to you while installing it.

Special features:

This tonneau cover features a sleek design to improve the gas mileage. In addition to this, it’s designed with the Velcro strap which constantly sits on the truck rail to cover the bed.

Enhanced comfort:

There is no need for multiple persons to operate this cover. This is because it’s easy-to-use and its sleek design makes the handling easy so you can operate with one hand.

This Velcro strap makes the operation easy during the cold weather conditions.

Performance and durability:

In order to offer the long-lasting durability and good performance, the manufacturers designed this cover by using the quality materials.

You no need to worry about the quality of the materials because it is backed by 3-year warranty.


  • 3 years warranty.
  • It’s easy to use and install.

If you want to buy a highly-durable and roll-up cover, then you can buy this tonneau cover from the North Mountain.


6.   HS Power Roll-Up Soft Tonneau Cover



HS Power is the world’s best-selling brand and the tonneau covers from this brand are versatile in nature. This is specifically designed to keep your truck bed safe forever.

Special features:

This is the tonneau cover which helps to protect your truck bed from the unwanted elements such as water, dirt, mold, and much more. It’s perfect for every road and it’s quite simple to install without any tools.

Lightweight design:

It is absolutely light in weight so you can carry this easily and operate with one hand. The black color of this cover gives an attractive color and definitely matches your truck color.

Quick installation:

It comes with the installation instructions so you can install it easily. It’s easy to roll-up while at the time you need to keep the things inside your truck bed. There is no drilling required to install it.


  • It’s really good for the price.
  • Great looking truck cover
  • It is highly resistant to wear and tear.

If you’re looking for the ultimate roll-up tonneau cover within your budget, then this is the best choice to go.


7.   Lock & Roll up Soft Tonneau Cover



R&L Racing is also one of the best providers of the soft tonneau covers and this cover can be rolled-up easily whenever you want. It is designed by the engineers by analyzing the ins and outs of the needs of the truck safety so you will never disappoint with the quality of this cover.

Special features:

It is designed to provide the enhanced style and security to your good looking truck. This is extremely easy to install and comes with the installation instructions as well.

Roll-up and sleek profile:

This awesome tonneau cover features a sleek and roll-up style so it completely provides safety to the truck contents so it will not get affect the unwanted elements.

Sturdy design:

It’s made from the heavy duty fabric with vinyl coated for providing long-lasting durability and as well as improving the security during the cold weather.

Increased mileage:

In order to provide you the increased mileage as it reduces aerodynamic drag and it is highly thicker than other tonneau covers in the market.

Easy installation:

It’s not too hard to install this cover because it comes with everything needed to install it without any help from the professionals. Without drilling and with the help of the easy-to-follow instructions, you can easily install this cover.


  • It looks great.
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install
  • It’s really a great cover for the price.

If you really wanted to buy the good tonneau cover to protect your truck, then this ultimate cover will fulfill your needs.


8.   Heavy Duty Roll-Up Soft Tonneau Cover



R&L Racing is the top-rated provider of soft tonneau covers and all the covers come from this brand is good in quality. This is a fantastic roll-up cover, which covers the unoccupied place in your truck for safety.

Special features:

It is the best tonneau cover which meets your vehicle need at great low prices. This cover comes in attractive black color which perfectly fits your wonderful blue, white, gray truck.


It’s designed by using quality materials and also helps to reduce the aerodynamic drag so you can expect high fuel mileage. This black colored cover offers great protection to the truck contents and no one can able to see what is inside it.

Simple to install:

With the help of the detailed installation instruction manual, you can finish the setup easily. There is no need to drill the truck rail to install the cover as it comes with every tool needed for installation.


In order to offer long-lasting durability, it is made by using the heavy-duty fabric so it will not get damaged due to any changes in the weather conditions.


The fabric is coated with the vinyl which offers high protection during the cold weather. It is backed with lifetime frame warranty and you can expect 3-year warranty on the cover.


  • It’s easy to roll-up.
  • Handling is easy.

If you want to enhance the capability of your truck bed, then investing your money on this tonneau cover is really a good start.


9.   ACCESS 31319 Lite Rider Roll-Up Tonneau Cover



ACCESS is making its footprints in providing the world’s best and versatile tonneau cover. This cover is really fantastic and protects your truck bed and its contents from water, dust, snow, and much more.

Special features:

This simple sleek profile makes installation easy and gives an attractive look as well. It’s made by professionals to help you protect your good looking truck from the outside elements.

Durable design:

The wonderful style of this cover makes it durable and it’s easy to roll-up with one hand.

Easy installation:

In order to reduce your effort in installing this cover, it comes with instruction manual and everything needed for installation so you can easily finish the setup and enjoy protecting your truck.

It’s a pre-assembled one and there is no drilling required for completing the installation.


  • It’s black in color.
  • It is backed by manufacturer warranty.
  • This cover is perfectly fit for various models.

This is a perfectly designed tonneau cover and it is highly resistant to wear and tear so you can use this cover for a long time to cover the unused parts of your truck.


10.   Premium Roll-Up Tonneau Truck Bed Cover



Angry Elephant has been the renowned manufacturer of the most versatile and durable covers. This cover is good for the truck that comes with the 5.7 feet truck bed. It will not fit the truck that comes with a truck bed of 6.5 and 8.0 feet.

Special features:

This is the cover that you expect from the manufacturer because everything is pre-assembled to minimize your installation effort and time. It takes only 20 minutes of installation without any drilling process.

Gas mileage saving:

It is not only designed to protect your truck bed and its contents from the outside elements such as water, snow, dirt but also it helps to save the gas mileage up to 13%.

Easy to roll-up:

This sleek and flexible design helps to roll-up this cover easily so you can protect this from further damage. You can also get a free magnetic light with this wonderful tonneau cover.


It is made from the finest and high-quality materials to provide long-lasting durability and offers weather tight feature as well.


  • Drill-free installation.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Works great for the money.

Finally, this is a fantastic tonneau cover which helps you for protecting your truck from elements and theft.


Final Verdict

Everyone should take much care on their cargo. You must protect your good-looking truck from the dirt and unwanted elements from the outside. From the above, we have discussed the top 10 tonneau covers available for sale. Those products are listed after a deep analyzing the features of more than 50 covers so picking the best choice from the above will make you enter into the right deal. Buy the best roll-up tonneau covers to protect the unused parts of your truck. Remember the above important features of the tonneau covers to save your hard-earned dollars.

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