Best Rated Tri Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Covers – Top 11 Reviews

You’ve probably heard that the truck bed covers are becoming popular among all the truck bed owners. This is because it’s used to protect your cargo from the harsh weather and as well as from the thieves. Along with this feature, it also helps you in saving your fuel economy. If you really want to protect your belongings inside the truck bed, then you should buy the truck bed tonneau covers. Moreover, this tri-fold truck bed tonneau cover provides more convenient when comparing to the regular truck covers. Read this article before jumping into the purchasing of truck bed covers. Here, you can read the features of the various superior tonneau covers which help you to select the appropriate truck cover at a reasonable price.

Reviews of the Best Tri Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

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How Does Tri Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Work?

Normally, the tri-fold truck bed tonneau covers are great when comparing to the other why because it makes your work simple as well as fast. This tri-fold tonneau cover comes into 2 types such as hard tri-fold tonneau covers and soft tri-fold tonneau covers.

Both of these tri-fold covers provide high-security and also a lockable option to you. But, when it comes to a lifetime of the tri-fold tonneau covers, the hardcovers are best because it is made using the aluminum and powder coated galvanized steel. Furthermore, it comes at an affordable price in the market and also it allows the user to install it faster as well as easier.

Things To Consider While Buying Tri Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

You all know that there are countless numbers of truck bed tonneau covers are emerging on a daily basis. Due to this, you might be confused in choosing the best one that meets your truck. To reduce your burden in selecting the perfect tonneau covers for your truck, here, we mentioned the most notable features of the covers to consider. At first, you should consider the type of the cover and make sure that the quality is good enough to resist tear, weather, and so on. After that, make sure that the cover meets your truck shape and size. Let’s read the special features of the truck bed tonneau covers in detail.

  1. Weather Protection

Yes, weather condition is the first important factor to consider if you want to buy the tri-fold truck bed tonneau cover on the open market. In case, the weather condition in your area is heavy, then better to choose the hard tri-fold tonneau covers for your truck. It has the ability to manage the strong weather condition simply when comparing to the soft covers.

Moreover, if the weather condition is moderate, then the soft type tri-fold tonneau covers are best. Additionally, the rates of the hard and also soft tonneau covers are same so you can buy whatever you like to use.

  1. Budget

Of course, the second important factor is the price of the tri-fold tonneau cover. After analyzing the weather condition in your area, consider the price. Actually, the prices of the tonneau covers are not same in every time. Each and every tri-fold tonneau covers come with the various price rates. Furthermore, the price rate will be declared based on the type and also the features.

Better to fix your budget value before going to purchase the tri-fold tonneau covers in the market. So, you can easily shortlist the high-quality tonneau covers in the market based on your budget.

Moreover, if you want to get the more security of using the tri-fold tonneau covers, then you should pay more money on it.

  1. Decide your need

Thirdly, analyze your needs. If you are frequently using the tonneau covers, then the hard tri-fold tonneau covers are best. Additionally, the people those who want to use the tonneau covers once at least a month, they can move into the soft tonneau covers.

  1. Protection

Moreover, hard tonneau covers provide the high-level security to your payloads so you can easily carry it from one place to another without suffering from the theft.

But, if you want to carry the small amount of the payloads, then you can use the soft covers. Besides, soft covers offer the easy folding system and also it comes at the lowest rate in the market when comparing to the hard tri-fold tonneau covers.

Best Tri Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Covers – Our Top Recommendations and Reviews

There are so many options available in the online and in stores when you are looking to buy tro fold tonnuea cover. We have done the legwork of reviewing them and here are out top recommendations to help you.

1.   Tyger Auto TG-BC3D1015 Tri-Fold Tonneau Bed Cover



This is a great Tonneau bed cover which is perfectly suited for the 5.8 feet sized bed. You can protect your truck bed from the heavy weather such as snow, mist, and much more as it is featured with the weather seal.

  1. Gas Saving

This is a great tonneau cover which decreases the aerodynamic drag to provide you better fuel efficiency.

  1. Tear-Resistant Vinyl

It does not get damaged easily because it’s made from the tear-resistant vinyl which keeps the cover safe even in the heavy winds as well.

  1. Snap Strap

This fantastic cover is featured with the snap strap which prevents the cover safely from moving here and there.

  1. Rear Clamp

It’s quite easy to install this bed cover without any drilling. If you’re having clamps, then it’s enough to complete the full installation within minutes.

  1. Weather seal

This wonderful truck cover comes with the weather seal which completely protects your truck bed from the weather such as moisture and dirt.


  • It comes with the TYGER limited lifetime warranty.
  • It features a low profile design.
  • Installation is easy.


2.   Premium TCD371011 Tri-Fold Tonneau Bed Cover



This is one of the greatest Tri-fold Tonneau bed covers from the well-known brand MaxMate. But, this model suits only for the bed which comes with 6.5 feet size. Hence, it’s best to measure your bed size before ordering the cover.

  1. No-drill installation

No drilling is required to install this cover on the rail of the truck. Just use the US patented clamps to complete your installation within minutes.

  1. Free magnetic LED light

It comes with the LED light which helps you to view the equipment’s or tools easily even during the night time as well. Moreover, it comes with the front clamps to provide more security and rear clamp for providing quick latch.

  1. Performance

This is a perfect truck bed cover which helps to save the fuel from 10% to 13%. This cover is featured with the weather tight seal, meaning it protects your cargos from weather such as moisture and snow completely.

  1. Durability

This cover is completely made from the tear resistant vinyl and the frame is built by using the tough Aluminum alloy frame which delivers long-term stability.


  • Easy installation.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • It’s a well-made one.
  • It features a soft top color.


3.   Tonno Pro 42-302 Tonno Fold Black Trifold Truck Tonneau Cover



This is the best tri-fold truck tonneau cover which provides better gas savings from 10 to 13%. Moreover, it is made from the durable vinyl which is backed by 10-year warranty.

  1. Low profile design

It features a low profile design which provides great durability and good look to your truck.

  1. Quick Installation

This is a pre-assembled one and it does not require you to drill the rail. Hence, you can finish the installation less than 5 minutes.

  1. Secure open storage

The presence of the Snap Clip style fastening system provides you safe and secure storage even in the open position as well. Finally, you can use this both in the open and closed position as well for better performance.

  1. Robustness

The entire cover is made from the tear-resistant vinyl which in turn it remains a long time even in the heavy weather also.

  1. Free gifts

This awesome truck bed cover comes with the 4 free gifts to enhance your happiness. This includes pro clean vinyl cleaner, Work Gloves, Truck bed light, tailgate seal.


  • Lifetime warranty on the frame.
  • It features an elegant design.
  • It comes with the detachable LED light.


4.   Gator Tri-Fold Tonneau Truck Bed Cover



Gator covers are one of the best manufacturers in providing the best truck bed cover. This cover is a tri-fold one which comes with several fascinating features. But, this wonderful truck bed cover is only suitable for the bed which is 6.5 in feet.

  1. Design

It features a sleek design which looks good on any truck. Hence, if you are having the truck with 6.5 feet sized bed, and then you can buy it.

  1. Keeps your belongings safe

It is made from the high-quality tear resistant materials so it won’t get damaged easily even in the heavy wind conditions also. Moreover, it’s quite simple to maintain. This high-quality cover prevents your equipment’s, tools, or anything from moisture, wind, and so on.

  1. Easy to install

The entire cover comes pre-assembled which reduces the installation time so you can finish the installation within minutes.

  1. Protection from the weather

In order to protect your truck bed from the heavy weather, it’s featured with the weather protection seal which in turn it keeps your truck bed safe from the heavy weather.


  • Easy to install.
  • It comes with the weather seals.


5.   TonnoMax TC-MTF21 5.5′ Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover



This stylish cover is perfectly suitable for Ford F-150 Supercrew Cab. With its tri-fold feature, you can easily take any things from inside of the truck bed without opening the full cover.

  1. Low-profile design

This is a newly designed cover which comes with the tri-fold style to take out the belongings easily whenever you want.

  1. Quick installation

Generally, this cover is a pre-assembled one, so there is no need to drill and no need to play with the tools as well. Just use the clamps to fix the cover on the rail.

  1. Stability

This cover is fully constructed using the double coated leather vinyl which provides 100% protection from weather and as well as it gives an attractive appearance to your truck. Additionally, it’s featured with the epoxy coated aluminum framework which looks great and gives an elegant look.

  1. Performance

This is one of the greatest compression sealed bed covers which secure the tools inside. Furthermore, you can get 10% savings on your fuel.


  • Aluminum frame comes with lifetime warranty.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Attractive design
  • 10% savings on fuel
  • Quick installation within minutes


6.   Topline Autopart Tri-Fold Hard Tonneau Cover



This is a wonderful tri-fold hard tonneau cover which is really a good buy for the money. It is the best cover to keep your luggage safe and dry even in the heavy weather also.

  1. Simplistic design

It features a simplistic design which looks great on any truck. There is no need to hire the professionals to install it because this is a pre-assembled one. You can complete the installation with the use of the clamps.

  1. Robustness

It’s purely made from the tear-resistant materials so it does not get spoiled even your small child stand on the top of the cover.

  1. Weather protection

You don’t have to worry about the harmful weather conditions because its weather protection seal keeps your things secure and dry from the moisture.

  1. Toolbag

This awesome cover comes with the tool bag so you can keep your tools safe every time. This cover provides high protection to your tools inside the truck bed so you can keep everything safe from the environmental conditions.


  • Waterproof
  • Simplistic design
  • It comes with a tool bag.
  • Simple installation


7.   Bestop 16212-01 EZ Fold Truck Tonneau Cover



Bestop has been the renowned manufacturer in delivering the soft tri-fold truck bed tonneau cover. This cover is particularly designed for Chevy Silverado/GMC Crew Cab that comes with 5.8′ Bed.

  1. Low profile design

This is the best 3-fold truck bed tonneau cover so you can easily fold it based on section wise.

  1. Robustness

The truck bed covers from the Bestop is really a good choice for any truck bed. This soft top featured cover is made from quality material so it retains long-lasting stability.

  1. Aluminum frames

The presence of the aluminum frame keeps the vinyl cover safe and enhances its attractive look as well.

  1. Buckle straps

This wonderful truck bed cover is designed with the buckle straps which prevents the light equipment or tools from falling.

  1. Latches

With the help of the latches, you can tightly lock the cover which in turn your belongings will be safe forever even in the fast driving also. Additionally, it’s quite easy to remove the cover within few minutes.


  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Smooth appearance
  • Buckle straps for extra protection
  • It comes in black color.


8.   MaxMate TCC371008 TriFold Tonneau Truck Bed Cover



MaxMate is best in providing the best tonneau cover which is easy to install and remove. This truck bed cover is suitable for the 5.8 feet bed.

  1. Elegant design

It features an elegant design which is perfectly suits for any truck bed. This sleek design helps you in gas savings up to 13%.

  1. Free magnetic LED light

This wonderful cover comes with the free magnetic LED light which allows you to see the belongings inside the truck bed even in the dark night also. You can attach this magnetic light wherever the metal area present inside the truck.

  1. Clamps

This brand new cover is easy to install with the help of the assembly kit. There is no drilling required to install it. You can complete the installation with the use of the US patented clamps.

  1. Weather protection

It is featured with the weather tight seal which highly protects your bed from moisture and dirt.

  1. Robustness

This truck bed cover is made from the 24oz vinyl and also coated with aluminum powder frame for enhanced protection. This is completely a pre-assembled cover so you no need to struggle with the tools for a long time.


  • 10-year warranty
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to assemble


9.   Lund 95892 Genesis Elite Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover



Lund is good at providing the brand new and top-rated covers to every truck owners. The entire covers from this brand meet your budget. It’s really a wonderful truck bed which comes with several fantastic features to keep your belongings safe and secure.

  1. Design

The design of this truck cover is really great and it comes in black color which looks attractive on any truck bed.

  1. Resistant to dirt

It is made from the superior quality fabric which acts as a dirt resistant so your truck bed cover will look good and new even after several uses.

  1. Simple installation

It features a tri-fold design which is easy to install without drilling the rails. Just make use of the clamps to lock the cover tightly.

  1. Easy to maintain

This cover is not only stress-free to install but also the maintenance is super easy. It can be washed easily by just rinsing it in soap water.

  1. Tailgate seal

The tailgate seal ensures that your belongings will be safe from the harsh elements outside.


  • Enhanced durability
  • Provides maximum security
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lifetime warranty


10.   Topline Autopart Solid Tri-Fold Hard Truck Topper Cap Tonneau Cover



Topline Autopart is the best-selling manufacturer of the Tri-fold truck bed tonneau cover. This cover is best suitable for the standard sized 78.8-inch bed. This is a hard tri-fold truck cover which ensures maximum durability.

  1. Superior design

It’s made from a luxurious, heavy duty material to provide an attractive look to your truck bed.

  1. Performance

It acts as a weather resistant which in turn it secures your belongings from dirt, dust, UV, mold, and so on. And, the cover itself acts as a dust resistant which in turn it helps to extend its lifetime.

  1. No drilling to install

This cover comes with the installation instructions which lets you to easily complete the installation so you can your time and money.

  1. Low maintenanc

This is made from a superior material which keeps the moisture out and maintaining this hard tri-fold cover is super easy.

  1. Touch lamp

It is featured with the LED stick touch lamp which helps you to see the things in the dark. The presence of the truck bed rubber seal provides you the maximum protection.


  • No drilling is required.
  • 1-year
  • It comes with the LED stick touch lamp.


11.   HS Power Tri-Fold Solid Tonneau Cover



HS Power is considered one of the best providers in delivering the best tri-fold design cover at great low prices. This is a wonderful cover for easy loading and also improves your fuel economy as much as it can.

  1. Lightweight design

This tri-fold cover features a lightweight design and weighs only 60 lbs. so it’s easy to carry at the time of installation.

  1. Aluminum frames

It is featured with the aluminum frames which looks great and keeps the vinyl coated fabric safe for a long time.

  1. Weather resistant

It’s completely a weather resistant truck bed cover which protects your belongings safe from the harsh elements outside and snow as well.

  1. Toolbag

In order to keep your tools secure, this cover comes with the wonderful tool bag also.

  1. No drilling

It’s really simple to install this tri-fold tonneau cover with the help of the instruction manual provided with it. Additionally, there is no drilling is required to complete the installation. Instead, you can finish the installation with the use of the clamps.


  • It comes in matte black color.
  • It comes with the tool bag.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • It is a highly weather resistant one.


Final Verdict

Tonneau covers not only protect your belongings from the harmful climatic and environmental conditions but also it helps to save your fuel economy. But, we cannot tell that the entire truck bed tonneau covers available in the market are good for the money. Hence, you should analyze the top 10 best covers and its features completely before investing your money on any of the covers available. If you do like this, definitely, it will help you to end with the best deal. Keep in mind the above-mentioned top tonneau covers while selecting the best one for you. End with the best and keep your belongings safe from the harmful climatic and environmental elements.

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