Best Rated Truck Tool Boxes – Top 12 Reviews

Truck tool boxes play a pivotal role in maintaining your trucks. They are like the underdogs who are not given much thought in the beginning when everything is well and fine. But when misfortune happens in the middle of nowhere, or when an unexpected turn takes place on the job site, the truck toolbox is where you would want to turn to. Truck tool boxes should be included in the truck at all times because they act as the sole carrier for all the tools and parts that are required for any repairs or jobs. Besides that, it helps a truck owner organize the tools instead of dumping them on the back.

Reviews of the Best Truck Tool Boxes

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How Do Truck Tool Boxes Work?

Truck tool boxes are boxes that sit on the bed of your trucks.  These boxes will be used to store tools that will be required for repairs which can be for your job or your truck. It can also be used to store any valuable parts or simply for storing anything that requires safety.  Modern truck tool boxes come with all the amenities that one could think of. Every truck owner is unique, and each will have its requirements. But, I can assure you that there is one designed for each truck no matter how particular your machine is!


Things To Consider When Buying A Truck Tool Box

Before choosing one of the various choices available in the markets, there are some ground rules to remember.  And they are not strong rules, but fundamental ones. And I think that it is incredibly important that a first timer keeps these points to consider before committing oneself to a truck tool box.


If you are driving a truck, then I will assume that you are somebody who is not into fragility. Since you will be involved with operating the truck on bumpy roads or participating in some gritty work, make sure you get a box that provides you with a sturdy built and is durable for all conditions.


This is one of the most important points. You may find yourself driving through some poor weather conditions, which usually involves the rain. And since most of the tools are made with metal, and considering that a truck tool box is mounted on the open back of the truck; it is advisable that you get a toolbox that is sealed from the inside once closed. This feature will make it resistant to water entering your toolbox and thus, saving them from all kinds of corrosion.


Since most of the tool boxes are constructed with metal, it is advisable that you get one that is made with an alloy like reinforced steel. There are other alternatives where the surface of the box is finished off with pain for making it resistant to corrosion as well. Or if you are not a fan of metals, there are truck tool boxes that are constructed with high-quality polymers.


The tool boxes in the trucks have always been an object of envy for thieves. So, lock systems have been added to most of the modern toolboxes. But do make sure to double check if you have one of them in the toolbox that you will be purchasing. Some come with automatic locks, and some come with manual locks. They have their pros and cons, but it depends on the user.


Top 12 Reviews Of The Best Truck Tool Boxes

Now that we have put that out of the day let us get to the more interesting part, and that is shopping. For this list, I have put together the best and the finest 12 toolboxes which are loved by many and ignored by few. They have been judged according to their durability, cost, quality, warranty, guarantee, design, compatibility, and popularity.

Now here are the 12 best truck tool boxes:

1.  Undercover SwingCase Truck Storage Tool Box SC100D



This model is perfect for those of you who own trucks that have a shorter truck bed since most truck tool boxes are known to take up space. So the debate of choosing a toolbox according to the size of the truck owner’s truck bed has always been an issue of a dilemma.  This is where the Undercover SC100D Swing Case Storage Box comes to the rescue. It is a unique design which is far from the traditional model of elongated rectangular truck tool boxes. The swing case can tuck in the right along the side of your truck bed and can be swung forward by pulling a lever when you need it. It is contoured in such a manner that it goes over the wheel of the truck so that when you swing it back, it is locked and secure.

The key features are:

Material and usability:

The box is made up of ABS plastic which is known for being anti-corrosive and impact resistant. This box can hold up to 75 pounds of materials in it.


Besides the fact that it is made up of ABS plastic, the lid of the box is also sealed with rubber, which makes it resistant to water entering the toolbox. So it is perfectly safe to keep it out while driving out in the rain or your carwash.


The lid of the box comes with a latch which you can lock it. But a thief can always unhinge the toolbox from the side of your truck bed and carry it away. Therefore, space has been creating between the hinges to lock the box to your truck by picking up the lock and locking it in the given area. Pretty neat huh?


The pivot joints are made up of polymer bushings so that it avoids rubbing across the metal and causing it to rust.


2.  Buyers Products Black Poly All-Purpose Storage Chest



This is one of the models that can be used for many purposes.  Although the objective of this article is to review tool boxes, the adaptability of this box is the reason why it is included in this list. This box can be carried to job sites with all your tools in it. The container is designed and shaped to hold all of the necessary tools. Besides that, this box has the versatility of storing cold drinks, and it even has a dent on top of the lid to hold your cans. You can use it for many storage purposes as well.

The key features are:


Its dimensions are 17.25″ x 19″/13.25″ x 44″/41.25″ which is a standard size for mounting it on your truck beds.

Material and durability:

It is made up of a polyethene material which is high in density. This fact makes the box extremely lightweight as well as resistant to dents.


The lid of the box is a moulded with steel and is double walled which can be hinged with a lock of your choice.


The fact that it is made up of steel also makes it resistant to corrosion as well.


3.  Montezuma Portable Tool Box – Truck Bed Storage Chest



This portable toolbox is for those who like to carry their own sets of metric and SAE tools wherever they go. Usually, it is a mess to move them around because of the number. But the Montezuma tool boxes have compartments and protrusions were you can keep and hang them respectively in order. Once the box is closed, the tools are maintained in position even during bumpy rides!

The key features are:


The lid of the toolbox has a spring attached to it. This makes the lid spring upwards as the top is unlatched. This feature makes the toolkit easy for accessing tools in urgent situations.


The box is made up of impressive 16 gauge steel where the seams are fully welded from the inside.


With a system that helps a user organize tools, it makes this an instant favourite because of its accessibility.

Water-resistant :

The box is fully sealed when it is latched. This would mean that the box is resistant to water, making it waterproof. So bumpy roads and rains should not be a concern to you when you carry this toolbox!


4.  UWS EC10473 69″ Crossover Truck Tool Box with Low Profile



UWS secure crossover toolboxes feature two locking twist handles with an inner connecting rod that provides ultimate security in an easy to operate design. The connecting lock rod is enclosed to prevent the contents of the box from bending or jamming the lock system. This box features an extra thick aluminium build and a patented foam filled lid which creates a stable structure to prevent bending or warping.

The key features are:


The lid opens at 90-degree angle which makes it accessible for a single-handed operation. The box has a drop-in sliding tray with three compartments for organization and storing of small items like screwdrivers, nuts, and bolts, etc.


The inside of the box has integrated screwdriver holders that reinforce the structural integrity of the box. The box is also lined by removable heavy-duty carpeting by BedRug which protects your tools and minimizes dust. They are available with or without the optional integrated load anchoring lid rail.


These boxes come in bright aluminium and have a diamond tread finish or matte black powder coated aluminium diamond tread.

Size options:

They can be availed at different sizes to fit in any full-sized truck bed too.


5.  TRINITY TXKPGR-0502 Job Site Truck Tool Box



This is one of the tool boxes where you can practically store anything. It can be kept in the back of your truck, or you could use it as a box for storing units over a long period. This is designed to give you maximum and enhanced space for storing all your tools, even the ones that you find it too heavy or too big to carry around with you. Despite the size, this can be operated single-handedly which is a positive sign for those who usually like to go about their businesses solo.

The key features are:


One of the features which completely sell this product is because this job site box has gas mounted lifts, which enables the user to close it and open it easily and single-handedly. It also plays a great role in protecting your hands by getting them out of the kid’s way.


An additional padlock can be added to the tamper proof lock system. So once you have locked it, you don’t have to worry about thieves trying to break in your box by tampering with the lock.

Durability and Design:

This box is constructed with the highest quality reinforced steel which makes it resistant to any corrosion and can also be used for all purposes including all heavy duty tasks. It comes in matte powder coated finish which makes it look sleek and stylish as well.


Besides using this box for job sites and for storing your tools in your truck, this model was also designed for fork hoisting and is crane accessible.


6.  Better Built 73210285 Truck Tool Box



It is a low profile, lightweight truck toolbox. It is designed to provide you with plenty of space for storing your tools which taking up an only a small amount of space on the bed of your truck. It has an easy installation mechanism which can be done in 15 minutes. It serves the purpose of heavy duty usage while being incredibly lightweight too. These characteristics make it easy for the user to carry the essentials required for any job without being overly burdensome.

The key features are:


This box comes with a double latch with a locking paddle. The double latch can be used for handling the box from one place to another.  It also provides the double paddle for extra security.


This box is designed to be slim and low profile so that it takes up only a substantial amount of space. It takes up only 12 inches of your truck space while providing you with optimal storage space. It also has a low built profile which does not obstruct the back view of your truck.


The trunk lid has an auto lift mechanism. This means that despite the size of the lid, it allows a user to handle this toolbox single-handedly. And it results in easy access to the tools.


This box is made up of a rust-resistant material and comes in aluminium diamond tread design.


7.  Best Choice Products Aluminum Camper Tool Box



This model is a multi-purpose toolbox. It can be used for storing tools in the back of your truck, but that is not where the utility of this box ends. It can be used as a unit for storage for your trailer, garage or any other purpose. It is very lightweight which makes it portable and easy to transport. Overall, it has a nice aluminium design, and a lot of attention has been paid to its details. Let us have a look, shall we?

The key features are:


This toolbox comes with a lock system for which they have provided two keys. In case you lose one, you have nothing to fear as a spare has been provided by the company.


The box has two aluminium handles on the sides that are bolted to the box. The handles have a spring loaded design which area rubberized material. This helps in carrying it easily without any additional strain on the hands.


The inside of the box has no unexpected turns and bends which makes it incredibly spacious for storing all your tools and necessities.


It looks attractive because of the chrome matte finish. Not only does it look attractive but it is anti-corrosive as well.


8.  Dee Zee Red Label Utility Chest DZ8546B



This is also another lightweight toolbox which has an aluminium finish and a sleek design. It can be permanently mounted on the back of your truck. The toolbox has a rubber covering at the bottom which makes it extra easy to slide it in and out of your truck bed. Overall, this model is easy to use and a very accessible product. And it is designed to give maximum advantage to its utility for the user.

The key features are:

Sliding Tray:

The toolbox has a sliding tray on the top which is useful is compartmentalizing the tools in the box. The tray can be slid from one point to another depending on your convenience. This sliding tray provides the optimal way of storing your tools according to their sizes and importance.


It has an easy to use latch, which opens the lid with a slight press to the latch.  There is a keyhole beside the latch which is used for locking the toolbox when not in use or when you are not around.


It has a powder coat which has a protective glossy sheen to it. This glossy look adds a luxurious look to it as well.

Water resistant:

The insides of the box are double sealed and fully welded when closed. This makes the box entirely resistant to water which is a saving grace in protecting your tools from getting corroded.


9.  Buyers Products Black Steel Underbody Truck Tool Box



This model has a heavy duty design by looks which serves the purpose of carrying all your tools in a place and keeping them safe for future uses. It is highly resistant to external factors, and it has a long-lasting shelf life. This makes the model highly durable as well as cost-effective. It has a design which makes it user-friendly and easy for the users to operate on it single-handedly. It is ultra durable and makes the back of your truck look more stylish than ever.

The key features are:


It has a single latch. This latch can be operated by a slight press which automatically opens the lid of the box. In a way, it provides easy access to the tools in the box. The box is also constructed from 14 high-quality gauge steel, and this is the reason why this box has a durable exterior finish.


The box is resistant to water as well as 100% resistant to rust and any corrosion because of the material that it is constructed from.


The single latch is provided with a lock system which secures the lid of the box. The steel also makes it impossible for the thieves to break into the box.


It is coated with black powder and has a matte finish and is built for long-lasting use with a gasket system that is waterproof and hinges constructed with stainless steel.


10.  UWS TBSD-69-SL-LP Black Single Lid Slim Line Aluminum Toolbox with Beveled Insulated Lid



This model has a lid that is fully foamed. The toolbox is known for its walls which are rigid to prevent it from getting dents or bends from the outer aluminium layers. This is one of the qualities which have made this a demanded product from customers who are in the business of rough and tough jobs.

The key features are:


The locks are made up of stainless steel and are highly resistant to any break-ins by thieves and are super secure.


The sliding tray provides the compartments that are helpful in storing small tools and makes it convenient and accessible to the user. It also has two tool trays which can be used for holding screwdrivers.


The outer layer of the box is made up of 0.063-inch aluminium, and it is designed to lift and store heavy tools and makes me ultra-resistant to water as well.

Single handed operation:

It is equipped with struts which close the lid automatically as you give it a gentle pull.


11.  Lund Aluminum Flush Mount Single Lid Truck Tool Box – Diamond Plated – 79460T



This toolbox satisfies the storage capacity that everyone needs. It is cost-effective, and it can be used to store all kind of tools that are required for repairs and jobs. This is a highly durable product and can take any number of beatings on a long bumpy road and still emerge out of it undefeated. It is sturdy and can be placed in the back of your truck without danger of damaging it from external factors:

The key features are:


The box stands in a 60-inch height which is attributed to its low profile. This attribute makes the box occupy only a small portion of the truck’s space as well as provide the utility of a first-class toolbox.


This truck tool box is constructed with 0.06-inch aluminium, and as I mentioned earlier, this model can withstand any harm from external factors.


It has a black matte finish to it with diamond treads. So, despite the beatings that this box takes, it can still look flawless.

Easy access:

The paddles are on the sides of the box which are made up of stainless steel. The side paddles make it super easy for carrying it ad mounting it on any surface.


12.  Jobox Aluminum Single Lid Super Deep Crossover Truck Tool Box



The design of this truck tool box complement’s the truck’s bed. It is a versatile toolbox which not only enhances your truck but provides you with the overall purpose of storing and organizing all the tools that you require. It is high in strength, and if you are looking for a portable yet a sturdy truck tool box, this is the one for you.

The key features are:


The inner part of the box is lined with foam insulation to provide maximum rigidity from the outside wear and tear to the box. The body is made up of reinforced steel giving it structure and high strength to the overall body of the truck tool box. It comes with compartments, so this can act as a positive point for those who have a knack for organizing tools.


The gear has an automatic lock system which enables you to secure the toolbox every time you open it and close it. With this system, it gives no room for human errors.


As I have pointed out earlier, this toolbox comes with four sliding trays that can be used for organizing the various tools of different sizes and shapes.

Corrosion proof:

The stainless material seals the container on all sides which makes it moisture proof. This helps to keep the tools from getting into contact with moisture leaving it free from corrosion.


Final Verdict

The list provides the pros and cons of owning each toolbox. And I did mention in the beginning that there is one for everyone. But if I had to advise on purchasing one for your truck, I would exclusively recommend the Undercover SwingCase Truck Storage Tool Box because of the material it is constructed from and also it does not need a large space for setting it up on the truck bed. Secondly, I would also recommend the Buyers Products Black Poly All-Purpose Storage Chest, solely because of the reason that it is super versatile. And also because I am a person that likes to get value for my money, the fact that this box can be used for a variety of purposes as well as a decisive criterion for purchasing this toolbox.

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