Best Rated Truck Cup Holder – Top 11 Reviews

Do you love drinking your cup of coffee in your truck while waiting? You need the best truck cup holder, as it is a handy feature specially made for you. If you are looking for the one, we can help you to find the best truck cup holder available on the market.

We have picked the 11 best cup holders for your truck that you can purchase. Each one provides jerk-free use and prevents unwanted spillage. The cup holders should be durable and easy to set up at the back or front of the vehicle.

No matter what type you prefer from steel to plastic, by reading this publication, you will be able to find the best Truck cup holder here!

Reviews of the Best Truck Cup Holder

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Different Types of Cup Holders 


We’re referring to the single cup holders with adaptable bases. These are ideal for travellers as they can hold one drink at a time – but not suitable for large groups.

They are one of the handy options, as you can easily change them to fulfil your needs. These type of cup holders have an adjustable base. They are reliable and sturdy and, as well as easy to fit and remove without damaging your vehicle.


This Acts as a stand-alone option, but typically able to slide the sections of your truck, such as the footwell or the truck’s console, these are larger but have extra space. Perfect for those who need the additional storage space for their phones, organizers, and so on. 

Some are entirely freestanding and should be placed on the truck’s floor, or on a seat, which makes them less stable. They are more extensive and robust but still are a fine option with some chance of spilling. 


Not as known as the two options above, these holders are attached to your truck by using screws. This can damage the dash, though for older models this should not be a problem as the benefits of a durable cup holder can overcome this point.


The least preferred option but economical and useful to have occasionally, these cup holders have a hook to latch at the car door. This can get in the way of drivers; these are excellent picks for passengers, as they can hold a weight or drink and will not damage your truck.


Best Rated Truck Cup Holder – Top 11 Reviews and Recommendations

1.  BottlePro – Cup Holder Adapter for 32/40 Ounce Hydro Flasks, Version 2

A simple but useful universal cup holder, this car cup holder adapter can change your regular car cup holder into a massive device that will meet the needs of any travel mug. This cup holder can hold 40oz mugs securely, and without much bother, this is a perfect choice for those people who travel regularly.

Product Features & Specs

You can expand this cup holder adapter in two ways. First, you can change the depth of the cup holder to meet the needs of mugs cups or bottles, and you can also prolong the width for improved stability. It also features a soft fit sleeve, so you can rest assured that abrasion and scratches will not damage your car during fitting or on the bumpy roads.

  • This BottlePro cup adapter features Adjustable 3-ring base that y fits the many cup holders. This simple design has LESS MOVING PARTS, which means that this cup holder will not break or jam up.
  • Soft Fit foam sleeve included this makes sure you get an excellent fit, even if your cup holders are between BottlePro’s base sizes.
  • Use this Fit foam sleeve and protect your vehicle from scratches and damage.


  • Securely holds drinks and other items.
  • Fit foam soft sleeve


  • It will not fit every cup holder.


2.  Swigzy Car Cup Holder Expander Adapter with Adjustable Base

This Swigzy cup holder is designed for 3.4″-3.8″ mugs and bottles. It is the cup holder with an adjustable base and tabs to keep the mug or bottle safe. The adjustable base can fit many car cup holders and adjusts 2.5”-3.75” diameter. Modifying the base size is easy and quick, turn the cup portion to contract or expand the base.

The rubber tabs are stable enough to keep a bottle secure even in sharp turns and high speed, yet soft enough that the bottle can be easily removed.

Product Features & Specs

Cup holder designs differ significantly. The adapter works with car cup holders, but it may not be suited with different styles of cup holders. This Swigzy car cup holder features a flexible base ensures that the cup holder will fit perfectly into your truck’s cup holder. The single-piece design makes it simple to add or remove and makes the moving of the adapter from one truck to another simple.

  • The adapter is expandable 2.5″-3.75″ to fit many automotive cup holders. It also works for motorcycles, boats, golf carts, trucks, and RV’s.
  • The rubber tabs are stable enough to hold your bottles while driving and soft enough to remove your bottle.
  • The adapter works with bottles/cups 3.4″-3.8″ and fits 32 oz. – 40 oz. Bottles. 
  • The adapter is built from high-quality ABS material and can handle the rugged driving conditions. 
  • Twist the top of the adapter to retract or expand the base.


  • It uses a simple motion to adjust the base, will fit into any car.
  • Sturdy and stable option.
  • Affordable


  • Short depth, may not be suitable for many vehicles.


3.  SMART KUP Car Cup Holder for Hydro Flask 32-40 oz

This Smart Kup is a cup holder made to fit Hydro Flask, Flask, and wide mouth Nalgene bottle Gatorades along with other cups and water bottles 3.8 inches in diameter. Similar cup holders have cups of only 2 inches tall which makes the container prone to falling out on sharp turns or high-speed movements. This Smart Kup features a 3-inch cup to hold the bottles and containers and prevent your drinks from falling out during those rapid movements and quick turns.

Product Features & Specs

This is another car cup holder that’s meant to be snug into the holders you already have in your vehicle. The difference is that this car cup holder is intended for the big cups such as the flasks and large water bottles that a standard cup holder can’t handle.

It can be challenging to drink your coffee if you like it in a cup instead of a flask. You have to hold the cup and the handle keeps you from putting the cup in the holder. Happily, this holder includes one inch cut out, to help you put away any cups that you want to place it in a cup holder.

  • It is made to hold the 40 oz 32/40 oz Hydro Flask, 50/50 Flask and other bottles up to 3.8 inches.
  • This 3-inch cup holder will hold your bottles and flasks while driving and making sharp turns. Other cup holders are 2″, and your drinks will fall out on turns!
  • Built-in one inch cut out to hold mugs with a handle.
  • Tapered base 3.2″ to 2.6″ provides a proper fit.
  • It is made from high-quality ABS plastic with a glossy finish.


  • Stable cup holder
  • It features one inch cut out, which is handy.


  • Not suitable for every cup holder.


4.  Master Magnetics Magnetic Cup Caddy Holder

The best thing about this Master Magnetics cup holder is that it has a lot of magnetic things. You can take this holder. Where ever you want, as long there’s any magnetic surface. Whether it’s on the garage, golf course, to the office, anywhere there’s magnetic surface, you can use this cup holder. 

Product Features & Specs

One benefit of these cup holders is that you can utilize these in other ways too. A cup holder can hold many objects. Not only can you place things like pencils or coins, but you can also use them to store other objects such as spray cans or small tools. You can use this Master Magnetics car cup holder for other purposes, even when you don’t need a drink. 

This magnetic car cup holder works like a charm; the double cut on the sides of the cup helps you to fit any cup within the clutches snugly. You can use it as a convenient cup holder for all occasions.

  • Magnetic Cup allows you to keep the beverage at hand, whether in the workshop, office, outdoors and more!
  • The powerful magnet attracts to any metal surface like filing cabinets, toolboxes, grills, or even heavy equipment!
  • The Caddy holds water bottles, mugs, aluminium cans, spray cans, pens, pencils, small tools and more!
  • It is built with durable plastic with a protective rubber liner.


  • You can take it to any place.
  • Versatile and affordable


  • It cannot hold more than 32 ounces, so be careful.


5.  Iokone Coin Side Pocket Console Side Pocket Leather Cover Car Cup Holder and Phone Holder

This side-pocket console and cup holder is from IOKONE and is very popular among the users. Available at an affordable price, this IOKONE car cup holder and pocket console are made from high grade and durable plastic materials with a leather upper, making it one of the best and eye-catching option to use in your truck or car. 

Product Features & Specs

If you have a centre console, this Iokone car cup holder is a perfect solution. It sits on the side of the centre console, making extra space with easy reach. The cup holder features two cup holders and a compartment that has ideal size for a smartphone. To install this, slide the seat wedge between the console and the seat. This system provides stability and needs no structural changes so that you can utilize it safely in vehicles.

That said, this is an attractive addition to any vehicle, and it also offers some extra room as an organizer, so all-in-all this is a decent choice.

  • 2 Cup Holders & Pocket. You can use it between front seats or centre console.
  • Keeps your things secure, such as a Smartphone, Cigarettes, Keys, Hand Cream, Coins, Gloves, etc.
  • Made of durable plastic and leather, Keep Your vehicle Organized.
  • Fit for most vehicles without proper cup holders. 
  • It is simple to use and close to your body, keeping drinks and phone at your fingertips.


  • The useful organizer works well with many vehicles.
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Not best for mugs and drinks with handle


6.  OxGord Center Console Insert Dual Cup Holder

This OxGord’s Dual Cup Holder and Console Insert utilizes Double Storage. It fits firmly into the console of your truck. It is not only designed to hold drinks, but you can also use it to place pens, coins, trash, portable chargers and more. This sturdy and easy to install truck cup holder is not suitable for LTZ Models, so please check before you buy.

Product Features & Specs

This truck cup holder is made of high-grade materials to serve you for many years. It will fulfil your needs and offers excellent versatility and quality at an affordable price. This OxGord dual cup holder is made from impact-resistant material and premium heat materials, the cup holder insert is effortless to install. Impacts and Heat resistant, this console insert is the precise same you will get, but at a reasonable price. 

  • Measures 8.5 x 4.8 x 2.8 inches.
  • This OxGord Dual Cup Holder is the Factory Design and is impact and Heat Resistant.
  • Pack contains 1 Center Console Dual Cup Holder.
  • One Year Limited Warranty.


  • It is heat resistant
  • Handy organizer
  • One Year Limited Warranty.


  • Not durable


7.  Custom Accessories Black Seat Wedge Cup Holder

This Custom Accessories seat wedge cup holder slips between the car seat to create some additional storage space. It can hold cans, cups, juice boxes and more in the cup holder compartments. You can place smartphones in the centre compartment.

With this Custom Accessories car cup holder, you will get 2 cup holders and a centre storage compartment. This is perfect for the cars that don’t have any holders or if you want extra storage for your gadgets.

Product Features & Specs

Plastic gets a bad reputation among the consumers as it’s very garish, even the best ones look unnatural, and so people tend to be testy. But the beautiful thing about this Custom Accessories car cup holder is that it is made of high quality and durable ABS plastic so will last longer than the other and will hold your cups and drinks firmly, even on sharp turns.

This car cup holder includes a separate compartment for cellphones as well, but it is suitable for small flip phones, so it may not work with the latest smartphone. Though, the holders are wide and perfect for any type of cups you carry into the car.

  • This universal holder is placed between the seat and console. Fit for cups, phones, cans, juice boxes and more.
  • Keep your vehicle organized with this cup holder, easy to clean to install & remove. Creates extra space in your vehicle for general uses & other activities.
  • Keep your refreshments close by with these durable holders.


  • It can accommodate large mugs
  • Longevity


  • Not suitable for wide cell phones.


8.  Gadjit Cup Keeper Adapter – Holds Mugs, Convenience Store Cups, Water + Soda Bottles

This Gadjit cup keeper adapter does not only hold your cups, but it is also expandable so it can hold large items as well such as water or soda bottles. This Gadjit car cup keeper is also portable so that you can move it from one vehicle to another. You do not have to do any technical work to install this device, and it will fit easily into the standard cup holder. Its patented plastic adapter lets a cup, or bottle to fit in any standard cup holder.

Product Features & Specs

These car cup keeper from Gadjit comes in a pack of two. These are used as a regular cup holder adapter for your vehicle, and you can also extend these car cup keepers to accommodate soda or water bottles. This car cup keeper is convenient for Yeti Rambler. This car Cup Keeper sits in existing holders and expands the opening to carry large mugs and bottles. It fits almost all regular cup holders.

  • Allows a cup, mug, or bottle fit in the standard cup holder. 
  • No installation needed. Place it in the standard cup holder. Portable cup holder
  • To ensure an excellent fit – Measure your existing holder. 
  • This cup holder will fit most vehicles, though, there are cup holder designs that will not work. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • It is compatible with most standard holders.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Portable cup holder


  • Not suitable for large bottles.


9.  Camco Adjustable Drink Holder- Can Hold Mugs, Drinks and Bottle or Can

This Camco Adjustable car drink holder prevents falls and spills, and you can mount it rapidly and efficiently in Truck, cars, vans, as well as boats. This car cup holder features arms that you can easily adjust to accommodate almost any large bottles, cans or mugs. You can fold these arms for compact size cup and mugs. For the sung fitting, you can mount it easily with screws and tape.

Product Features & Specs

Available in a unique design, this car cup holder is made of durable plastic materials, and it has a folding structure that lets you store it easily. This car cup holder is lightweight, and you can use it for multiple applications. You can use it in boats due to its convenient design. This Camco drink holder is perfect for carrying cups and different items.

  • It can easily hold almost any bottle, can or mug
  • You can mount it with tapes or screws
  • You can fold it for secure storage
  • Black colour


  • Its adjustable design can comfortably accommodate different sized mugs
  • Secure storage is allowed due to foldable design


  • The screws can damage your vehicle.


10.  Zone Tech Recessed Folding Cup Adjustable Drink Holder

When you’re searching for an affordable cup holder for your car, this Zone Tech folding cup holder fits the bill. You can attach It to car windows by using a suction cup; this system offers easy installation and positioning for you and passengers. The base of the cup holder is foldable so that you can make an ideal configuration with a rapid motion. Since this cup holder doesn’t contact directly any of your interior like the dashboard, it will keep your car scratch-free.

Product Features & Specs

This Zone tech product allows you to add an additional cup in your vehicle. Zone Tech Folding Cup Drink Holder ensures a snug and secure fit and holds your drinks firmly even at high speeds and sharp turns. 

This Zone Tech cup holder uses a suction cup to stick to windows or surfaces, instead of screws or tapes like many other holders. Though, the suction cup is of high-quality and will hold on tightly. So, don’t worry about the drinks falling into your lap and burning you when you’re driving.

  • The Zone Tech drink holder will avoid unwanted spills and keep your interior fresh and clean. 
  • The Zone Tech drink holder features an adjustable arm that has an extended range of motion.You can move this arm in any way that suits your needs. The cup holder is of the right size and expands slightly to accommodate various sizes .
  • The suction cup attaches simply and stays in place, unlike others. The cup holder will remain in position no matter how bumpy are the roads.
  • The cup drink holder is made with high-quality plastic for maximum durability and long-lasting usage.
  • This cup drink holder is simple to install. You can attach it to your window and use it.


  • Smart and unique design
  • Suction is great
  • Affordable


  • Prevent suction cup from heat


11.  Hopkins SMT Go Gear Twin Cup Holder

For people who frequently travel, staying organized is very difficult. This Go Gear cup holder by Hopkins, offers innovative, high-grade storage and organization solutions to manage your clutter. Whether it’s about holding a phone or keeping your coffee mug, the Go Gear provides the right solution. This Go Gear Twin Cup holder features two adjustable holders and a handy personal organizer.

Product Features & Specs

The Hopkins car cup holder provides you with different mounting options. You can mount the cup holders to the floor, console, or armrest and it also includes a console strap in the pack. The twin cup holder also features a convenient organizer to carry small items or cellphone in your vehicle. The construction is durable and features high-quality plastic materials. 

  • This Unit mounts securely to a floor, console, armrest.
  • It comes with a Console strap and a convenient organizer
  • Built with high-quality materials


  • Different mounting options
  • Adjustable and suitable for different size cups and mugs
  • Easy to install


  • Plastic is not durable


Truck Cup Holder Buying Guide

Things to Consider When Buying a Cup Holder 

  • Size

The size of the cup holder will make a significant difference as to how it will fit in your truck. Too small, and it will not hold anything properly you need. Too large and it will get in the way and far can be too clunky to drive, comfortably. 

  • Material

The material is an essential consideration for two major reasons. The first is that you surely want the right cup holder that let you enjoy in your vehicle without any weird feelings.

The second is the stability and convenience. This is a plus, as plastic and rubber backings are less likely to cause any spills – and, if it does happen, they are easy to clean. 

  • Features

There are not several features in the truck cup holders, but there are few nice options to have and can you have them. For instance, many of the stand-alone cup holders have extending base, which offers more stability. Similarly, there are quite a few options which might work as extra organizers or compartments, making the cup holders more helpful and useful.

  • Convenience

By convenience, it means that how easy it is to clean the cup holders and how simple it is to remove and fit the holders. Stand-alone, cup holders, can be brought from vehicle to vehicle easily. Whereas fixed cup holders can damage your truck as they are screwed to dashboard.

The cup holders will likely get filthy over time. Like other accessories, it will get stains and debris during the use. Hence, an option to clean the cup holder easily and quickly is a plus.


Truck Cup Holder FAQs

What size are cup holders?

The regular size is Overall diameter of 3.15″. 2.25″ deep. The hole size required for the cup holders is 2.675″. The regular cup holder is the perfect for a 12oz soda can or small water bottle.

Do any cars have heated cup holders?

In current times, steering wheels, seats, mirrors and cup holders are all capable of chilling or warming.

What vehicle has the most cup holders?

Most vehicles with a good number of cup holders are large SUVs with three rows that can accommodate six or seven passengers. 

How do you clean a car cup holder?

Wipe the cup holders with a soft cloth. Damp that cloth with clean water and soap. It is advised to use soap and warm water. Wipe the cup holders, removing surface gunk and dirt. Some people use a vinegar solution to disinfect and clean the cup holders.


Final Verdict

Avoid the unnecessary spills when driving your truck by using the best truck cup holders we reviewed here. The truck cup holders are a useful accessory for any vehicle. Some come individually, whereas others have a tray system. Some cup holders also have a specific space for snacks as well. To conclude, you can buy the truck cup holders from anywhere you like, just keep the above-mentioned factors in mind. Or else, keep the things organized with one of these truck cup holders – we are sure you will not be dissatisfied.

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