Best Truck Dash Cam – Top 11 Reviews

When driving your truck, you never know when an unpredicted incident may arise. These incidents can be road rage, collisions or accidents. If such event occurs you should be armed with the authentic evidence possible, the evidence which should speak for you in a court of law, and the best way to do that is to fit a dashcam.

Buying a dashcam may be tricky, but not as hard as you think, and we’ve made it much easier by the reviews of the Best Dash Cam for Trucks. But before going to that just a little bit about the Dash Cam.

What Is A Dash Cam and Why Use It?

A dashcam is a digital video camera usually installed at the windshield or dashboard of a car or truck to capture footages. This type of cam has excellent features such as high pixels, HD pictures, no matter how fast you are driving. Having a dashcam installed in your truck helps you keep track of your driving and in most cases also helps you lower down your insurance. In many incidents, dashcam footages have also helped in court cases in dealing with accidents and speeding ticket cases.

Reviews of the Best Truck Dash Cam

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Best Truck Dash Cam – Top 11 Reviews and Recommendations


1.  Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam 2.4″ LCD Screen, Wi-Fi, 170° Wide Angle with G-Sensor

One of the major thing which people always consider before purchasing any Dash Cam is to make sure that it doesn’t interfere when driving. The Rexing V1car dashcam fits perfect by sticking to the glass, and it is difficult to note that there is any camera installed. Picture quality is excellent with clear results. It also has an integral accident detection system. This dashcam is a dual-channel, which is essential for any accident investigation.

With the loop, recordings feature it will overwrite the oldest data automatically when the memory has low storage space. With the use of G-sensor indecent video will be locked, to ensure that all essential recordings and footage is protected.

Product Features & Specs

Keep an additional eye on the road with this Rexing dashcam. Its 2.5″ lens features 1080 pixels with 170-degree views. The dashcam has a knob to tilt it in the direction you want to use. Plus, the dashcam allows you to record in 1 or 3 minutes loops. The memory capacity is compatible with SD cards up to 256 GB. It captures at 30 frames per seconds. The dashcam GSP and WIFI so you can share the footage on your cell phone.

  • The signature design allows the RexingV1 to be hidden witness to the road. Sony STARVIS image sensor takes HD 1080p video @ 30fps.
  • The six-layer lens opens up to capture a view of your surroundings. The WDR technology lets this dash cam to perform in any situation.
  • The dash camera uses a supercapacitor which can endure temperatures from -20 to 176°F, that prevents overheating, and improve the reliability of dash camera. With the parking feature, the camera will turn on and record automatically when it detects vibration, OR it will capture frames for a video for 24/7. Connect the hardwire kit to activate this mode.
  • View, share and save cam recordings on your mobile with the use of an app.
  • You can record the video in 1 or 3-minute loops. When the storage limit is reached, new recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest one. The cam supports micro SD cards up to 256GB. When the built-in sensor detects a crash, the video is locked, relevant footage is protected. The videos will be safe from being overwritten.


  • Dual-channel
  • Memory size Upto 128Gb
  • Built-in GPS


  • Records only at 30fps not that speedy.


2.  APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P FHD 3 Inch LCD Screen 170° Wide Angle with G Sensor

The Apeman car dash cam comes with a front and rear mode which keep you and your vehicle safe. Both cameras have 1080p lens that monitors the way ahead and behind you with crystal clear video. The front camera records in 1440P, if it works by itself – if both front and rear cams are used at the same time, then you will get 1080p resolution automatically. This is still good, as the recording is crisp clear. Night vision is excellent as the cam automatically adjusts in dim light conditions.

Product Features & Specs

The Apeman dash can take up to 12 MP images and can also record audio in the vehicle. The Apeman dash cam has a three-inch display and supports SD cards up to 32 GB.

There is also a mute button in video mode which you can use if you want to mute the sound at the time of recording. There is an integrated G sensor, which detects the vibrations around the vehicle, capturing the collision that you can use as proof in emergencies. 

  • Super High-Resolution 1080P Lens and 3” LCD Screen provides clear footage
  • This car dash cam includes a 170° wide-angle lens. Ultra-wide view reduces the blind spots and reserves the real scene.
  • With this built-in G-sensor, the camera can detect a collision automatically and will capture the footage and also prevent the record from being overwritten.
  • The combination of WDR, HDR F1.8 large aperture, ensures the clarity at night. Removes the need for an extra light source even in dim-light environments
  • Seamless Loop Recording, Motion Detection, Parking Monitor will fulfil your needs. Easy installation no worries even for a new user.


  • Various useful features, including the emergency accident lock
  • Easy to install


  • Not easy to set up.


3.  Rove R2-4K Dashboard Cam Built-in GPS and WiFi Car Dashboard Camera with 2.4″ LCD, 150° Wide Angle

The Rove R2-4K dash cam provides excellent value for your money. Sure, it’s not the expensive one, but it includes all the features that are usually found only in expensive cams. With RoveR2 4K you get HD recording and wide-angle of 150°, this Rove R2-4K model captures most the lanes around you and delivers clear footage (216p resolution!). Thanks to Super Night Vision technology, it also offers excellent video and picture quality in dark conditions. 

Product Features & Specs

This Rove R2-4K dash camera includes built-in WiFi so you can use the Rove’s app to control the dashcam recordings and to view those recordings on your smartphone (both iOS and Android are supported). This also enables you to download videos on your cellphone and share these recordings with whomever you want. There’s also an integrated GPS which records the driving speed and location – useful if your kid is driving the vehicle. 

  • The Rove dash camera can record up to a resolution 2160p. The HD video recording quality is excellent, and you will get much more quality difference than other dash cams. Super Night Vision Technology with low light Sensor OV4689 + NT96660 get comparatively flawless footage and pics in dim light condition
  • Use the Rove R2 App to manage recordings on your smartphones. By using Rove app, you can download 4k videos to your smartphone and easily share recordings on social media with family.
  • Built-in GPS records your speed and location — view driving route on Google maps by using built-in WiFi. 
  • The car dash cam has parking mode, motion detection, f1.8 apertures, G-sensor, 150° A+ wide-angle lens, loop cycle, time-lapse video, emergency video lock, supports up to 128GB SD card. 
  • This Rove R2 dash camera offers 1-YEAR WARRANTY and full refund in 30 DAYS-


  • Excellent value for money
  • Connects to a cellphone via the app and lets you to download videos
  • Durable, with intuitive design
  • High resolution of 2160p


  • To keep this dashcam in the right position, the screws need to be tightened regularly.


4.  VAVA Wi-Fi Car Dash Camera with Sony Night Vision Sensor, GPS and G Sensor

Vava’s car Dash Cam is elegant, uniquely designed, and it provides two unique features in the car dashcam world: the 360-degree rotation on the magnetic-coupling and sufficient battery to capture parking mode for 72 hours.

It also includes features such as iOS and Android apps, Wi-Fi, and a Bluetooth picture button (hold it to capture stills) that you can place anywhere in your car. The dashcam also has a 320mAh battery which is enough to turn on the cam even if the vehicle is switched off. 

Product Features & Specs

Vava Car Dash Cam looks stylish and attractive. VAVA cam features NT96663 CPU that can records at 60fps with the resolution of 108. Rotate the cam to full 360 degrees to capture any image inside and outside of the vehicle.

The VAVA Dashcam automatically enters the recording mode after it is powered on. It captures unforeseen driving incidents and keeps video footage of the accident. Your legal rights and safety are always covered. The VAVA dash cam connects to its app by using its own Wi-Fi signals. You can use your data, but it only for iOS users. When connecting with the app, you can manage videos, photos, and live feed from your smartphone. You can also share it with family and friends.

  • Based on high NT96663 CPU, the 1080p cam captures up to recording at 60fps, with clear details, can capture license plates.
  • The IMX291 Sony CMOS sensor provides crisp footage in the night also. Built-in GPS tracks the driving location, route, and speed.
  • Full-featured VAVA Dashcam app provides live viewing, video sharing and direct media transfer of evidence to legal authorities’ right from your phone.
  • Seamless recording loop automatically activates when the engine starts. Videos saved in 1, 2-minute loos with an Auto mechanism.
  • The compact design enables the hidden cam witness that records all the events. The 360°Rotate mount can capture inside and outside of the car.


  • VAVA Dashcam app provides live viewing
  • Record a 20-seconds video with a press of the button.
  • Sony CMOS sensor provides crisp footage in the night.


  • The app is difficult to connect to the cam.


5.  AUKEY Dash Cam 1080P Recorder, 6-Lane 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens, G-Sensor and Night Vision

If you’re looking for a high-quality truck dashboard cam, then checkout the marvellous AUKEY Dashboard Cam. Many truckers are already using this dash cam and so far, are very happy with its performance. The notable feature of this dash cam is that it has a Sony IMX323 Sensor. Moreover, it offers a resolution of 1080P. With that, the dash cam can capture sharp and ultra-clear images even when the truck is moving at high speed on a highway.

Who does not like a full road view and coverage? The wide-angle view of this dash cam can capture more details, and the dash cam’s 170° viewing angle is specially built for that purpose. This confirms that in any unforeseen event, you have enough evidence.

Product Features & Specs

HDR (high dynamic range) feature allows Aukey dash cam to maintain consistency in the quality of the images taken like the eye adjusts to various views and conditions.

With this HDR feature, the dash cam can maintain the best performance in dim lighting conditions.

Hence, if you need a dashcam with night vision but you have a limited budget, think about the Aukey Dash Cam. With this device, the mounting process is a cinch. You can simply and securely mount the camera to windshield or dashboard.

  • This dashcam stands unnoticed behind the rearview mirror, ready to capture footage in any incident on the road. Sony Sensor records everything in full 1080p resolution with 170° field view and delivers reliable performance in dim-light conditions or nigh. 
  • Emergency Recording is activated by a built-in sensor, and captures any incidents and protects against being overwritten. Time-Lapse system of recording creates a loop video of your trips. Connect to the AUKEY GPS Antenna (available separately) to track location & speed.
  • Easily mount to your dashboard or windshield with the included 3M pads. Easy to remove also –unplug the cable and unclip the cam from the mount
  • Powered by car 12/24V socket via dual-port USB charger and supercapacitor. Powers on and records automatically when the engine starts and stops when you stop the engine. 
  • Package includes Dashboard Camera, USB Mini-B Power Cable (4m/4.37yd), Dual-Port USB Car Charger, Two 3M Stickers, Sticker Mount, User Manual, 
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee 


  • Affordable
  • Easy mounting
  • 170° viewing angle
  • 2.0 LCD screen


  • It doesn’t come with a memory card


6.  WheelWitness HD PRO Premium Dash Cam with GPS – 2K Super HD – Night Vision 170° Super Wide Lens

The newest car dashcam by Wheel Witness uses six quality layer lenses with high-end, latest IMX322 sensor to deliver awesome video quality. You can record in this 2K for 4 hours. At 2306x1296p resolution, the image is high quality so that you can read the smallest details, such as street signs or plates.

Due to the WDR technology, this HDR dash cam record at the highest quality both in the day and at night.

Product Features & Specs

If you want to buy the awesome car dash cam, there is no superior choice than WheelWitness Premium dashcam.

It features a large 3.0” screen, built-in GPS, 170 view angle, memory lock & gravity sensing feature, which offers stunning 2k videos and photos, the WheelWitness HD PRO dashcam stands above the rest of the car dash cams available today. Whether snow, rain, night, or even tornado, this WheelWitness dashcam does not fail.

  • It delivers Perfect High-Resolution footage with 170-degree wide-angle lens, this cam is the witness, capturing all in front in Super HD 2k, and 2304x1296P resolution.
  • WDR allows the cam to collect details in the dark. HDR allows the cam to pass the light on the sensor and allow for a crisper image. Combining these exposures, you will enjoy a great night vision.
  • The G-Sensor can automatically detect accidents and saves all of the footage. The GPS will track the location speed of your car.
  • This dashcam starts recording, and when the storage is full, it will delete the old files and replace it with the fresh ones, fully automatic and continuous playback.
  • Insert your SD card, and plug-in power, your cam will start recording.  


  • (Wdr) technology for night vision
  • Super HD 2k, and 2304x1296P resolution.
  • Continuous loop recording


  • Not durable


7.  Crosstour Dash Cam 1080P FHD DVR Night Vision, 170° Wide Angle and G-Sensor

The Crosstour CR700 is a trustworthy, capable dual car dashcam that is also reasonably priced. It’s compact, so it doesn’t need much space, yet it features a bright 3″ screen on which you can view videos on the go. Quality of video is excellent as the dashcam records in 1080p – this goes for both the rear and the front one. As for night vision, the video quality is solid, shows license plate even in dim light.

Product Features & Specs

The Crosstour dashcam features Novatek Chip Camera as its CPU, which defines the basic performance of a cam, including resolution, frame, etc. The dashcam adopts F1.8 aperture and HDP, which is excellent. With 170° wide-angle, both front and rear cams provide clear and complete vision, covering up to 5 lanes. 

  • With the SONY CMOS 2M Sensor, the cam can take high-quality recording, and excellent night vision. With a 170° wide-angle, captures nameplates as well as road signs during day and night.
  • With infrared two-night vision lights, capture every detail which you cant see while driving. HDR allows it to restore the true colours to a great extent.
  • Locking the footage to prevent it from overwritten when it detects a sudden collision. You can also press the button to lock these files manually.
  • In standby mode, the dashcam starts 10s video recording automatically if there is any movement within 3 meters and stops afterwards.


  • Excellent quality of video on both front and rear cameras.
  • Compact, and attractive design


  • Night vision is not clear


8.  Vantrue T2 24/7 Recording Dash Cam 1920x1080P 2 Inch LCD 160 Degree Dashboard Camera, Sony Night Vision, OBD Cable and Heat Resistant

The Vantrue T2 24/7 is a tube-shaped car dashcam which offers full HD video. The T2 advertises the product as a 24/7 Super Capacitor Surveillance camera, which means it can survive extreme weather. The battery works great in cold temperatures as -4°F to as hot 158°F. The Vantrue T2 dash cam has an OBD power that utilizes less power than others. It has a 1080p video quality and the Sony IMX323 sensor and NOVATEK processor. The dashcam can capture excellent quality footage at night, which the makers call a ‘Super Night Vision’.

 Product Features & Specs

The dashcam offers an interior and front view so you can view the front of the car as well as the inside. It features a wide-angle of 160° and F/1.8 aperture lens to cover your surroundings. With H.264 coding, this Vantrue T2 dashcam captures high-quality images and improves storage space for the footage. The LCD screen on the dash camera turns off when the recording starts. 

  • This camera works by a supercapacitor that can survive temperatures from -4°to 158°Fand provides a longer lifespan, without the risk of overheating. 24/7 monitoring can be performed with the use of OBD power.
  • The wave guard feature works by a microwave signal, consuming little power with OBD installation. When any object interferes, T2 cam starts auto-recording. With the Time Lapse feature, the camera can take photos at intervals to create a clip. It supports 256GB SD cards.
  • Sony IMX323 Exmor sensor and NT96655 NOVATEK processor, this dash cam captures the front (160°) to get high image quality and video without any distortion at 1920x1080P capturing the plates and signs clearly. With HDR and F/1.8 aperture ensure the video cam to balance the exposures to pick up balanced videos and images in night providing good night vision in dim light.
  • When the integrated sensor detects any collision, the dash camera will lock footage from being overwritten. Loop system automatically overwrites the old data when storage is full. GPS- tracks the route and speed. 
  • Full 18m Warranty.


  • Good Night Quality
  • Very Affordable
  • High-Quality Videos
  • built-in gravity sensor


  • A Bit bulky
  • Small Buttons


9.  TOGUARD Uber Dash Cam Dual Full HD 1080P Camera 3″ LCD, G-Sensor, WDR and Motion Detection

A camera that’s specially designed for use with Uber, taxis, Lyft, and other transportation services has a lot to offer to managers that always want to keep an eye on roads and drivers as well. TOGUARD’s Dash Cam fits into this type, providing the two separate cams that can you can rotate up to 360-degrees between the back and front and a few useful safety features that are perfect for your use.

Both dash cams feature a resolution of 1080P with Advanced Sony IMX323 sensor records the road and inside the cabin at the same time, and provides the high-quality picture. The adjustable G-sensor is excellent for any sudden bumps and is very effective if any accident occurs; the footage will get saved automatically.

Product Features & Specs

The unique perks of this dash cam are that both front and cabin cameras have a 170-degree angle that is enough to cover the entire view of the cabin and the front of the truck. The 360-degree angle works well with the on-road recording, but the real benefit of this dash cam is 24-hour parking and motion detection system. If you leave a truck, this truck dash cam stays on to capture the events.

  • Both 080P FHD cabin and front car dash cams include Sony IMX323 sensor which records the road and inside the cabin, and offers high-quality footage. 
  • The 180° dual dash cam is user-friendly to adjust this rotatable angel. The 170° angle lens records the road and plates of others in front from the edges of the windscreen, and it also records what is happening inside the car at the same time — perfect dash cam dual lens for taxis, car, cab driver, Uber and so on.
  • Loop recording automatically overwrites the old recordings and replace it with the new ones, so there’s no problem if your storage runs out. The G-sensor is a feature that detects any sudden bump or an accident; it locks the footage and saves the accident. 
  • The driving recorder f/2.0 aperture, with IMX323 Sony sensor, and Wide Dynamic Range feature it ensures the quality of videos. 


  • Perfect dashcam for taxis, car, cab driver, Uber.
  • Both front and cabin cameras have a 170-degree angle
  • Loop recording automatically overwrites the old recordings


  • This camera does not come with manual or instruction.


10.  WheelWitness HD PRO Premium Dash Cam with WiFi and GPS, Sony Exmor Sensor, Night Vision and G Sensor

This Wheelwitness HD pro dashcam lets you choose between the two resolutions: 2306 x 1296 or 2560 x 1080 pixels, which means that your recordings will be clear than ever before. The WheelWitness has a beautiful 3 inch TFT display screen and an integrated 450 mAh Battery.

This Wheelwitness dash cam has a loop recording system that allows you to record continuously as you drive, and the dashcam integrates the GPS data into the records so if anything occurs. You need evidence, and the location will be present on the recording or image. If the theft is a concern, then the motion detector system will help too, as it captures automatically if any movement occurs around the vehicle.

Product Features & Specs

This car dash cam Memory lock gravity system comes handy when the cam senses that the vehicle has a sudden change in gravity, such as any collision. The cam will not only record that situation but also locks the video data of that particular incident, and this record cannot be overwritten.

  • This cam is GPS enabled, and you don’t have to download any GPS plugin. The Installation is quite simple, as it includes a suction cup, two sticky mounts and a power cord.
  • The WheelWitness Dash Cam is simple to install. The cam will automatically switch ON/OFF with the vehicle!
  • The only car dash cam to offer The-Fly-Zoom which lets you zoom (4X) while continuing to record. This feature makes it easy to zoom the plate!
  • The Dash Camera if compatible with iOS & Android cellphones.
  • The Sony IMX322 Exmor CMOS Sensor with a 6-Glass precision lens allows the Dash Cam to record clearly in Day & Night Time! Exceptional Night Time Performance! The G-Sensor will detect an unexpected event and lock the recording automatically.


  • 4x Zoom
  • Simple to install
  • The Dash Camera if compatible with iOS & Android cellphones


  •  The menus are complicated.
  • No storage card included.


11.  Pruveeo D30H Dash Cam with WiFi, Infrared Night Vision and Dual 1080P Inside and front Cameras

The Pruveeo D30 has many notable features, but the most incredible feature of this car dash camera is its 240-degree angle. It’s like an ultra-wide super-duper angle for a dashcam. The video quality is decent. It records 480P & 720P at 30 fps, but only AVI format. The dashcam allows manual rotation of 320-degrees, and you can view 120-degree angle on both cams. This dashcam has a sleek and compact design. It’s so hidden that you can’t notice that there is a dashcam mounted in your vehicle.

Front and rear cam work automatically. It starts when you start your car and stops when you turn off the engine. The continuous loop recording system will ensure no gaps between recorded clips.

Product Features & Specs

This Pruveeo includes dual dash cams that you can modify at any angle you want to. Tilt them or rotate them as you like. The Built-in 2-inch screen and audio record features are also included. You can also use external mic if you want to use. It includes a 320 mA Battery and operates at 5V DC input power. This dashcam also features the emergency lock button and recovery functions. You will get storage support of 32GB. No storage card is included in the purchase. This dashcam is simple to set up. It’s an affordable dual dash cam available in the market.

  • The inner cam uses four infrared lights. Both cams have Sony sensor IMX323 for Truck, Uber, Taxi Drivers.
  • Based on NT96660 Novatek CPU, both cams capture front and inside simultaneously at 1920x1080P 30fps. 
  • Signature compact design allows the cam to be hidden and witness to the path ahead. You can rotate these dual cams up to 180 degrees.
  • Loop Recording system allows constant use by writing over old data or any extra footage for efficient storage management.


  • You can also use external mic if you want to use
  • Both cams have Sony sensor IMX323
  • Infrared Night Vision


  • The functions are very confusing
  • This dashcam doesn’t support 64GB and 128GB SD cards.


Truck Dash Cam Buying Guide

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Dash Cam For Your Truck

  • GPS: 

One of the significant reasons to have a dashcam is to record any accident or collision. If your cam does not have a GPS feature, the evidence will not be enough in a court. You must have a GPS enabled dashcam or the one that has GPS features. 

  • Finding the Perfect Fit: 

Dashcams come in various sizes and designs. A perfect fit will not affect your driving by obstructing your vision. The design should match with your truck; whether it is slim or wedge-shaped, you are using it on a dashboard or on a windshield.

  • Resolution: 

The dashcam will protect you in a court in case of any incident. So, you obviously need a high-resolution camera to get the best possible details, such as number plates, license and faces. The best dash cam is the one with a high resolution and provides high definition footage.

  • Night Vision: 

Night vision is a must, as mishaps and accidents do happen at dark. Always go for a dashcam that has a night vision feature so that you can get the details, such as license plates at night also. If the dashcam comes with WDR feature, you can get decent night video footages and images.

  • Cycling Recording: 

Also referred to as loop recording, this means that your dashcam keeps capturing the footage after the storage is full. It does by overwriting the data and replacing it with the new data. Most dash cams have 32GB cards, so always check the specs and go for the upgraded models.


Truck Dash Cam FAQs

Will a dashcam drain a battery?

Yes, it is possible. But, this is unlikely to happen unless you do not drive your truck regularly. It also depends on whether the connection to the cam is always power on.

How long do dash cam batteries last?

This mainly depends on the specific models, but the batteries can last for 8 hours.

How do dash cams operate?

When the truck’s ignition is on, the dashcam starts working and captures the footage in the micro SD card. Some cams have a feature that allows them to overwrite data when the storage is full; this is loop recording.


Final Verdict

We hope you enjoy reading our article. Everything we buy from the stores comes by way of long hauling trucks. We owe to them, and their carefulness in getting the things to us through all types of road conditions, weather, and deadlines to meet. 

We’ve given our best to find the best truck dash cam that you would find valuable, especially those who drive long, remember we appreciate you and the work you do, and we wish you success in your field.

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