Best Rated Truck Floor Mats – Top 12 Reviews

The carpet in your truck has to sustain a lot from daily use. Maybe you have kids and pets that go along on trips, or you live at a place that experiences rain frequently—which means you’re tracking in grime and mud. Whatever the case is, stains on the carpet are not good, and you’ll have to wash them as it’ll increase the resale value of your truck. It will also reduce the risk of bad or mould smells forming in the cabin.

There are varieties of floor mats you can buy for your truck, such as solid rubber floor mats that provide excellent winter protection, or the clear floor mats that protect against the dirt and mud. There are also all-weather options, which are ideal if you have different seasons and weathers where you live. No matter which type of floor mats you purchase, we will recommend going for the well-known brands that have a good reputation and have spent several years in creating the best floor mats for trucks and cars.

In this read, we have listed 12 best truck floor mats available in the market today.

Reviews of the Best Truck Floor Mats

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Best Rated Truck Floor Mats – Top 12 Reviews and Recommendations

1.  Motor Trend MT-923-BK Black Flex Tough Contour Liners-Deep Dish Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats


Robust and Flexible Flex Tough Contour series floor mats provide maximum safety and protection. The unique design linear and diagonal edges are placed perfectly to exploit the dirt trapping abilities of the floor mat. Made from the high-quality polymer, these Motor Trend floor Mats are Non-toxic and Odorless. 

Product Features & Specs

These Motor trend durable floor mats are made from heavy-duty rubber to endure all conditions and keep your truck in the best condition. The high-grade Flex Tough rubber will not crack in high temperatures, and it is also abrasion-resistant. The floor mats are flexible and robust, so will last longer than other floor mats on the market. What’s more, the material is entirely odourless, so you won’t have that uncomfortable feeling while driving. The upturned design traps debris and dirt and allows you to clean the floor mats easily.

  • These Rubber Polymers floor mats are tested for Extreme temperatures to Ensure they Don’t split, Crack, or Deform
  • Rubberized Nibs, so the Mat Does not slip – Ergonomic Grooves to Give your Foot Traction & Comfort
  • Guard Against debris and Spills, – Built to Last through snow, Rain, Mud and More
  • Thee customizable floor Mats are Made to Fit your Vehicle’s Floor with only a Pair of Scissors
  • Dimensions– Front (31.5″ L x 22.5″ W) Rear (58″ L x 18″ W)
  • Made from Odorless EVA Rubber & SGS European Standard approved


  • Tested floor mats for harsh temperatures to Ensure they Don’t split, Cracks.
  •  Built to Last through snow, Rain, Mud and More
  • Rubberized Nibs, so the Mat Does not slip.


  • The mat will not stay in place, and the tips will flip.


2.  Armor All 2-Piece Black All Season Truck/SUV Rubber Floor Mat


This Armour All 78830 Truck Floor Mats are designed to be pared so that they can be customized to fit almost all vehicles perfectly. The deep moulded diamond plate is designed to capture water, mud, road salt, and sand. These black Armour truck floor mats also feature the ‘Carpet Claw’ backing to keep the floor mats in place.

Product Features & Specs

Custom Accessories Armor Black 78830 offers customizable floor mats that you can trim to fit almost all vehicles. Whether you own a truck, sedan or SUV, you will love the performance of these floor mats. The carpet claw backing, for example, holds the mat in its place and will not let it slip. Its all-season floor mat that can resist dust, water, and debris efficiently even if you expose it to such harsh element for weeks, the mat will survive without its rubber staining. These floor mats are best for harsh temperatures and will not crack or split due to high-quality manufacturing.

  • The all-season floor mats protect your vehicle’s floors from debris. Improved tread pattern holds snow, water, & mud. Carpet Claw anti-slip keeps the mats in place.
  • The 2-piece truck floor mat is designed in such a way that you can trim these for a customized to fit for any vehicle. They are made to ensure that the floor mats will not crack, curl, or harden in sub-zero weather.
  • Keep your vehicle cleaner for an extended period with a variety of heavy-duty mats for the front and rear seats of your vehicle. Protect original flooring from grass & dirt stains.


  • Long-lasting rubber shell
  • Non-slip carpet claw backing
  • Easy to clean when dirty.


  • Odour issues.


3.  Motor Trend Black Car Floor Mats Set Rubber Tortoise Liners Cargo for Auto SUV Trucks


These truck floor mats are odourless, unlike most rubber floor mats that have a strong odour due to the material used. The toxic smell odour of mats cannot be covered up by a scent, and it will take much time and significant efforts to remove the odour. This unpleasant odour can cause allergies, headache to people. These Motor Trend floor mats are entirely odourless; you will not suffer from any of the problems.

Product Features & Specs

The Motor Trend Black Car Floor mats are designed such a way that these provide your vehicle ultimate protection against debris, mud, and water. The diagonal ridges of these floor mats are flexible, durable for all weathers and uniquely built to enhance its trapping capabilities.

  • Motor Trend Tough Tortoise Mats DEEP DISH thick, heavy-duty mats and liners, Built for durability – flexible for contours, tough for all weather.
  • 2 Front Mats, Rear Liner and Trunk Mat- 4 Piece Set
  • 100% odourless
  • Coverage – 31.5 ” L x 22.5″ W Rear 18 ” L x 58″ W 31.5″ L x 50 ” W Cargo.
  • Semi-custom fits – trim to fit.


  • Built for durability – flexible for contours, tough for all weather.
  • 100% odourless
  • Long-lasting


  •  Thin rubber for the front mats.


4.  Husky Liners Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Mats


The rugged and sporty WeatherBeater Floor Liners offer un-beatable carpet protection for whatever nature hurls at you. Are you looking for a contemporary floor mat specially designed to match the styling of your truck? Then look no further, these Husky Liners WeatherBeater floor mats are made specially to give the protection and functionality with an attractive design for modern cars, trucks, SUVs. Husky Liners WeatherBeaters are built to protect the floors in all areas of your truck and cars, front, rear and also the cargo area. Durable protection with a class! 

Product Features & Specs

WeatherBeater truck floor mats are built from an elastomeric material that allows these mats to remain flexible without cracking, curling, or breaking. This exclusive formula also allows the car floor mats to resist chemicals, gas, oil, and battery acid. The Laser scanning technology used in these Husky Liners truck floor mats creates the products that will fit all the curves and contours of your truck’s floor. Patented “STA-PUT Nibs” on the floor mat ensures that it will not slip or slide and will remain it in place. There is a lifetime guarantee that these floor mats will not split or crack.

  • FormFit Edge is a high ridge that runs along with the door, protecting your truck from all mess. Footwell Coverage covers the whole footwell. 
  • StayPut Cleats keeps the mat from shifting
  • No Hassle Lifetime Guarantee
  • Manufactured in the USA


  • Footwell Coverage covers the whole footwell.
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • No Hassle Lifetime Guarantee


  • Leakage problem


5.  Gator 79607 Black Front and 2nd Seat Floor Liners


These Gator 79607 floor liners will protect your floor/carpet from debris, mud, and even chemicals. They feature elastomeric materials that let these floor mats to be flexible but still hold their original form. These truck floor mats are customized to fit your vehicle. Because they contour to the truck’s carpeting so you won’t have to worry about your floor getting ruined.

Product Features & Specs

If you are looking for floor liners to safe and protect your vehicle’s carpeting from all sorts of messes and debris, then these are the best truck floor liners for you. The mats also feature the laser-fit design which perfectly fits floorboards of your truck. With these Gator floor liners 79607 your truck’s floor, you can rest assured that your truck’s carpet is safe and secure from all types of spills and debris. These floor mats are ultra-tough and will protect the truck all year long in all kinds of weather.

  • Laser-fit design matches the floorboards.
  • All-weather ultra-tough construction.
  • Raised edge contains the debris until you remove to clean.
  • Firmly secured retention system to keep the mat locked in place.


  • All-weather ultra-tough construction.
  • The mat features Raised edges.
  • Firmly secured retention system to keep the mat locked in place.


  • The fitment of this product is not correct.


6.  Maxliner Floor Liner Mats with 1st Row Bucket Seats


These MAXLINER floor mats are built with low-density materials that provide durability and elasticity, leaving no part of your vehicle’s floor unprotected. With the help of raised lip and moulded edge, these truck floor mats lock in all the liquid spills and mud you can throw at them. Specifically, raised lips stops anything from reaching the floor of the car, protecting it from accidents. 

Product Features & Specs

The unique shape of these car floor mats will reinforce them and also keep these truck floor mats flexible. These Maxliner floor mats come in a standard shape to offer your car’s interior the best look possible. The MAXLINER not only provides superior protection for your truck but also improves the overall appearance of your truck with textured surfaces and modern design.

  • Only fits SuperCrew Cab (4 full-size doors) with 1st-row bucket seats. Does not fit models with vinyl flooring. Vehicle floor safety with a low density precisely moulded material that provides floorboard coverage
  • Top of the line all-weather, stain-resistant, 100% odourless protection that gives your car, van, truck, or SUV interior a first-class look while protecting the resale value
  • The custom-fit mat protects your vehicle’s floor by avoiding spills and mess due to the raised liners and lip.
  • The skid-resistant textured surface is easy to clean by hosing off, wiping clean, or only from water and soap. 
  • Perfect fit and durable mats. 
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Perfect fit, and durable floor mats
  • The skid-resistant textured surface is easy to clean
  • Top of the line all-weather, stain-resistant, 100% odourless floor mat.


  • Clips are not strong.


7.  Husky Liners SuperCrew Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Mats


These Husky floor liners feature a new concept that combines all the notable features of a deep rib mat and the “old style” liners in them. Accurate engineering ensures a precise fit to the contour and shape of your truck’s floor. The moulded chevron-shaped tread pattern keeps mud, dirt, and snow away from you to keep pant and shoes clean. It also includes the sloshing movement around of any trapped water. The high border wall provides a large footprint and interior protection.

Product Features & Specs

Unlike other liners that use an inconsistent vacuum process and slippery plastic, these Husky floor liners are high-pressure injection moulded Thermoplastic floor mats that feels like rubber and provides a non-slip base. Raised nibs provide extreme retention and keep these liners in place. The unique self-sealing hook attachment prevents moisture and dirt from getting through. These car floor mats are simple to wash and remove. Hose them off and go!

  • Ford F-150 2015-2019 SuperCrew Cab Pickup
  • The liner is rugged and can stand up to elements like no other.
  • The mat contains a spill until you can wash it off— good as new!
  • FormFit Design allows each liner to the edges of your vehicle.
  • StayPut Cleats keep your liners in place.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Thermoplastic construction.
  • The unique self-sealing hook attachment prevents moisture and dirt from getting through.


  • Sliding problems.


8.  Rugged Ridge All-Terrain Black Front Row Floor Liner


Are your factory fitted floor mats doing a poor job at protecting the cabin of your truck? Trade them for these Rugged Ridge All-Terrain Floor Liners — Black. Decorated with the Rugged Ridge Logo, you can expect to get higher all-weather protection from mud, spills, snow, and debris. These floor Liners are injection-moulded from a Thermoplastic that feels, and performs like rubber but features all-weather durability of plastic.

Product Features & Specs

The rubber-like feel of these floor liners features a deep tread technology that utilizes a chevron-shaped deep tread to trap liquids through the liners and contain it due to the raised edges.

Rugged Ridge All-Terrain has a perfect contour for an accurate, secure fitment while providing the cabin with a new factory appearance. These floor liners are available as a pair for the front seats. Each liner is contoured to the truck’s floor for a secure fit.

  • 2-Piece
  • High border wall gives maximum protection
  • Rolled reinforced contours for added strength
  • Durable Thermoplastic
  • Nibbed bottoms


  • Durable Thermoplastic
  • High border wall gives maximum protection
  • Rolled reinforced contours for strength


  • Rear mat size is too small.


9.  Motor Trend OF-933-BK Black Deep Dish Rubber Heavy Duty Floor Mat Liners


This Motor Trend floor mat liners come in matte black and clear tones. They are entirely odourless and built from non-toxic materials. These floor mats will neither bend nor crack even in extreme temperatures. The floor mats feature nibs and ridges that trap debris, dirt and mud, and are simple to clean. The floor mats are durable and will serve you for many years without losing their look and functionality.

 Product Features & Specs

These all-weather floor mats feature EVA rubber construction and are 100% odourless. They’re durable and can withstand daily wear and tear. These floor mats have been tested and built for extreme weather conditions so they will not split, crack, or deform. Sounds good, right?

Compatibility isn’t an issue with these truck floor mats, as they are trimmable and a suitable fit to most vehicles. All you will need is a pair of scissors to shape them. They also have a no-slip grip.

  • These Rubber Polymers are Tested for harsh Conditions, and they will not Split or Deform
  • These are Trimmable to Fit your Vehicle’s Floor Outlines
  • Rubberized Nibs are also present, so the Mat Does not Move – The Ergonomic Grooves Give your Foot Traction
  • Guard Against Debris and spills – Built to Last through Mud, Rain, Snow, and More – Anti-Slip Backing 
  • Place the floor Mats on the carpet after Trimming – Easy to Clean Mats.


  • Tested for harsh Conditions
  • Rubberized Nibs
  • Built to Last through Mud, Rain, Snow, and More – Anti-Slip Backing.
  • Best for sub-zero temperatures.


  • Problems in trimming and customizations.


10.  BDK Metallic Heavy Duty Protection Rubber Floor Mats for Car SUV & Truck


Built with a durable weave pattern to give protection against stains, daily dirt, wear and tear, these rubber car Floor Mats includes soft fabric and will keep your vehicle spotless. These floor mats also have the features like a fadeless plush carpet for comfort and anti-skid nib backing- so the floor mat stays in place, and you can also remove it for cleaning.

Product Features & Specs

BDK metallic rubber mats not only personalize the vehicle but also offers safety and protection against harmful dirt and debris. Boasting heavy rubber contraction with a metallic finish. These mats will bright your dull interior. Extra 3D rubber protects the original factory fitted carpet from dirt, mud and messes and the semi-custom fit provides a precise fitting.

  • Heavy-duty Construction of rubber with a metallic top finish
  • Raised edges and Broad channels trap dirt and spills
  • Anti-slip backing to keep it in place
  • Four pieces- 2 front two rear


  • Heavy-duty Construction with a metallic top finish.
  • Raised edges and Broad channels.
  • Anti-slip backing.


  • Some people state that the quality of the rubber is not good.


11.  Cooper Tires Discoverer STT Pro All Weather Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mat


The Cooper Tires Discoverer All-Weather Floor Mats come with a sturdy rubber design, complete with heavy ridges that trap the grimes and mud that you can drag into the cabin after a day in outdoors. The anti-slip backing is ideal for new vehicles that have shrill carpeting, as these heavy-duty truck floor mats will remain in place instead of slipping around the feet and getting stuck behind the vehicles pedals as many sets usually do. 

Product Features & Specs

These Cooper Tires Discoverer pro floor mats featured tire tread design and made from high-quality, odourless rubber. The floor mats will protect your interior even in the sub-zero temperatures. The raised ridges will help to scrape the mud from your feet. The floor mat possesses trimmable design so you can get a perfect fit and customize these according to the specs of your vehicle. These flexible rubber floor mats are easy to wash and clean.

  • Package Includes 2 Front, 2 Rear Mats
  • Discoverer STT Pro Made From Odorless Rubber to Prevent Deformation in Sub-zero Temperatures; Heavy-duty, and Raised Ridges to Scrape Dirt from Shoes; Extra High Ridge-Line Design with Anti-slip Backing. 
  • Designed with Trim Lines. You Can Trim these mats with Scissors
  • Durable Rubber is Easy to Clean


  • It is Made From Odorless Rubber
  • The mat is Designed with Trim Lines
  • The mats feature Durable Rubber which is Easy to Clean


  • Nothing much here.


12.  FH Group Gray And Black Heavy Duty Tall Channel Rubber Floor Mats


This FH Group Floor mats are built to protect your vehicles. With an added pop of colours, these floor mats will not only protect the floor but also bring a little appearance to your vehicle. Heavy-duty rubber means that these truck floor mats are built to last. Specially designed edges and ridges trap dirt, mud, water, sand and more to save your floor. These heavy-duty water-resistant floor mats are customizable so that you can get the perfect fit for your car. Trim along the pointed edges to eliminate sides and make a custom fit.

Product Features & Specs

Protect your truck’s floor with these FH Group heavy duty rubber floor mats. Tall outer ridges of these rubber floor mats prevent fluids from spilling onto floor or carpet. Heavy nibbed backing assures that the mat remains in place. We recommend using soap or water to wash these floor mats. These waterproof floor mats include a stain-resistant feature with an anti-slip backing to prevent the mat from slipping or sliding.

  • Tall ridges prevent fluids from spilling onto carpets
  • Heavy nibbed backing. Easy to clean mats 
  • Waterproof and stain-resistant with anti-slip backing. 
  • Multiple Colors to change your vehicle’s appearance


  • It is available in many colours.
  • Heavy nibbed backing
  • Tall ridges prevent fluids from spilling


  • The material os this mat is thin.


Truck Floor Mats Buying Guide

Things To Consider Before Buying Truck Floor Mat

In addition to fitment and style, there are some more vital features you should pay attention to when shopping for the floor mats.

  • Rims and Ridges

You’ll have to look out for the ridges and rims on truck floor mats and pick the one that has high edges around the mat. The edges will prevent any liquid from seeping into the carpet. Some floor mats have high ridges and grooves that are built to channel water away from your feet and the backside of the pedals into the basin.

  • Under The Mat

Never overlook the bottom of a floor mat. It’s essential to check a floor mat’s locking system, to ensure that it stops the mat from sliding and getting in the way of driving. Preferably, the floor mat should have a hook to keep it in place.

  • Thickness

Thicker floor mats can absorb liquids and are comfortable on your feet. But if you’re purchasing the rubber or plastic floor mats for your truck, always choose the products with the deep grooves that will help in keeping the carpet clean.

How to Clean Floor Rubber Mats

  1. Shake the mats to remove the dirt. It will break some of the trash that is ingrained in the floor mats. Give the mat a few smacks against any solid surface. This method works for rubber and cloth floor mats. Use a scraper to remove unyielding items from the mat before washing it.
  2. Drench the mat softly with clean water. You can use a pressure washer, but it is optional and not necessary. You can use a water hose.
  3. Get your laundry detergent and spread it onto the mat. Sprinkle the detergent just enough to cover the floor mat.
  4. Scrub thoroughly with a broom. Brush it in different directions to remove all the stains and contaminants. 
  5. Thoroughly rinse off the soap and gradually apply the soap all across the mat. Repeat the process until all the floor mat is clear.


Truck Floor Mats FAQs

What are Floor Mats?

Floor mats are protection accessories and are made of long-lasting rubber or plastic to endure the wear and tear. Floor mats protect a truck’s interior against dirt, snow, and water. You can remove them for washing and cleaning.

How do I match a floor mat to my vehicle’s interior?

Floor mats come in several colours, enough to match any vehicle’s interior. 

What Are The Benefits of having Floor Mats?

A high-quality floor mat can enhance your vehicle’s interior. Adding a mat is a pocket-friendly way to improve the appearance of your car. Furthermore, the mats protect your vehicle’s interior from dirt, moisture and debris.

What is a customized-fit floor mat?

A customized fit floor mat is built and designed to fit precisely to your truck’s floor specifications. 

Will these floor mats stay in place?

Many of the floor mats have some sort of snap or lock to keep them in place firmly. Some floor mats have a non-slip back surface. In short: floor mat will stay in place.


Final Verdict

For Sure, floor mats protect your interior, but they also allow you to flex your innovative muscles. If your interior is bland, you can spruce it up with a floor mat. Whether you are using the mats in a car, or a truck, it is universally acknowledged that floor mats are excellent investments If you want to protect your interior and want to keep your truck clean and odour-free, then you surely need the best truck floor mats.

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