Best Rated Truck LED Fog Lights – Top 12 Reviews

In your driving experience, you’ll notice that standard headlights may reflect hinder visibility and fog. No matter how perfect the lights are, you’ll face this problem at some time, and it’s also a safety concern when you are unable to see the things like traffic signs, lanes and other vehicles on the road.

Luckily, you can upgrade your truck with aftermarket fog lights, which are suitable for situations like fog, heavy rain, and drifting snow. They’re different than regular lights due to their beam shape, and colour and instead of reflecting the light off the fog and affecting your vision, they support you in your way and make it harmless to drive.

Reviews of the Best Truck Fog Lights

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Before we review the 12 best truck fog lights, let’s discuss different types of fog lights: 

Different Types of Fog Lights

There are different types of fog lights. Fog lights are designed to illuminate in front of the vehicles, and there are things such as rear fog lights, which can make your vehicle more visible.

  • LED Fog Lights:

This type of fog light use emitting diodes, which need less power and produces less heat than the other sources. They’re efficient and have a long lifespan, and you will not have to replace them frequently. Finally, you can tweak these lights to shine in various colours, which helps in passing through specific situations. These lights are expensive than halogen fog lights.

  • HID Fog Lights:

Similar to standard headlights, you get high-intensity fog lights, also known as HIDs. They work by using the xenon gas, which is enlightened by an electrical charge. These lights are durable than halogen lights. HID fog lights are bright and efficient in terms of power.

  • Halogen Fog Lights:

Most vehicles have built-in fog lights known as halogen lights, so they normally are commonplace and easy to find. They’re also inexpensive as compared to others. Though they are not much durable as others. Furthermore, these are not the brightest lights.


Best Rated Truck Fog Lights – Top 12 Reviews and Recommendations

1.  Nilight Truck LED Fog Light

These High-quality LED emit bright and white light. Its ideal combination of spot beams which offers long-distance irradiation and light up the darkness. The light features 10pcs LED, Cooling fins and High-quality Die-casting Aluminium housing fast heat—dissipation.

You can install this light on the freighter, boat, yacht, skiff, and truck to enhance the brightness of the journey. With IP67 rate and powder coat, the LED is dustproof, waterproof, and anti-corrosive. It offers Super bright light to see clearly at night, with excellent visual effect.

Product Features & Specs

Nilight lights are designed to improve the brightness for nighttime off-road driving. NI06A series is popular among all-out road enthusiast for its best quality and affordable prices. The decent design and size provide an excellent look when you install it your truck. The upgraded PC lens will improve the anti-scratching durability. The lights are IP68 Waterproof, and Special craftsmanship prolongs the lifespan of these fog lights over 50,000 Hours.

  • High-quality LED emits white light; Concentrated spot beam lights to more distance and lumen is 1260LM
  • You can adjust the pods to 45 degrees
  • Unique design die-cast aluminium cooling fins extend the lifespan over 30,000 hours.
  • Waterproof for 30 minutes and dustproof.
  • 2PCS 18W LED Light Bars and Brackets
  • This light has a universal fitting.


  • You can adjust the pods to 45 degrees
  • Waterproof and dustproof.
  • This light has a universal fitting.


  • Not waterproof according to some customers.


2.  Flush Mount Super Bright LED Fog Lights for Trucks and SUVs

The housing of this Flush Mount LED features a powder-coated finish that will save the light bar from UV damages or abrasions. The lens of these light bar includes polycarbonate materials that are resilient and will survive no matter what it runs into. Dust-proof, Rust-Proof, Waterproof, Shock-Proof & Corrosion Free LED fog light that will work in Extreme Conditions. What you will get is a balance of affordable performance with supreme stability, efficiency, and reliability.

Product Features & Specs

Middle 170° fog light surrounded by dual row 15° light to provide the widest angel and brightest spot in the middle, offer you excellent visibility without fluorescent lights or eye fatigue. They light the roads with 6000k pure white light that is visible to coming traffic, providing an additional measure of safety.

IP68 waterproof rating means the lights can resist water and dust, avoids moistures and condensations — more than 1.3M water for 30 minutes. Relatively dense and thin, 3-inch high groove fins for rapid heat elimination, aluminium alloy heat sink exploits the surface area for best cooling.

  • 5inch flush mount led pods, the pods emit 6000k cold white light, delivering 78w & 7800 lumens light up the dark forward road.
  • Fabulous 5” triple row led with the paper model; you can cut the flush mount easily. Middle 170° flood light enclosed by dual row 15° spotlight to give wide angel and spot in the centre.
  • Off-road race-tested, these led pods can handle the harshest environments. Featuring waterproof housing and shatterproof lenses, they are resistant to dust and moisture — rustproof & anti-corrosive 6.
  • Relatively heavy & dense, about 3-inch height grooved fins for quick heat elimination. 


  • 3-inch height grooved fins for quick heat elimination. 
  • Featuring waterproof housing and shatterproof lenses, they are resistant to dust and moisture.


  • Required accessories not included in the pack.


3.  Nilight Truck LED Fog Lights

The Nilight Spot Driving Fog Lights produces a bright white light from its high-grade LED chip. The light produces a spot beam of 1260LM that reaches more distance than many other lights in the market. The brackets allow you to adjust the light and provides you with the complete control where you want to direct the light beam.

Product Features & Specs

All Nilight products are built carefully from durable materials and tested through the quality check to make sure that you get high quality at the affordable price.

The fog light’s die-cast aluminium cooling fins disperse the heat effect that is produced by these truck fog lights. This enhances the lifespan of these fog lights, means that these fog lights can work effectively for 30,000 hours or more. The lights feature IP67 waterproof rating and are completely waterproof for 30 minutes in three feet of water. The light’s Waterproof design and silicone strip protect the light from dust getting inside.

  • LED chips emit white light, PMMA lens with light transmittance, unobstructed view.
  • The concentrated beam illuminates to distance, lighting up the dark road.
  • Uniquely designed die-cast aluminium cooling fins extends the lifespan 30, 000 hours.
  • Wide use such as motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs, jeeps, 4×4, cars, trucks, boats, etc. 
  • Pack include two 18W LED fog lights.


  • The light features a PMMA lens with light transmittance, unobstructed view.
  • Die-Cast aluminium cooling fins extend the lifespan 30, 000 hours.


  • Not durable or long-lasting.


4.  Nilight Super Bright LED Fog Lights

This Nilight LED light bar measures only 6.5 inches. It is compatible with trucks, ATVs, cars, SUVs, and many more. The light bar has a 36-watt spotlight beam design. It offers super brightness and is designed with high grade LED chips that are rigorous and ultra-bright. Lighting the road ahead effectively, especially in the night. 

You can also use this light bar for your indoor lighting, garage lighting, backyard, household, and patio lighting. The brightness is suitable and safe for you. 

Product Features & Specs

To ensure that the lights not heat, the Nilight LED Light Bar is built with silicone gel and a high conductivity level. The light bar also features a casing of aluminium material to keep disperse the heat efficiently. The LED light bar is waterproof, and IP67 rated for 30 minutes in 1 meter of water. Furthermore, aluminium housing also makes this product dustproof.

Apart from the aluminium alloy housing, it also features stainless steel brackets and robust glass. This ensures that the light bar can endure what is thrown at it and can survive harsh weathers. You can effortlessly install this light bar on your truck by using the included mounting brackets. 

  • High-quality LED provides bright white light in the darkness. 
  • The cups produce flood beam for a broad view; you can see clearly.
  • You can adjust the pods to 45 degrees, which makes altering the direction of beam easier.
  • IP67 waterproof rating can resist water and dust. Working life: 30000 hours
  • Pack includes 2PCS LED Light 36W and Mounting Brackets


  • IP67 waterproof and bright as well
  • Easy to install
  • Made of sturdy material for durability


  • You need extra wiring kit since the pack only includes light and brackets.


5.  HELLA 500 Series 005750512 Amber Driving Fog Lights

The HELLA 500 series Amber lamps can be easily installed on the front bumper or on a roof of the vehicle. They are robust and can withstand extreme situations. These lights feature compact black casing with a matte finish making it durable and safe. In terms of lighting, these fog lights offer lighting homogeneous with the help of a reflector Computer-optimized and provide excellent visibility and safety in poor driving conditions.

Features & Specs

Hella 500 Series lamps have always been a top-selling product. These driving lamps have everything to be Hella –brilliant performance, world-class quality, and off-road durability, all within affordable price. You will get an impact-resistant ABS housing, bonded tight lens, and an aluminium coated reflector. The Hella 500 Series driving lamps are suitable to use at home or for trucks, cars, SUV or any vehicle that needs high performing, rugged lighting. Their weight and easy one-stud mounting make the setup quick and straightforward so that you can spend more time driving. All of these combine to make the Hella 500 the obvious choice for anyone who need easy to install, rugged, high-performance driving lamp.

  • HELLA 500 lamps use glass lens bonded, high-impact ABS housings and aluminium coated reflectors for sturdy construction and durability over any terrain
  • The HELLA Series lamps’ driving beam is designed to work with the factory lamps to provide the best visibility.
  • Increase driver comfort and safety with less eye fatigue.
  • The pack includes 500 Amber halogen lamp 1, (1) 2V/55W bulb, and mounting instructions
  • One Year Warranty


  • The light features high-impact ABS housings and aluminium coated reflectors.
  • This light Increase driver’s comfort with less eye fatigue.
  • One Year Warranty.


  • Not that sturdy.


6.  Autosaver LED Headlight Fog Light for Trucks, ATVs and SUVs

AUTOSAVER LED pod light bar features upgraded brightness. It provides a brighter view for all vehicles in the night driving. This AutoSaver LED light is popular for its high quality and reasonable price. Its construction and compatibility make it suitable for all the vehicles. Always confirm the dimension, before you buy.

Product Features & Specs

The Alumina Alloy Shell makes it anti-corrosion, and as the light is IP 68 waterproof, it is perfect for all types of the weather. The Adjustable mounting Brackets makes it easier to adjust the direction of this light, and will not have to disassemble parts of the light bar to adjust the direction. Its waterproof rating is IP68, and it is also dustproof. No matter it’s rainy, stormy, or snowy, it will work efficiently. You can submerge the light in the water for two hours.

  • The 7″ round light has bright LEDs that produce 5100 lumens of white light.
  • IP68 waterproof & dustproof can withstand any environment.
  • Spot beam throws light to add punch extreme distance through the dark.
  • Full aluminium housing, heat sink fins with saw tooth dual radiation area for faster cooling rate.
  • This light pod is excellent for off-road driving lights or fog lights on your truck, ATV, motorcycle, or UTV and marine lighting, industrial lighting, and tractor lighting.


  • IP68 waterproof & dustproof light.
  • This light pod is excellent for off-road driving lights 
  •  LED produces 5100 lumens of white light.


  • The mounting hardware is not right.


7.  AutoFeel Truck LED Fog Lights

Autofeel 60W 6500K Led Light Bar is a versatile product that’s extensively applicable. You can use It on trucks, Jeep, Nissan, Mini, Volkswagen, and Ranger. If you want visibility in the water, then you can fit these lights on your boat. For the farmers who require light in the night or during foggy conditions, then this LED light can be a great choice, and you can also use it for Harvester.

Product Features & Specs

Buying a LED fog light for your vehicle means you have to purchase a product that can endure various conditions. This fog light is IP68 waterproof and also dustproof to allow you to drive in storms or heavy rain safely without any damage. It has excellent electrical conductivity. Moreover, it features extreme temperature and melting resistant to make sure it does not get faulty in extreme heat.

You can adjust this fog light to 0/15/30/90/180/240 degrees or angle you require. It features an adjustable light beam, and you change the directions easily and quickly. You will also enjoy a 1-year warranty.

  • Middle 170° flood light enclosed by dual row 30° spotlight,
  • Superior-quality 3030 Led Chips with light efficiency, 6500k bright light, providing 60W & 5500lm light up the entire forward dark road. 
  • 2835 flip-chip technology that delivers better heat dissipation, low thermal resistance. Painted, Die-cast aluminium casing and toughened optic lens, 
  • IP68, waterproof design for all-weather use. Dustproof, Rustproof, shockproof and quick cooling extended lifespan. Over 50,000 hours of life span


  • It’s a multipurpose light that you can use for vehicles and farm equipment
  • The light is Dustprppf and IP68 waterproof.


  • Some users claim that mounting the light bar is a little bit tough


8.  Auzkin Truck Off Road LED Fog Lights

These are submersible LED driving lights with waterproof technology. You will not worry about heavy rains or water, damaging your LED lights. In fact, these AUZKIN lights work underwater. They are tested for six hours in the water for five days. They feature a waterproof rating of IP68. These LED fog lights are super bright with 6000K cool white light. They emit 24000 lumens and 240 watts to illuminate the entire area for safe driving. Moreover, these submersible lights produce 97% light transmission to reduce any optical loss.

Product Features & Specs

The construction of these LED fog light features the die-cast aluminium casing. Thus, these lights can survive bumpy rides without getting damage. The Flood Beam design can enhance your overall vision. You can adjust these led bars up to 45 degrees, and you can also mount them anywhere you want. Middle 170° light bounded by dual row 30° light, this improved distribution structure offers you a broad view and further distance.

  • AUZKIN features unique waterproof and improved process. NO worry about the water problem. This Lightbar is tested for 6 hours for five days – they work great underwater! 
  • AUZKIN lights apply the 5050-SMD LED chips, emit 6000k bright white light, delivering 240w. Furthermore, it features a 97% light transmission which can reduce optical loss.
  • AUZKIN driving lights are made of a die-cast aluminium and shatterproof lenses. They are dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion properties, which can resist the harsh conditions of off-road driving. The service life is 50,000 hours
  • Easy installation. Universal mounting brackets, easy setup and openings with standard base mounts, suitable for all vehicles.


  • Great flood and spot beam combo
  • Sturdy aluminium cast construction
  • IP68 waterproof for underwater use


  • They don’t give a good range


9.  Samlight Waterproof LED Fog Work Light For Trucks

Are you searching for durable and super bright off-road lights? Then, the Samlight LED Off-road Lights are perfect for you. These LED lights use 25 watts LEDs chips, which make them brighter than regular bulbs. They can emit this bright light for more than 50,000 hours, mean you can use them for years. These SAMLIGHT LED lights also include universal bracket mounts, making them perfect for all type of vehicles.

Product Features & Specs

The casing of these LED off-roads lights is made from high-grade aluminium, which makes them corrosion and weather resistant. Furthermore, these LED lights feature a waterproof rating of IP67 to protect the lights from water and dust particles. They also feature excellent ventilation to avoid overheating. The lights are easy to install and adjustable to change the direction of the light. Lastly, you will get a 1-year warranty.

  • 5 inch 72W Yellow light bar allows multi-angle refraction, flood beam for better illumination, which makes the beam angle 180 degrees, will enable you to see the front more clearly at night.
  • Advanced quality 24pcs LED chips to provide 3000k bright light, 72Watts & 8640lm and 50,000 Hours Lifespan, turning the night into day.
  • Samlight 72W driving lights adopt 6306 Aviation aluminium shell, thermal conductivity, to resist harsh conditions, and the heat sink allows efficient heat dissipation.
  • 2 PCS light bar is equipped with mounting brackets, easy to fit, which makes the lights to be fog lights for Heavy Duty, SUV, ATV, UTV, Truck, Car, Boat etc.
  • Waterproof IP67 and 1-year Warranty 


  • 5 inch 72W Yellow light bar allows multi-angle refraction
  • 2 PCS light bar is equipped with mounting brackets, easy to fit
  • Waterproof IP67 and 1-year Warranty. 


  • The seal is not perfect.


10.  Nilight Spot LED Fog Lights for Trucks

This Nilight 20inch 126W Combo LED light have passed through severe testing to confirm 30,000 hours of operating lifecycle under normal use. You can easily mount these combo LED lights on Dozer, Road Roller, Crane, Tractor, Trailer, Forklift, Excavator, Harvester, Mower, Snowplow, Grain Drill, Fire engine, Rescue Vehicle. The LED light is highly waterproof and is also anti-corrosive and dustproof. You can use the super bright light in the middle of the road and on the sides with excellent visual effect.

You can also use this Combo LED light on freighter, boat, yacht, and ship to improve the lighting and brightness of voyage. This bright LED fog light make you see the sides clearly, ensuring safety at night.

Product Features & Specs

High-class LED chips produce bright white light. Its perfect combination of spot beams and flood offers long-distance coverage and broad illumination, illuminate the darkness. Its aluminium profile heat sink gives an excellent cooling system.

The Led is well sealed by a waterproof rubber and silicone sealing strips, and fastener screws enhance the effects of waterproofing.

The Nilight 126W Led lights are widely applied to 4×4, ATV, UTV, Jeeps, SUV, Truck, Cars, Camper, Road Buggy, Sand Rail, Pick-up, Van, Trains, Bus, Tanks, etc.

  • High intensity LED chips and PC lens, super white light disperses darkness, confirming the safety of the trip.
  • 126w combination of spot and flood beam for wide and long-distance illumination
  • You can adjust the light bar to 45 degrees, which makes altering the direction of light beam easy.
  • Unique designed aluminium alloy cooling fins and lifespan of over 30, 000 hours


  • High intensity LED chips and PC lens
  • 126w combination of spot and flood beam
  • You can adjust the light bar to 45 degrees


  • Bad mount design


11.  Autosaver Offroad LED Fog Driving Lights for Truck

These Autosaver LED lights to feature high-quality LED chips which emit highly bright rays to make the road bright and clear for you, especially during the night driving. The design of this light is balanced between the area and the distance of the light beam. With these LED fog lights, you can see the road perfectly ahead and below the wheels for secure driving.

Product Features & Specs

Harsh conditions are not a problem for these fog lights as they have IP68 waterproof standards, and are also dustproof. No matter how tough conditions you will be facing, you will still enjoy a clear view of the road ahead without worrying about the LED lights getting damaged. A spot beam lets you focus on giving light in the darkness. An aluminium casing allows for heat sinking, which keeps these LED lights cool.

  • All aluminium housing and mesh protects the lights.
  • Each LED light contains a 3W LED chip with 5D fisheyes lenses.
  • Completely waterproof IP68
  • With a specially designed aluminium alloy cooling housing, these ED last longer.
  • Pack Includes 48W military standard LED bars 2 pieces with mounting brackets.


  • High-quality LED chips
  • IP68 standard
  • Dust and waterproof
  • Spot Beam
  • Super bright


  • The mounts are not good and will rust.


12.  Zmoon Yellow LED Fog Driving Lights

These Zmoon yellow LED fog lights are 15°spot and 170°flood beams, which provide you long and wide vision. These Zmoon truck fog lights have high transmittance rate, and it is a wise choice for safe driving. This led light bar includes ten cooling fins, more than other lights, the improved cooling surface allows for a lifespan of over 50000 hours. Adjustable bracket lets you change the direction of beam easily, and you can fix these sturdy mounting brackets anywhere in your vehicle.

Product Features & Specs

Zmoon led fog light is designed with 9-30V and is suitable for all trucks, 4×4, ATV, UTV, Vans, Camper, Road Buggy, etc. You can also use this light bar for household illumination such as Backyard, Garage, Garden, and Indoor Lighting. The light is sealed, which makes it dustproof waterproof and quakeproof. The aluminium housing protects against environments and protects it from storm, rain, wind and sand during off-road journeys.

These bright LED lights can work efficiently in temperatures from -40 to 85 degrees. Best to use in a Lawnmower, Snowplow, Bulldozer, Excavator, Harvester, Rescue vehicle Camping and any other outdoor lighting even in extreme weathers, so that you can enjoy working outdoors safely with these light bar.

  • LED fog light bar is equipped with 3 watts LED lamps 24 pieces, provide 15° spotlight and 170° floodlight. With yellow PC lens, allowing you to get the front clearly and safe driving in foggy conditions.
  • Die-cast aluminium housing and cooling fins which dissipate heat faster and extends lifespan 50,000 hours. These led lights are IP67 waterproof, quake-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion.
  • 2 PCS light bars with adjustable mounting brackets, simple to install and makes the lights fit for different types of SUV, ATV, Off-Road, Jeep, Heavy Duty, UTV, Truck, Car, Boat etc.
  • Pack contains 5” Zmoon 144w 2pcs yellow fog light, adjustable mounting brackets of stainless steel, screw sets and manual.


  • With yellow PC lens, allowing you to get the front clearly and safe driving in foggy conditions.
  • Die-cast aluminium housing and cooling fins which dissipate heat faster.
  • 2 PCS of yellow LED light bars and flexible mounting brackets make installation a breeze.


  • There is no wire harness included.


Truck Fog Lights Buying Guide

Things To Consider Before Buying Truck Bed Lights

When shopping for the truck fog lights, you will find different terms outlining the features of various lighting units. You should know what these terms mean to assist you in buying the right truck fog lights. Here are some essential factors/terms you should keep into consideration when purchasing the best fog lights for your truck.

  • Longevity

LED fog lights are normally rated in terms of how long they can work and the range differs by tens of thousands of hours. You should go for the lights that can work for a while, and offers 50,000 hours of good lighting.

  • Wattage

The efficiency of the fog light is something that you should consider when it comes to new fog lights. Low wattage lights utilize less power, but are less intense, depending on what type of light it is. 

  • Lumens and Output

The voltage and lumens of the lights reflect how bright the lights will be. LED lights are rated by the lumens, while some lights use volts. The brightness for a good bright fog light is between 1,500 and 2,000 Lumens.

Your selection about the brightness depends on how much you can pay for a bright light because brighter bulbs are expensive as compared to others.

  • Fit and Finish

Some fog lights that you are purchasing will be the replacements of standard, integral fog-lights, while others are mountable, and additions to your truck. So you should know what you’re getting and ensure that your truck has the electronics system and space to support a new set of fog lights.

  • Warranty

In simple words, a warranty is a peace of mind. So always go for the lights that have multi-year warranties, so you can rest assured that the makers stand behind its products and will support you if anything goes wrong.


Truck Fog Lights FAQs

Do fog lights blind other drivers? 

Yes – when fog lights are not used properly, then drivers can get dazzled by the brightness of fog lights. But, if the lights are installed correctly, they will not blind others. 

When should we use fog lights? 

You must use these lights when the conditions are severely reduced. The Highway Code states that you can use the fog light only if you are unable to see 100 meters or more. 

Are fog lights legal? 

The answer to this depends on where you live. So check your local laws to get the appropriate and correct answer to this question. But one thing is for sure the lights are illegal if they are not installed correctly or are too bright.  

What is the best colour for fog lights? 

For many, the yellow fog light is the best as it offers better performance in fog, snow, and rain as these lights have a longer wavelength than typical white fog lights. Many drivers like blue light instead of white or yellow and we can say that it depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Can we use the fog lights on a bike? 

Fog lights can be fixed on many vehicles, like the bike, boats, golf carts, and lawnmowers etc. Remember to go through the manufacturer’s advice before you purchase the fog lights.


Final Verdict

Investing in the best truck fog light will increase your vision or will enhance the appearance of your truck, that is why highly recommended. There are a wide variety of bulbs available to suit a range of budgets. However, we advise that you should check the warranty of the product. This will offer an excellent hint to the quality and will not leave you dissatisfied if they breakdown earlier than estimated.

Lastly, the final decision is yours to make because only you know what exactly you want, which type of light will suit your truck, as well as what you can pay for.

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