Best Rated Truck Gun Safe – Top 12 Reviews

Do you want to protect your weapon when you leave it in your truck? I guess so. There are places where by law to have to keep your weapon locked in a safe whether the weapon is at home or you are carrying it.

There are many types of gun safes for trucks which you can attach or mount on the interior of your truck. It depends on how frequently you travel with your weapon and which way you prefer.

You should buy a sturdy gun safe for your truck so that it protects the contents if you hit a bump or have an accident when driving. You need to apply gun safety when storing the weapon as you don’t want it going off accidentally inside the safe.

This list is compiled of best truck gun safe. Here below are the individual reviews of the best gun safe for trucks manufactured by a range of companies, different price brackets, and alternatives. We are sure you will come up with a decision that fits your vehicle.

Reviews of the Best Rated Truck Gun Safe

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Best Rated Truck Gun Safe – Top 12 Reviews and Recommendations


1.  Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery

You can fit this Vaultek VT20i under your car seat, and it meets TSA airline firearm guidelines. It is portable, or you can anchor it by using mounting hardware and the 4-foot long steel cable. It features anti-pry bars and a high-resolution biometric scanner which can easily store 20 different users data. You can access it remotely from your cellphone. It also features an LED that allows you to see inside, especially when in the dark. The Vaultek VT20i is backlit and contains rechargeable batteries.

Product Features & Specs

The rugged and tough nature of this gun safe makes it stand out. The model features a 16-gauge carbon steel design. The carbon steel is stronger than conventional steel so that you get improved durability. The powder coat finishing prevents corrosion which also enhances its durability.

This safe gives you fast and quick access to the safe when it comes to opening. The auto-open door makes it quick and easy to access a gun and other valuables in the safe. 

If the battery gets drained, you can always charge it again. The battery can last for four months (approx.) after a full charge.

  • This gun safe has anti-pry bars; interior mounted hinges, two-point anti-impact latches, and NEW security brackets for the prevention against theft and break-ins. 
  • Heavy-duty 16-gauge steel carbon construction with a durable powder-coating finish prevents rust and ensures extended-lasting safety of your stuff for many years.
  • Quick Access to your documents, and firearm(s) from the auto door by using the fire backlit keypad or biometrics.
  • An interactive experience from your cellphone. You can toggle on/off using the hotkeys if needed and still maintain all other functions. 
  • A Lithium-Ion battery gives power up to 4 months, and the full charge takes 2.5 hours with the micro-USB charging kit.
  • Responsive Led in dim light situations so you can find your gun safe with the backlit keypad and can view your contents with an interior LED light.


  • Anti-pry bars, interior mounted hinges
  • 16-gauge carbon steel construction
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner.
  • Cellphone interaction
  • The battery lasts four months, charges in 2.5 hours


  • It’s a little bulky as compared to others


2.  GunVault MiniVault Quick Access Compact Gun Safe with Illuminated No-Eyes Digital Keypad

The new MiniVault gun vault provides access to a firearm 20% faster than others, thanks to a groundbreaking auto slide drawer. Upon inputting the correct code, the door opens while the foam-padded slide-out drawer provides smooth access to a weapon. The gun safe is also useful in low-light conditions. A red LED brightens the interior of the GunVault MiniVault for confidence when you want it most. 

Product Features & Specs

The GunVault MiniVault features the leading illuminated No-Eyes keypad for quick access, even in the dim or night. The Security features include high gauge steel construction, the manual key with dimpled design and tamper-proof concealed hinge for enhanced resistance which provides superior protection for your valuables and weapons.

  • Groundbreaking faster auto slide drawer (20 per cent) allows rapid access to weapons once the Vault is unlocked.
  • The safe allows you to unlock the safe rapidly even in the night via ergonomic push illuminated buttons; Backup keys are also included that features a simple design.
  • A red LED provides confidence in dark conditions by enlightening the safe’s contents.
  • California DOJ Approved; Heavy-duty steel construction; Necessary hardware included; low battery warning, tamper detection, audio tones and a five-year warranty.
  • Safe Dimensions (W x D x H): External: 8.3 x 12 x 5.48 and Internal: 6.57 x 9.94 x 2.27 inches; Weight 9.75 Lbs.


  • MiniVault gun vault provides access to a firearm 20% faster than others.
  • The safe includes ergonomic push illuminated buttons.
  • California DOJ Approved.


  • Nothing here


3.  Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery

The Vaultek Series VE10 is for perfect you if you need a compact and secure gun safe. Like other Vaultek gun safes, it also includes high-quality features and components. This Vaultek VE10 possess 18 gauge steel construction for ultimate durability. Additionally, the device also features anti-pry bars.

Product Features & Specs

The VE10 gun safe has a LED in its interior so you can see the inside easily even in the dark. The device also features a responsive keypad so you can quickly enter the pin and access the gun safe easily and rapidly. 

The safe includes a lithium-ion battery which can work for about four months on a full charge and recharge the battery you can use included USB cable. The safe is light and compact to carry. 

  • Slim Design is perfect for small nooks. Easily Portable to carry in the office, car or backpacks and luggage”.
  • Easy and quick access to your documents and valuables from the auto-open lid. 
  • Lightweight 18-gauge carbon steel structure features Vaultek’s UNIBODY DESIGN signature for durability and strength.
  • Led Light in dim light conditions so you can find your gun safe with the backlit keypad and access your safe contents.
  • Lithium-Ion battery offers power for up to 4 months and full charges in only 2.5 hours with the micro-USB cable through any USB port.


  • Micro USB battery charger charges fast
  • Slim design and portable.


  • Interior space could have been bigger


4.  Tuffy 321-01 Insert for 2010-Current Ram Trucks W/Flow-Thru Console

This Tuffy 16 gauge steel Thru console insert offers security, style, and convenience. Whereas maintaining the curves of the console, this Tuffy 321-01 console transforms your OEM console into a long-lasting lockable storage area by using Tuffys Pry-Guard system with ten tumbler bitted safety key to protect valuable things and belongings from thieves.

Product Features & Specs

Tuffy Security Products are considered as state of the art in gear safety and storage. These highly functional, secure, and customizable drawers are crafted from 16 gauge steel. 

The innovative design features an exclusive lid that keeps the lid open while reviewing documents and contents. The Tuffy insert maintains a stock look including full use of cover and armrest. The device also includes a durable powder-coated finish. The Tuffy insert console comes ready to mount. But little drilling work will be required for a safe and secure installation. The insert is not compatible to work with remote CD player.

  • Weatherproof design
  • Heavy-duty, space-saving, bottom mount roller bearing slides
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish


  • Robust and durable console
  • Weatherproof construction


  • Minor drilling required for installation
  • Not compatible with remote cd player.


5.  YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe – Quick Access With Fingerprint Scanner, Easy Access Key Lock And Auto-Open Lid

What makes this YUEMA Biometric gun Safe the best choice is the fingerprint scanning. There are biometric sensors that allow you to open this safe with just your fingerprints rapidly. These biometric sensor chip can recognize more than 25,600 different fingerprints. 

 You will also love the electronic lock of this safe as it is reliable and very easy to get into if you want to. With this unique electronic lock, we can guarantee that the gun safe will open quickly and easily when needed. There are also dual modes for the keypad, including a sound-on and mute mode.

Product Features & Specs

Another prominent feature that you will love of this YUEMA Biometric gun Safe is its overall construction and design. This safe is constructed with heavy-duty steel rolled plates. It is thick and ensures that your weapon and the safe itself are secured. You can put this safe on the nightstand or mount the safe onto the wall. If you want to travel with the YUEMA gun Safe, you can do that too easily. This safe offers you to store all kinds of stuff.

  • Advanced identification quick-release biometric gun safe which can collect 25600 fingerprints and can register up to 30 fingerprints. 
  • Easy access, this gun safe provides you with safe and quick access to your firearms: the electronic password mode and backup keys of the safe offer two quick entries.
  • Heavy duty & Scratch resistance solid steel material and foam-padded interior
  • Portable compact size & wall mounted fingerprint gun safes comes with all the tools needed for installation, and hardware for floor and wall mounting.
  • The makers offer a 5-year free replacement or money back on our safe!


  • This safe can collect 25600 fingerprints and can register up to 30 fingerprints.
  • This gun safe provides you with safe and quick access to your firearms


  • Very easy to get in. Fatal flaw design.


6.  Vaultek VT10i Lightweight Biometric Handgun Safe Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery

Introducing the VT10i biometric gun safe, the latest addition to Vaultek’s gun safes. It includes all the features of the VT20 and 20i in one pack. This compact device easily stores in luggage and backpacks for on the go storage. A 28% lighter weight makes this Vaultek VT10i a feature-rich compact gun safe. The safe also meets TSA firearm guidelines. 

The Vaultek VT10i handgun safe includes a long-lasting lithium-ion rechargeable battery for long use. The battery can operate for more than four months on a full charge.

Product Features & Specs

The device features security brackets and powerful anti-theft features that you will only find in Vaultek V10i for break-in prevention. The gun safe also secures your valuables such as jewellery, cash, firearm, and other items. This Ultra-lightweight gun safe is excellent for travelling to carry your valuables securely for on-the-go protection.

With this Vaultek V10i Bluetooth phone App, you can manage the gun safe data. The app also lets you review access history and also to unlock the safe remotely.

  • Portable design features a durable powder coated finishing to avoid corrosion. FITS a firearm, documents, and valuables.
  • Anti-Theft Protection features two point anti-impact latches, anti-pry bars, interior mounted hinges, and security brackets for prevention against break-ins. 
  • Fast Access to your documents, and a firearm from the automatic door. 
  • Smart Safe Technology is an interactive experience from your cellphone. 
  • A rechargeable battery provides four months, and fully charge in 2.5 hours with the micro-USB charging kit.
  • Responsive Led in dark situations so you can trace your gun safe with the keypad and view the gun safe contents with an interior LED light.


  • The gun safe is solidly built
  • The biometrics run smoothly
  • Comes with two manual keys


  • Biometric Scanner some time doesn’t work well.


7.  Tuffy 315-01 Insert for 09-14 F-150 W/Flow-Thru Console

Built with 16-gauge steel, this Tuffy console insert offers security without changing its appearance. The durable textured powder coating finishing maintains the OEM’s style appearance. This Tuffy Console secures your belongings with Tuffy’s Pry-Guard locking system that contains ten tumblers double bitted security key. Moreover, this console features USB and power outlets.

Product Features & Specs

Installation is simple and easy for all. It will 5 minutes to install this console. Furthermore, you will not have to drill to install this Thru Console into your truck. Tuffy offers a lifetime warranty for this console insert. The Tuffy Console Insert fits 2009 to 2014 Ford that have the flow-through consoles.

  • Weatherproof design
  • Heavy-duty, space-saving, bottom mount roller bearing slides
  • Durable Powder Coat Finish


  • Weatherproof construction
  • Powder-coated finish


  • Some people find it difficult to install


8.  RPNB Gun Security Safe, Quick-Access Firearm Safety Device with Biometric Fingerprint And RFID Lock

RPNB Gun Safe is built with 16-gauge heavy steel. It is, therefore, durable, and can withstand damages. This material prevents rust by keeping moisture at bay, thanks to the protective powder-coated steel. Thus, the RPNB Gun Safe will not scratch, chip, peel, corrode, or crack easily. 

The interior of the gun safe is covered with four pieces of foam, two at the top and two at the bottom. The padding avoids damages to any item stored in the Gun Safe. It also ensures that the contents remain undisturbed when you are travelling. 

Product Features & Specs

RPNB Gun Safe can offer satisfactory security for weapons and other items, like medicine, sensitive documents, passport and others. Even if you have kids at your home, you can still keep your weapon secure in this RPNB Gun Safe by locking the safe using the combination or key.

  • If you have children who are unaware of the potential danger of weapons, you must keep them securely. Placing them in this Gun Safe is a responsible way to secure your firearms.
  • With the unique new RFID key fob/card with access mode, manual keys. 
  • Instant Access to your documents, valuables, and firearms from the auto-opening door. 
  • Expertly crafted from sturdy steel construction, the RPNB gun safe will offer long-lasting strength and use for years to come. It also features a black finish for a durable, and professional appearance.
  • Featured on safes includes durable dual-layer steel housing, pry-resistant door, and seamlessly welded pry-proof steel body for the prevention against break-ins. 
  • Pre-drilled holes and hardware included for floor-mounting.
  • One year warranty!


  • The safe includes durable dual-layer steel housing and pry-resistant door.
  • Pre-drilled holes and hardware included for floor-mounting.
  • RFID key fob/card with access mode, manual keys.


  • Finger sensor is not good.


9.  SOLOMONE CAVALLI Portable Biometric Fingerprint Gun Pistol Safe

The main selling point of this Solomone Cavalli gun safe is its portability. The size is built to store a gun, and other small things such as cash, jewellery and the safe is slim enough to fit into a glove compartment of the vehicle. It comes with keys for opening manually in case the sensor fails. The finger scanner allows you to save up to 4 sets of prints.

Product Features & Specs

The gun safe and its software have passed rigorous testing. The safe features 1 mm thick, extremely robust, steel walls and a secure lock. A manual lock is also present as alternative access to the safe, in case you can’t unlock the safe with the fingerprints. This is done to prevent extreme force majeure scenarios. The sun safe comes with a high-quality security cable, so you can bind the safe with your vehicle or anywhere you require. The compact design allows it to be hidden and you can carry it anywhere with you because it’s very portable.

  • Perfect for storing a weapon, jewellery, cash and other stuff. 
  • The sensor can store 32 different fingerprints.
  • 2 Manual keys are included providing a reliable backup to prevail fingerprint sensor.
  • Portable & lightweight and safe. 
  • Dimensions of 7 3/4″x7 3/8″x1″ a single regular firearm.


  • Portable & lightweight and safe.
  • The sensor can store 32 different fingerprints
  • 2 Backup keys


  • The biometric system is unreliable


10.  Stack-On PC-1665 Portable Locking Case with Electronic Lock

The Stack on PC has been in the business for a long time. This means that the makers know the importance of gun safety.

The model is built with security in mind, and you can use this gun safe for various applications. You can use it in your vehicle to store a weapon, credit cards, wallet, cell phone, and other valuables.

For those who like to carry their firearm with them, then this gun safe is excellent to hold your weapon during trips and in transit. Furthermore, this model meets TSA firearm guidelines.

Product Features & Specs

The gun safe features a slim-line design that offers a compact nature. You can slip it in the briefcase, under the seat or even in your luggage. To make it more secure, you can use the included steel cable. You can lock an object to keep the object secure and safe to prevent it from stolen.

You can also secure your stuff with a 3-tumbler combination locking system. It might be an old method, but it still offers the best security.

  • Low battery warning system, all hardware is included two back-up keys, AAA Batteries Required, works excellent with Polaroid AAA batteries.
  • The electronic lock allows for a combination sequence 3–8 to be programmed – 
  • Includes two backup keys
  • Padded interior protects the stuff during transit
  • You can silent the audible tones
  • Meets TSA airline guidelines


  • Comes with all required hardware
  • Meets TSA airline guidelines
  • Includes two backup keys


  • Design error allows the safe to open with power.


11.  Winner International The Club LB400 Personal XL Vault Security Lock Box

Using The Personal Vault XL to keep your valuables is an excellent way to prevent theft no matter where you go. Lock up wallets, GPS devices, passports, cameras, jewellery, and more for a worry-free experience. It is large enough to fit most modern firearms. The vault has a useful slide-out drawer for smooth access, and as it uses manual keys, there’s no combination to remember.

The Personal Vault XL Security box is ideal to use in trucks where valuables would else be left in easy view for potential burgles. Take this vault along on trips or your daily travel to keep valuables secured and out of sight. It perfectly fits under your seat and fastens to the seat’s brackets with a steel cable. In the hotel room or your own home, the lockbox fits effortlessly on a closet shelf or in a drawer to keep your stuff safe.

Product Features & Specs

A robust steel cable attaches the security lockbox to your vehicle’s seat brackets or any other point so it cannot be detached from its location. A polyurethane layer on the steel cable prevents scuffs and scratches. A plug is included that you can use in place of the cable if you are storing the box at home where the threat of it being detached is minimal.

The Personal XL security lock box is built of robust steel to deliver the ultimate protection for your weapon and other stuff. Its sleek black exterior keeps it out of the picture by blending into the shady space under your vehicle seat or in an unlit closet.

The drawer slides out and works effortlessly with the pull of a handle for quick and easy access to valuables. 

A felt-layered, moulded insert entirely covers the drawer’s internal side. The insert offers a protective barrier between the locks’ steel walls and your stuff. A foam mesh pad is also incorporated to provide a cushion for delicate items.

  • Rapidly attaches to mounts in your vehicle
  • Fits under most truck seats for quick and easy access and locks with a steel cable (included)
  • Perfect for protecting weapon and valuables in a hotel, campsite, vehicle, RVs, offices, and more
  • Safely store firearms, wallets, phones, money, cameras, keys, and other valuables
  • Two keys included


  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Fits easily under the seat
  • Two backup keys
  • No drilling required


  • Not suitable for full framed size handguns


12.  Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock, Mounting Bracket and Cable in Black

Bulldog Cases Car Safe is an extremely affordable and excellent choice for those folks who are searching for a long-lasting car gun safe for their vehicles.

The great thing about this Bulldog car safe is that it comes with mounting brackets and a security cable. Its design in such a way, it is almost impossible to pry open the safe due to the joints and hinges built on the inner side of this car safe.

Even with its compact design, this gun safe will allow you to keep a standard 9mm pistol and still have some room left over for a magazine. Though, you’ll have issues storing a large weapon into this gun safe.

Product Features & Specs

This Bulldog gun safe includes the bracket which you can securely mount in an easy-to-access place or on a location where you can easily slide the case in and out of these brackets. In terms of security and reaction, this Bulldog gun safe is highly endorsed as it becomes quick and effortless to unlock the safe by using a key lock instead of any combination lock.

One notable thing about this safe is that once you slide it into the brackets and lock, it stays secure inside of the brackets and you cannot remove it until the safe is unlocked with a key.

  • Bulldog Cases gun safe provides security which enhances the protection of your valuables inside.
  • This Gun Safe includes a 3-foot cable; your stuff can be secured without using any brackets with this 3-foot cable.
  • This is one of the best gun car safe which will fit efficiently, and you can access it smoothly.
  • Car safe can be accessed easily with a key.
  • Bulldog car gun safe has a Black Matte Powder Finish paint which makes it more elegant.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Mounting brackets with mounting hardware
  • Durable, soft and scratch-resistant interior
  • Deluxe key type lock


  • The safe features a compact design.
  • Lightweight construction (weighs only 3.6 lbs.).
  • You can use a key-lock mechanism for rapid access.


  • The steel construction is not the best.
  • The metal is light and can bend if preyed with a screwdriver.


The Ultimate Truck Gun Safe Buying Guide

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Truck Gun Safe

Finding exactly what you need in a truck gun safe is critical to selecting the best one for you. Here are a few features that you need to look at when deciding upon which safe you will be buying for your gun safety.


As your vehicle gun safe is going to be concealed under a seat or in a glove box of your vehicle, there are chances that it may get rust or erosion.

You must buy a gun safe that is robust and would last long. A gun safe made of treated steel is a good option.


You need to realize what type of weapon safe you need for your firearm. If you have a handgun, you don’t have to buy a vast safe. Then again if you have a bigger gun, you need a bigger safe. 

Proper Locking Mechanism

There are many locking systems available such as mechanical push catches system, mechanical dial, thumbprint checking, and electronic code.

You may choose the type of locking system that suits you. Most people like mechanical locks as they are less demanding.

Mounting Of the Gun Safe

There are two options to fit your gun safe; cable-mounted and bolted.


The cable-mounted safe is easy to install and is removable as compared to the bolted option. The cable-mounted safe offers you more choices with regards to the mounting of your safe.

Bolted Safe

It is a more secure option compared to the cable-mounted safe. A bolted safe will reduce the chances of your safe being stolen and pried. Though, the downside of this gun safe is that there are limited spots where the gun safe can be mounted.

Strength & Structural Integrity

The next crucial thing to look for is the strength and structure of the gun safe. If you select a low-end safe, the chances are that it’ll crack open after several attempts.

So, we recommend going for a safe that is made of thick steel, preferably like 16GA or high. Consider a safe with a design that is impossible to break or at least hard to break.


Truck Gun Safe FAQs

Difference between a console vault car gun safe?

A console vault is specially designed for your vehicle’s make and model to fit inside the console. 

A car gun safe is generally a notebook-shaped box that can fit underneath the seat of your car. Some safes are stored in the trunk and bolted down.

Will moving companies move guns?

Comply with all local and federal laws for transporting weapons and ammo. Movers are allowed to carry guns but not ammo in a moving vehicle. Though, companies do have all rights to set the policies that they won’t transport weapons.

What car will the safe be in?

The size and space of your truck, car or van can make some difference when you buy the gun safe. Some vehicles allow space for a safe to be mounted in the console, some have space in the trunk, and some are fitted under the seat.

Should you bolt down a safe?

The answer is– YES, you should! Whether it’s a gun safe, jewellery safe, home safe, or any other safe, bolting it will give you more security.


Final Verdict

Purchasing the best gun safe for your truck is as important as purchasing the right weapon. The best truck gun safe comes in various shapes and sizes, and the perfect fit depends on your choice, the space available in the truck and your budget. We would suggest keeping your needs in mind instead of senselessly buying the best-selling product. This way, you can get the best gun safe without burning a hole in your pocket. Good luck!

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