Best Rated Truck Kayak Racks – Top 11 Reviews

Kayak racks are a necessity for paddlers. Why? Because most trucks don’t have a room for a kayak which is 10+ feet long.

If you are going to purchase the best kit for water, it makes sense to acquire the best rack for transporting it. A kayak is expensive and valued. So, you probably don’t want to put your boat in the bed of your truck and hope that it will stay in place. Luckily, makers have come up with a solution for every type of truck or vehicles – so, no matter what is the depth or type of bed area, you will always find a rack that works. Many people think that the only option is to strap the kayak to the vehicle’s roof, but you don’t want to harm your truck roof or your kayak either. Instead, you should search for some of the best truck kayak racks available in the market.

The selection of the truck kayak rack is tricky. There are wide varieties of sizes and shapes to choose from. Here are some of the best solutions for carrying a kayak on your truck – with all the vital information which will assist you in making the right choice.

Reviews of the Best Truck Kayak Racks

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Best Rated Truck Kayak Racks – Top 11 Reviews and Recommendations


1.  TMS 2 Pairs J-Bar Top Mount Rack For Trucks And Cars For Carrying Kayaks, Small Boats, Canoe and Surf Ski (Lifetime Warranty)


This J-style kayak carrier by TMS is a perfect kayak carrying solution. This TMS HD kayak carrier is a trendy and well-made model. Robust and simple to fix, the TMS rack holds a range of kayaks and boat sizes, and, the best of all, it is very much affordable. If you own a large boat, such as a touring kayak, this J-bar HD rack is for you. 

Product Features & Specs

The kayak rack features sturdy steel construction and offers ultimate durability. This J-bar rack can carry kayaks up to 36 inches wide and 75 lbs. It possesses adjustable pads on the arms to protect your kayaks and boats from damages during transportation. And you can mount this rack virtually on any crossbar. The TMS kayak rack will require some assembly and all the required hardware is included in the pack. 

  • A simple solution to carry your boat 
  • This Carrier mounts virtually on any load bars. This Carrier secures the kayak from the sides, by consuming less space on the bar. You can fit four sets of racks on the full-size truck. 
  • Steel design with padding for strength and protection. The J bar offers hassle-free loading and unloading. All surface features rust-resistant coating for long life. Includes all required hardware. 
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Always verify size before purchase.


  •  Steel design with adjustable padding
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy to use


  • Customer support is not responsive


2.  AA Products Model X35 Truck Rack with 8 Non-Drilling C-Clamps and 2 Sets Kayak J-Racks with Ratchet Lashing Straps

The AA-Racks X35 truck rack is effortless to install as no drilling work is needed to install this rack. Just clamp it right onto the bed rails. AA-Racks Model rack X35 is suitable for two kayaks. This AA-X35 kayak rack contains some incredible features that will surely meet your desires. These include the durable load-bearing test, an adjustable width, and the five drilling holes on the upright plate.

Product Features & Specs

One of the prominent features of this AA X35 truck kayak rack is its adjustable width which you can adjust between 51 to 71 inches. This makes you comfortable if the width is larger than 51 inches.

This truck kayak rack also passes the load-bearing test and can hold a weight of 800 pounds. Thanks to its robust steel design and construction. 

This kayak carrier has five drilling holes, two in the bed-rail and three for outer bed-rail. These drilled holes will make the installation effortless and straightforward.

  • AA X35 Rack Non-Drilling includes 8 C-Clamps 
  • Rapid setup and removal when not in use
  • Heavy Duty bolts for extra security
  • Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps hold tight on your Canoe, kayak, 16 Ft long (4 Pack), easy and safe for your transport 2200 Lbs Tested, 
  • 2 Pair of J-Racks racks 4 for two kayaks.


  • The model has an adjustable width
  • The rack features robust steel construction
  • Anti-rust product


  • The instructions are unclear 


3.  Yakima – Jay Low Rooftop Mounted Kayak Rack for Vehicles, Carries Up to 2 Kayaks


This Yakima Jay Low is highly recommended kayak rack that delivers beyond the expectations. The rack is designed to transport two kayaks.

The rack is also suitable to carry a single canoe, which makes it a perfect choice. With a weight capacity of 110 lbs for two kayaks and 80 pounds for a single boat, you will surely have a great purchase to carry your kayaks. The installing and removing process of this kayak rack is simple and hassle-free. 

Product Features & Specs

One of the useful features reveals immediately when you buy this JayLow roof rack; it is fully assembled when you take it out of the pack. As with most racks, this Yakima JayLow is suitable to use with any type of crossbar. The manufacturers say that there should be a distance of 24 inches between the crossbars to use this kayak roof rack. This Yakima kayak rack performs double duty by providing the utility of a J style rack and multi-kayak storage capability of a stacker. 

  • The rack fits the first kayak in J- position (up to 80 lbs.) and 2 in vertical position 110 lbs.
  • Compatible with minimum crossbar spread of 24.”
  • Includes all required straps and hardware to secure your gear; 
  • The integrated lever lets you adjust the position; Rack also folds flat when it is not in use for reducing drag.


  • Easy to assemble in 10 minutes
  • Include all hardware and straps.
  • Adjustable kayak rack


  • The rack is very flimsy and not sturdy.


4.  TMS J-Bar Top Mounted Rack HD For Kayaks and Boats


TMS has to offer a truck kayak that is reasonably priced and offers the perfect choice for those who need a single rack for a kayak that cannot be carried on a regular kayak rack. 

The company promotes it as a rack that you can use not only for the kayaks, but also other things like ladders mattresses, or pool equipment. This TMS rack consists of 2 heavy-duty steel racks. Both are adjustable so that you can set according to your requirements. The width is adjustable up to 7 feet. The frame offers a weight capacity of 800 lbs.

Product Features & Specs

Although the rack is simple to install, it will need minor drilling. If you wish for a rack that doesn’t require any drilling, then this is not the right choice for you. However, remember that nuts and bolts provide extra security to the rack. 2 nuts and bolts are included in the pack so that you can do the installation work on your own. The package also consists of 8 screws and bolts. The base of this TMS rack features heavy-duty steel construction, which makes it a little heavy, but durable than other racks. 

  • Steel design with padding for strength and protection
  • J bar design offers simple loading and unloading
  • Included hardware provides fast installation and removal
  • The rack can carry kayaks up to 36inch wide. 


  •  Durable steel design
  • Easy mounting and installation
  • Hardware included


  • Some people find it too short to hold a kayak safely.


5.  OxGord J Hooks Bar Mount Kayak Roof Rack for Trucks, SUVs and Cars


If you’re searching for a lightweight J-Bar kayak rack which can also carry heavyweight, you must consider this OxGord kayak roof rack. The construction of this truck kayak rack features water-resistant steel. As a result, it becomes easier to use and offers a long service period. Moreover, the installation process will not be complicated, as well. With larger straps, you can secure the Kayaks quickly. All in all, it is an excellent option.

Product Features & Specs

The OxGord Kayak Carrier makes transporting of your canoe, kayaks, or snowboard a breeze. Install this kayak carrier onto your SUV, truck, car, or van. Slide the J-Bar frames onto the rack and secure with the included hardware. Additional straps and bow stern straps keep your boat secure while also protect your truck. This kayak rack is reliable, durable, and safe, so feel free to transport your boats and kayak to lakes, rivers, campgrounds, and even the ocean. The kayak roof racks include two J-bar cradles padded, carrier straps, bow stern straps, and tightening knobs.

  • This kayak carrier fits automobiles that feature a roof rack. Best for carrying your canoes, surfboard, kayaks, paddleboard, and all similar aquatic vehicles 
  • The rack is constructed from steel to hold heavy boats – It is also water-resistant and will prevent rust and will endure against snow, rain, and other elements – It’s lightweight which makes installation and removal a breeze.
  • Dual mounts safely hold one kayak – tightening knobs, carrier straps, and bow-stern straps to mount to your truck roof rack – All hardware comes with the pack.
  • One year limited warranty.


  • Straps included
  • Easy to load and unload the Kayak
  • Lightweight design
  • Water-resistant construction


  • Not a universal product.
  • Screws get loose frequently.


6.  AA-Racks J-Bar Rack Roof Top Mount with 16 Ft Ratchet Lashing Straps For Your Canoe, SUP and Kayaks


This AA-Rack J-Bar rooftop can be installed on any crossbar. They are widely used to carry skis, canoes, snowboards, kayaks, paddleboards, and so on. The rack features heavy-duty steel construction and is also water-resistant, the arms have soft padding. The rack also includes a rubber base with straps to secure the kayaks firmly in place.

Product Features & Specs

You can fold this AA kayak roof rack for better fitting in your truck or your garage. The brackets of this rack are 15.5 inches high, 4 7/10 inches wide and 14-3/5 inches in length. It also includes one set of rust-resistant hardware, and this rack weighs 16 pounds. The rack features a weight capacity of 165lbs.

  • Each J-bar can be folded to fit it in garages without being removed.
  • The soft padding and the base cover are built with real rubber and foam.
  • Attach this kayak carrier rack to roof rack rails for secure kayak transportation.
  • Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps hold your Canoe, kayak, 2200 Lbs Tested, safe for your transport.


  •  Constructed of weather-resistant tubular steel.
  • Features reinforced cargo strap to safe your loads.


  • Bolts attract rust and corrosion.


7.  Rhino-Rack Folding J Style Kayak Carrier, Designed to Transport Kayaks or Canoes


This Rhino Folding J Style Kayak Rack is designed with a universal mount feature, so it is compatible with most types of crossbars. This folding rack mounts to the crossbars and lets you to transport your kayak or boat on its side, offering you more space on your roof for any other gear. This Rhino includes four tie-down straps to secure your kayak.

Product Features & Specs

 This Rhino kayak carrier also includes built-in paddle cradles, so you can securely place your paddles on the truck roof as well. These are made of heavy-duty steel, with soft rubber padding to protect your kayak.

 Another excellent feature of this kayak rack is that it permits you to fold it flat onto your roof when it is not in use. You also have the option of buying an attachment to adjust the cradles so you can carry two kayaks on one carrier system.

  • Universal system to suit all types of the crossbar.
  • Four tie-down straps 
  • Product is completely assembled.
  • Steel tube construction with state of the art protection.
  • Rubber padding protection.


  • Steel tube construction.
  • It comes totally assembled.
  • Universal system to support all crossbar types.


  • The rack does not feature any lock to hold the kayak.


8.  AA Products 2 Pair Double Folding J-Bar Roof Top Mount Rack for Kayaks, Paddleboards, Surfboards and Canoes Boat


You will not have to remove these kayak racks from your vehicle after the installation. Just fold these down and place them quietly in your garage. Plus, with their soft padded sides, you can easily slide the kayaks on your roof without any scratch. These kayak racks are also resistant to water and the sun. Also, this truck kayak racks feature the capacity of up to 150 pounds. Additionally, 16-foot tie-down straps and all necessary hardware is included in the pack.

Product Features & Specs

With its heavy-duty steel design, you can rest assured that this AA J-bar kayak rack can carry the Kayak without any difficulty. The entire surface of this rack is coated with rust-resistant elements. This ensures that even in heavy rains, you can use these AA J-bar racks without any difficulty at all. Finally, this AA Folding J-bar kayak rack is an excellent option.

  • This J-bar truck rack folds down to fit in garages
  • The soft foam padding is made of real foam. They are sun and water-resistant, and Anti-Slip,
  • Attach this to roof rack rails for smooth kayak transportation.
  • Heavy-Duty Straps grips your Canoe, kayak, 2200 Lbs 16 Ft long (4 Pack), safe for transport.


  • The rack features a folding J-bar design.
  • Water and sun resistant
  • Durable construction


  • Some users find these racks flimsy.


9.  AA Products Model APX25 Truck Aluminum Rack with 8 Non-Drilling C-Clamps and Steel Jetty Saddle Kayak Racks with Ratchet Lashing Straps

This AA APX25 Aluminum Truck Rack is well-built kayak and saddle rack that you can easily mount on your truck. It operates smoothly is installed correctly. It will not take more than 30 minutes to get this kayak rack installed on your truck. It will not shake or wobble and will remain secure and firm in its place no matter how you are driving. The most impressive thing about this AA APX25 Truck Rack is that you will not have to perform any drilling work to install this rack.

Product Features & Specs

Four bolts included in the package protects the pads. These saddles are made from high grade and durable nylon plastic towers that also adds to its strength and stability. These bolts are sturdy and long . AA APX25 Truck kayak rack can easily transport a 16 Ft longboat or kayak, and you can load your kayak from any side of the truck.

  • No Drilling required for this truck rack. It comes with Clamps 8 C- 
  • Easy installation and takedown when you are not using it.
  • Heavy Duty bolts for extra security
  • Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps secure your Canoe, kayak, 2200 Lbs safe for your kayak. 
  • Ratchet Canoe and kayak Tie Down Straps Adjustable Hanger 
  • Four-point saddle system, which Holds your kayak firmly, acquire less space on the load bar. 


  • Easy Installation
  • Heavy Duty bolts for extra security 
  • No Drilling Required for installation


  • Not Compatible with Trucks with Utility Track Systems


10.  Leader Accessories Top Mount J Bar Rack for Kayak, Surfboard, SUP and Canoe


Yet another economical truck kayak rack is brought to you by Leader Accessories. It is made of high-grade materials, and it is simple to install. This is a double rack that includes four pieces. It features the heavy-duty steel construction and possesses a powder-coated surface. Due to the coating, it is prone to rust and corrosion. This J-bar rack makes it easier to carry boat kayaks or items that are 8 feet long and weigh 250 pounds. This leader accessories kayak rack comes with foam padding that reduces the rubbing and scratches. If you are looking for a kayak rack model that offers lock, then this is a perfect option.

Product Features & Specs

This J-bar kayak rack is suitable with many crossbars, but to be sure that it fits correctly, always check the maker’s list. Due to the shape of this rack, the kayak doesn’t move during the driving on the road. The assembling process is easy, as the pack includes all the accessories that you will need. The instruction card is also included in the box, and the design of this truck kayak rack is also very intuitive. 

  • 4PCS Rack to save cargo and keep your boat safe during the drive on the way.
  • Steel design with coating makes this kayak rack robust, and it will not rust. Properly Lock your kayak, 8 Ft long, safe for your transport.
  • Extra padded design to reduce any scratches 
  • Easy to set up, use this roof rack to carry Canoe, Suif board, Kayak, Skiboard, Snow Board and SUP
  • 1year warranty


  • Steel design with powder coating to prevent corrosion.
  • Extra foam padding design.
  • 1year warranty


  • Straps are not durable


11.  IKURAM Roof Carrier Rack of J-Style for Kayaks, Canoe, SUP, Surfboard and Ski Board


Whether you’re planning your first kayak venture or just transporting your kayak to your home or anywhere, you’ll need a safe kayak rack to carry your kayak.

This IKURAM product features aviation aluminium alloy material to make one of the best truck kayak racks on the market, and the J-style design is perfect for carrying your kayak and other items efficiently and safely. 

Product Features & Specs

This IKURAM kayak rack is straightforward to install and will make hauling of your kayaks so much tranquil. This kayak rack is sturdy and safe, which are two crucial requirements when buying the kayak carrier. Just like the installation, loading and unloading of this kayak rack are also effortless. The TopGuard foam padding protects your kayak, boat, and when it’s not in use, you can fold it down for better storage.

  • Maximum safety for boats, kayaks and paddleboards due to the oversized, thick and padded upright, which stops the kayak from rubbing 
  • This J-Cradle can carry kayaks 42″ wide, and 72 kg/158 lbs, perfect for square, round, and the oval-shaped crossbars and this kit includes all the things that you will need to carry one kayak vertically and two 25×2800 mm heavy-duty straps with the strength of 750 lbs also included.
  • The rack is made from anodized Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloys, durable lightweight, and rust-resistant, that is also water-proof and anti-corrosion.
  • The rack comes with fold-down design, which you can quickly fold or raise when not using it and you can also lock the J-bars at different angles to suit various shapes of kayaks.
  • The rack can transport up to two kayaks due to the multiple design position and the padding, and acrylic fabric sleeves transform from a J-cradle to other configurations for maximum roof space. 


  • The rack can transport up to two kayaks due to the multiple design position
  • The rack comes with a fold-down design, which you can quickly fold or raise
  • The rack is made from anodized Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloys


  • Mounting brackets are not universal for some users


The Ultimate Truck Kayak Racks Buying Guide


Things To Consider Before Buying A Truck Kayak Racks

Buying a truck kayak rack can be boiled down to a few main things to consider. Here is a breakdown of them to assist you in making your purchase.

  • Your Vehicle

Not all kayak racks are universal, so you need to choose the right one for your truck. If it doesn’t fit correctly, there is a chance that your kayak will not get the required protection. Whether you have a car or a big 4×4 truck, there is a kayak rack for your vehicle. Check your truck’s handbook for the roof dimensions.

  • Number of Kayaks

How many kayaks you are going to transport around will have an impact on what sort of truck rack you buy. As for the products listed above, you can get a rack which will support up to four kayaks. Remember that loading too many kayaks onto a rack can be risky and dangerous to you and for the others.

  • Material 

The quality of materials used will identify how long the kayak rack will last long and how well it can protect your boat. Always look for durable materials like aluminium or steel. The racks should have soft padding included to ensure that kayak is not going to get damaged in carrying.

There are fabric racks, which guarantee stability and proper protection. Check the reputation and customer reviews to get more details on whether these can stand the test of time.

  • Bar Height 

A high bar can make loading and unloading of your kayak difficult, especially if you are not tall. However, if you buy the one which fits firmly to the roof, will make the task a little bit easier.

  • Additional Equipment

Check for any additional equipment required to fit the truck kayak rack. For instance, if you don’t have a crossbar system, you will need one which is suitable for the rack. And while some racks feature all the required components, and you don’t have to buy the parts separately. This point will undoubtedly play a role in your decision-making as you want to have everything to make the unit work.

  • Brand 

There are many truck kayak rack brands out there, so take your time to pick the right one as per your needs. But still, your decision will base on a number of kayaks you carry, your vehicle type, and budget. Check for their overall reputation in the market. Excellent customer services are essential traits for any brand.


Truck Kayak Racks FAQs

Why should you transport your kayak on top of your truck?

There are many reasons for this. The comfort it gives cannot be compared by using a kayak trailer. Second, it is economical. Last, you get to drive comfortably, without having to worry about anything behind you. 

Are kayak racks for trucks safe?

The answer is yes. There are a few factors that you should keep in mind when buying the right model for the truck. The design and size and are very significant. Generally, companies provide a list of compatible trucks and cars, so it is recommended to check that. 

Are kayak racks steady enough?

Steadiness is one of the main benefits that kayak racks provide, in comparison to the kayak trailers. The kayak racks come with robust straps that secure the boats or any other thing that you want to transport. If fixed correctly, they provide all the steadiness and stability you need. 

What is the best way to transport your kayak?

Transporting the kayak is not that difficult, but at the same time, it is not simple, either. You must be vigilant how you transport it and store it, as you might break or scratch it. Experts endorse that transporting a kayak by using roof racks is the safest method. 

Does transporting a kayak increase in fuel consumption?

It depends on the weight and size of the kayak you are transporting, and as well as the vehicle that you are transporting it on, it may increase the consumption of fuel. 


Final Verdict

Kayaking is exciting and allows you to live in an adventurous way out of a daily routine. It helps you to discover places that you cannot explore by foot. Though, to transport the kayak to the river or lake, you should have a secure transportation system available. Truck Kayak racks are becoming popular day by day due to the relaxation that they offer, the fact that they are hassle-free to install, as well as how economical they are for you.

If you are about to buy a truck kayak rack but not sure which model to go for, simply pick the one that is compatible with your truck, that offers excellent value for the money and that includes all the features that Best Truck Kayak Racks should have.

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