Best Truck Ladder Rack – Top 12 Reviews

Transporting anything on a truck can be difficult and challenging, especially if not strapped tightly. The answer is to strap the cargo you load into the truck as firmly as possible so that it can move with the same motion as the truck. That is simple, but what if the load you need to carry is longer than the vehicle? Like a ladder. Whereas strapping a ladder to the truck is good, eventually the straps may weaken, break, and may just not be too durable to allow the ladder to slide off the truck. This is where the truck ladder racks are handy.

The best truck ladder rack supports in transporting the long and heavy cargoes with ease. It almost doubles your capacity, enhances the truck’s efficiency, and adds protection to the load and the truck itself.

Reviews of the Best Truck Ladder Rack

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Best Rated Truck Ladder Rack – Top 12 Reviews and Recommendations

1.  AA-Racks Non-Drilling Truck Utility Ladder Rack

This AA-racks truck ladder rack includes everything required to install the ladder rack without drilling any holes. Set up and pull down; it is quick and simple to use. This AA truck ladder Rack is compatible with a variety of truck models.

The utility of such a ladder rack is unparalleled when it comes to trucks or other commercial vehicles. As these vehicles are designed to carry hefty loads or huge cargo, having a good quality truck ladder rack will help in numerous ways. This rack also features extendable bars. The rack is tested with a load capacity of 800 pounds.

Product Features & Specs

You can equip it with different models and sizes of truck beds without any issue. Also, the non-drilling mechanism removes the hassles of resorting to tools for the installation.

Along with that, the pack also contains a total of 8 black C clamps. It helps in the assembly of the rack on the truck bed. Finally, these clamps are built of aluminium and work great when pressure is applied. 

  • The tested load capacity of 800 lbs. It is coated with matte black
  • Non-Drilling Truck Rack with Black C-Clamps 
  • The top section includes Two “T” sleeve bars. The Double-barred part won’t bend, making it stronger than a single barred design
  • The design makes it compatible with various Truck-bed Width Min.51″ – Max.71″.


  • The extendable design makes it suitable for many Truck-bed
  • The tested load capacity of 800 lbs


  • You will need some drilling


2.  TracRac TracONE Universal Truck Rack- Silver

The TracRac truck rack features an 800-lbs capability if the weight is distributed and cargo is installed correctly. In fact, it is a single size rack that fits all trucks and models ideal for hauling heavy and long items that will not fit in the truck bed. It features rust-resistant aluminium construction and also comes with a dual powder coating that resists wear and tears while maintaining the finishing and quality of the truck.

Product Features & Specs

Another notable feature of this truck ladder rack is that it comes with easy-to-remove clamps, permitting you a damage-free installation. Every package of the TracRac rack comes with the rear and front aluminium racks, eight mounting clamps single axis, and with four adjustable loop crossbar tie-downs. Lastly, it is compatible with many accessories like Kayaks but does not include any locks.

  • 800 lbs capacity. Overall installed height- 26 inch
  • Rust-resistant construction of aluminium with powder coating to resist wear.
  • Damage-free installation mounting clamps-easy to remove.
  • The system includes aluminium racks, eight mounting clamps and four loops tie-downs
  • Compatible Kayak Accessories


  • Made of tough materials
  • Comes with a clamp system
  • Compatible with long and short truck beds


  • Might scratch very easily
  • No locks included in the pack


3.  AA-Racks 800Lbs Capacity Extendable Steel Pick-Up Truck Ladder Rack

The ladder rack from AA Products is made of durable and lightweight aluminium with sturdy C-clamps. You can extend this model, and it features a universal design that is compatible with most truck beds. However, it is not suitable with the utility track systems, and you cannot mount it in the beds with toolboxes. The AA product can support up to 800 pounds in the form of long, hew., ladders or lumber that require transportation to the construction sites. It can also accommodate boats and kayaks, providing ample room in the bed for adventure gears or camping.

Product Features & Specs

To install this AA extendable steel truck rack drilling is required on the bed rail. It features the extendable cross-bar on top which can be accustomed for different bed size. The adjustable-range offers an inner bed width of min. 51″ to the max. 71″, height around 30.5″ and clearance 28″ to the top crossbar. The mounting plate is a flat L-shaped with five holes. The pack includes all installation hardware, and you will get a total of eight bolts, nuts and washers with the hardware package.

  • The rack has a capacity of 800 lbs.
  • The rope hook on the sides offer safety for loads
  • It has five holes on the upright plate 
  • The top part has Two “T” bars. The Double-barred Middle won’t easily dent. 
  • The extendable design and compatible with Truck-beds 51″ – Max.71″ Width.


  • Eight hundred pounds tested load capacity.
  • The pack includes all required hardware
  • Extendable design


  • Can catch rust and corrosion


4.  AA-Racks Model APX25 Extendable Aluminum Pick-Up Truck Ladder Rack


If you don’t deal with production equipment, or you don’t need the ladder rack to carry heavy things like lumber, then this AA-Racks Model APX25 is best for you. Although it is made to carry 800 pounds, its mounting process decreases that capacity. This is because it doesn’t need drilling at all. The lack of bolts in this product is plus in the sense that there are no holes in your truck bed and you don’t have to leave the rack fixed on the truck always. However, these clamps are not as safe as nuts and bolts. If you want it firm than the regular clamps, ensure you have straight access to your truck bed.

The rack possesses durable, heavy-duty aluminium construction and is coated with weather-resistant paint. Both these materials will let you enjoy this rack for a long time.

Product Features & Specs

The APX25 weighs 40 pounds, and it measures 71.3 x 15 x 5.5. It features four poles in combination with four stops, which allow for safer transportation of heavy loads.

The installation is simple and does not need any drill. Instead, fasten the zipper to the rail of the truck bed. Once done, the shelf can support up to 800 pounds and has a fantastic capacity to carry or haul stairs, wood or questions of the same nature.

The truck ladder rack is made of aluminium and is quite lightweight and resistant to corrosion and rust. When buying, you will get eight universal mounting clamps.

  • Universal design to fit a variety of trucks. NOT COMPATIBLE with trucks that have Utility Track Systems.
  • Durable, heavy-duty aluminium construction 71″ wide x 28″ high
  • Great for transportation of lumber, pipe, and distributed utility loads up to 800 lbs
  • Universal mounting clamps, easy installation and no drilling (set of 8 clamps included)


  • Easy installation with universal mounting clamps 
  • Decent load capacity (800 lbs)
  • Robust and strong aluminium construction


  • Paintwork or Coating is not good.


5.  Apex ATR Universal Aluminum Heavy Duty Utility Rack


Aluminium ladder racks that can transport massive weight are good in our books. If you are looking for something much tougher, adjustable, lightweight, and can be installed without nuts or bolts, the Apex ATR- Heavy Duty Universal Rack might fit your requirements.

This truck ladder rack is made of high-quality aluminium that supports up to 800 pounds. In spite of this large capacity, the rack lightweight, 38 pounds. This makes the installation much more comfortable because a single person can lift each part easily.

Product Features & Specs

If you buy this ladder rack, your truck can stay the same means without any holes. That’s because the rack comes with easy no-drill clamps that you can fix in minutes. However, if you are going to transport anything above 600 pounds, you may need drilling. The clamps may not hold that weight, especially if you drive fast.

The Apex ATR rack features adjustable crossbar, and they shouldn’t cause issue regardless of the size of your vehicle – small, mid or full-size. They can be adjusted up to 66.5 inches wide. There are four ladder stops, two on each rack. They are also flexible and keep your cargo safe, especially on the move.

  • Universal rack adjusts to fit trucks up to 66-1/2″ wide
  • Sliding, the fully-adjustable structure creates an excellent fit for any truck
  • Quick and no-drill clamp-on installation
  • Includes four ladder stops
  • It features lightweight aluminium construction with an 800 lb. capacity


  • Fully-adjustable structure
  • Quick no-drill installation.
  • Lightweight aluminium construction with an 800 lb. capacity


  • It is raw aluminium with lots of sharp edges


6.  MaxxHaul 70233 Heavy Duty Ladder Rack


MaxxHaul 70233 Ladder Rack offers excellent security and welfare of load. If you are in a construction business constantly overloaded with heavy equipment, trying this rack is the solution. Besides, each of those in kayaks can purchase this item due to its strength and reliability.

Another major advantage of this ladder rack is its flexibility. Due to the unique design, MaxxHaul 70233 presents something that people call the design of smaller stature. Basically, it has a height of 7.5 inches without ladder plug and below 12 creeps with the ladder cap. The plug provides excellent adaptability and mobility when you are changing the frames. The frames are reliable and very easy to use and are powder coated which prevents corrosion and rust.

Product Features & Specs

The MaxxHaul 70233 ladder rack includes extendable arms that can support sports gear, ladders, and other items that are otherwise too large for many truck beds. This model includes mounting brackets that are bolted on the sides with extended stops on both ends. Adding more inches to transport sizeable cargo is possible, and you can extend each bar from 19 inches to 34 inches. These MaxxHaul ladder racks are made of robust steel with a powder coating finish, and you can install these in trucks beds with a depth of 17-1/4 inches.

  • Heavy-duty steel construction and perfect for lumber, piping, ladders, rebar, sports equipment and other materials
  • Arms adjust 19″ to 34.” 
  • Keeps the bed wide open for transportation of gear
  • Powder-coated for maximum durability
  • Bolts into your bed rail for better stability
  • You can install these on pickup trucks with the height of 17-1/4″ deep


  • Durable
  • Better design
  • Does not rust


  • Expensive than others


7.  AA-Racks Model X35-W 800 LB Capacity Extendable Pick-up Truck Rack


AA Products Inc. offer a variety of truck racks, and this X35-W design caters to kayak lovers who wish for a durable and affordable device for their vehicle. This rack is robust and is compatible with many truck beds. The ladder rack consists of heavy-duty hardware for mounting, C-clamps and 16 feet long ratchet straps. Drilling holes can be a hassle, and happily, this model allows you to fix and remove these four racks rapidly, without altering the truck bed.

Product Features & Specs

This AA ladder rack features a hook on the sides, so it can provide the security you wish for. The rack is powder-coated in black; thus, it is anti-rust and is durable than others. The aluminium C-clamps makes it more durable and lightweight. The crossbar of this rack is extendable, and you can adjust it for different bed widths, up to 71 inches. Thanks to its unique design, it offers 30.5 inches clearance and 26 inches to the crossbar, so the roof of the truck will remain protected at all times.

  • This is the grouping of the X35 and The Cab. 
  • Protective Screen is removable
  • High-grade steel for heavy-duty use
  • Universal design to fit full-size pickup trucks
  • This rack is powder-coated


  • It has a sturdy steel construction
  • Security for tying the loads
  • The rack is compatible with various truck bed
  • Its loading capacity is 800lbs


  • It isn’t compatible with utility track systems


8.  MaxxHaul Universal 70423 Aluminum Truck Rack


The MaxxHaul 70423 can transport up to 400 pounds of weight. However, do not get deceived by its weight capacity. It can be the lightest on this list, but it tops in terms of durability. This rack is 26 inches high for upright support. The crossbars are adjustable. They are on a flexible rack that extends 71 inches. This will fit most truck models. It is easy to mount this MaxxHaul product. You can pick how you want to install this rack. If you wish to drill, you can, or you can also fix it without drilling in the truck bed, due to the adjustable mounting brackets.

Product Features & Specs

Although the rack features aluminium construction, the inner structure of the crossbars is reinforced for structural strength. So, it will not bend or change when used within its capacity, and the load is placed on it evenly. This sturdy construction is the reason for its high weight than many aluminium ladder racks; it weighs 55 pounds.

On the side of the rack, there are adjustable bumpers. You can adjust these bumpers anywhere along the length of the bars to fit the width of cargo. They keep the load in place and prevent from sliding off the racks during transportation. Like any other ladder rack, you will have to tie down the cargo with bungee cords or any other material.

  • Horizontal and vertical posts made from durable aluminium material. Steel Base brackets for strength with powder coat finishing.
  • Reinforced Structure on inner Crossbar for Strength and Distribution of Load Capacity (400lbs)
  • Crossbar is 70″ Long to Fit Most Truck Beds
  • The rack also includes Cargo Bumpers (Adjustable) at the End of Crossbar to Prevent Load from Sliding during Transit.
  • Easily mounts onto a truck bed rail with drilling as an option (not required)


  • It can accommodate 400 lbs. of equally distributed weight
  • Powder-coated finishing
  • Adjustable cargo bumpers
  • No drilling needed


  • The vertical posts can be too long for people
  • Accessories not included


9.  AA-Racks Model X39 Full-size Truck Ladder Rack

The AA-Racks Model X39 Truck Ladder Rack comes in a complete bundle set with everything required for the installation, removing the need for drilling. It is available in 8 aluminium C- clamps for the installation, making it suitable for a wide range of models. The package includes one-piece handrail, which offers convenience when getting on the truck bed. You can extend the top crossbar to accommodate cargo of different sizes.

Product Features & Specs

The ladder rack features an upright plate with an L-shape base flat that includes five drilling holes for installation, and you only have to pick the two that perfectly fits your truck. All bolts and nuts are included in the hardware package for simple installation. The sidebars and over-cab bar are also adjustable, which makes it ideal for different trucks of different length and width. However, this ladder rack is not compatible with vehicles with Utility Track Systems.

  • Unique design Bracket Bars are built to strengthen the basic truck rack style. Each of the Bars is connected with 6 / 4 Grade 8 Bolts; adding TEN Carriage Bolts on each upright poles.
  • The package includes two of the One-Piece Handrail, which offers the “Grab and Hop” convenience of getting on the bed.
  • It has the extendable top cross-bar, which is adjustable with different sizes of bed width. The range covers bed width from 51″ Max.71″. The height is 30.5″ clearance and 28″ to the crossbar. Fits 5.0 ‘~8.0’ bed
  • Both the Over-cab Extension & Side Bars are Adjustable offering a range of fitment for different Trucks Models. 
  • This rack is Powder-coated and weather-resistant paint. Colour Options of Matte White and Matte Black are available.


  • Unique design Bracket Bars are built to strengthen the basic truck rack style
  • The pack includes two of the One-Piece Handrail,
  • This rack is Powder-coated and weather resistant
  • Colour Options of Matte White and Matte Black


  • It can be noisy in some cases.


10.  AA-Racks Model APX2501 75″ Full-Size Pickup Truck Ladder Racks With Load Stops

The APX2501 weighs 40 lbs and is 71.3 x 15 x 5.5 inches in measurement. It features four upright post-construction in combination with four stops, which allows for secure transporting of heavy load and cargo. The installation doesn’t involve any drilling work. Instead, you can clamp this ladder rack to the truck’s bed. Once it is installed correctly, the ladder rack can hold 800 pounds of weight and is perfect for hauling ladders lumber, or similar objects. The product features durable aluminium construction and is reasonably lightweight, resistant to corrosion and rust. With the purchase, you will get eight clamps, which you can utilize to install the ladder rack.

Product Features & Specs

The most significant point of this rack is adjustability, and it will fit any truck. This product is simple and easy to install and assemble, but the rack is also easy to disassemble. It lacks safety features, and you should consider safety measures if you want to protect this rack (perhaps using more sophisticated bolts would do the job).

  • Custom Bar Height offers maximum carrying flexibility for easy loading, carrying and storage
  • Durable, heavy-duty aluminium construction and distributed loads up to 450 lbs
  • Powder-coated with weather-resistant paint. 
  • No drilling required easy installation with universal clamps set of 8 clamps is included
  • Universal design to fit full-size pickup trucks.


  • Highly adjustable will fit any truck
  • Carrying capacity of 450 pounds
  • Robust and durable aluminium construction (powder coated, rust-free).


  • Not compatible with trucks with Utility Track Systems.


11.  Erickson 07708 Steel Truck Telescoping Rack


Erickson 07708 Steel Y-type Ladder rack for trucks have telescopic support arms that adjust from 19″ to 34″ wide. The rack’s height is adjustable 50″ to 54″ high. The bolts securely mount the ladder rack to the bed and can be mounted on both sides of the box. This ladder Rack also features powder-coated paint to prevent rust and corrosion and has a 250lb load capacity. With this 250-pound weight capacity, this Erickson 07708 Steel Rack makes it easy to transport anything like a kayak or canoe easily. This heavy-duty rack holds the gear and other stuff over the height of the cab, providing utmost front-to-back clearance while leaving the truck bed empty for storing other things.

Product Features & Specs

Built to last, this Erickson truck rack features robust and long-lasting steel construction with a black powder-coated finishing for rustproof performance. The rack’s reliable and its overall aerodynamic design minimizes the wind resistance. This Erickson 07708 steel truck rack can accommodate most pickup trucks, including short and full beds.

Erickson’s clamp-on design tightly attaches the Erickson rack to your truck’s bed. You will have to place the clamps under the bed rail and tighten. The racks installation is easy (no drilling), and you can mount it on both sides of the box.

  • Quickly adjust Telescoping support arms 
  • Adjustable height
  • Mounts on both sides of the box
  • Bolt-on safely mounts the rack to bed
  • Black powder-coated paint ensures no rusting


  • Mounts on both sides of the box
  • Bolt-on safely mounts the rack to bed
  • The rack features telescopic support arms that adjust from 19″ to 34″ wide


  • The rack does not fit the Chevy Colorado.


12.  Apex NDALR Universal Aluminum No – Drill Ladder Rack


The Apex NDALR universal Aluminum Ladder Rack weighs only 34 lbs and offers a 250 lb. weight capacity. The rack is the easiest to set-up and remove. With its unique no-drill clamping method, this ladder rack will fit all pickups in the market. Just hook the clamp in bedrail, screw the foot and it is ready for use. 

Product Features & Specs

The rack features adjustable legs from 44.5” to 50” to allow for enough storage space under the rack. The arms of this ladder rack are also adjustable from 19” to 34” wide to put up a wide range of cargo. Polyester loop and hook straps are included to secure the loads to the rack safely. This adjustable ladder rack will fit most trucks without any drill into the truck bed.

  • An adjustable rack that fits on any truck without drilling into the truck bed
  • Rack legs slide into a clamp-on base and telescope from 44.5” to 50” high
  • Crossbars adjustable from 19″ to 34″ wide, and you can place them at any interval on the vehicle
  • Polyester loop and hook closures attach and stabilize your loads
  • Lightweight aluminium construction with a 250 lb. capacity


  • Lightweight aluminium construction with a 250 lb. capacity
  • Polyester loop and hook closures attach and stabilize your loads


  • Not easy to install
  • Unresponsive customer care services.


Ultimate Truck Ladder Rack Buying Guide

Things to Consider in Getting a Truck Ladder Rack?

It is highly recommended to get a truck ladder rack if you use your truck for transporting cargoes. If you are about to buy the ladder truck rack for the first, here are some vital points you may need to go over to get the best truck ladder rack.


Depending on the weight of the cargo you haul is how you should decide on the capacity you will need the truck ladder to have. It isn’t necessary to get the ladder with the highest capacity. Choose the ladder rack according to your needs, and it should also comply with your truck’s load.

Truck Rack Benefits

Decide whether you need this type of cargo system. If you frequently transport large and lengthy items and always feel out of storage area on your truck, then buying a ladder truck rack will not be a bad choice. This will help you to transport larger items without any difficulty.


Most ladder racks require drilling which assures the rack’s firmness. But, a lot of times these ladder racks are not used, and you may need to remove them for some time. Consider a rack that can be taken down quickly and effortlessly.


Aluminium and steel are popular choices for ladder racks. If you need a light, easy to lift, and rust-proof ladder rack than aluminium is the best choice. They are usually lightweight, except for a few. A mix of steel and aluminium is also great; these are strong to transport a heavy load and still keep their corrosion and rust-proof capacity, for most.

If you prefer strength, steel racks may suit you. Few steel ladder racks are not sturdy; the majority of them are. Best ones are layered with black powder to keep against corrosion. However, they will corrode over time. If you want them, get paint in hand to re-coat often.


Every rack is exposed to several harsh elements. You get snow, rain, wind, and all sorts of things that are in contact with it. So, durability is a vital factor. The efficient ladder racks are sturdy, weather-resistant, and durable.


Truck Ladder Rack FAQs

What are the challenges that setting up a ladder rack implies?

One of the main challenges that truck owners face while installing a rack is adjusting it to the size of the truck’s bed. 

What are the most durable truck ladder rack materials?

Some of the most popular materials are aluminium and steel. Aluminium is durable, lightweight, and doesn’t rust. 

How can you save space using a ladder rack?

Installing a ladder rack helps you to save space, as you will be placing it outside the truck. You can use this space for other pieces of equipment. 

Steel or Aluminum, which one is better?

Steel racks are sturdy and are available in several different structures. Aluminum Racks reduces rust and corrosion. Aluminium racks are expensive than steel racks, but the durability can make the cost of ownership lower.


Final Verdict

We are confident that, this read has been able to clarify you on what to look for in a best truck ladder rack. You should always consider the various factors before you buy the truck ladder rack so that your selection is narrowed from the many in the market. Once your needs are fulfilled, it will become easier for you to make the right decision.

We hope that the article has facilitated you to learn about the truck ladders racks, their purpose and uses. It is normal to see trucks with ladder racks to the extent that, you might overlook that, the ladder racks don’t come with them but are fixed as a separate fixture. Truck ladder racks are a vital part of every truck.

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