Best Truck Mud Flaps and Splash Guards – Top 12 Reviews

Mud, rocks, motor oil tar, dust, and more – all of these things are all over the highways you drive on. It can be a mess to have mud on the tailgate, more corrosive materials like rock salt will strip the paint, and objects like pebbles and rocks could cause dents or crack the glass. But when you use a set of mud flaps on the wheel, you can spin the tires and stop the remains in its tracks.

There are many mud flaps on the market, some of the rubber, some you can mount to your wheel, these are just a few. With so many mud flaps out there, it can be confusing and tricky to find the best truck mud flaps for your model. That’s why we’ve decided to make the process simple and easy. We carry out extensive research, review of customer feedback, and sales to create our take on the Top 12 Best Mud Flaps for trucks.

Reviews of the Best Truck Mud Flaps and Splash Guards

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Best Rated Truck Mud Flaps and Splash Guards – Top 12 Reviews and Recommendations

1.  Rock Tamers 2″ Hub Mud Flaps System


The Rock Tamers Mudflaps are stainless steel plates and are adjustable and removable mudflaps. Designed to deliver the ultimate safety for your vehicles against damages caused by mud, grime, debris, and road tar. 

Rock Tamers mudflaps are built from durable, top-quality materials for versatile use. The arms and hubs are designed with heat-treated, aluminium for extreme strength. A stylish matte-black, powder-coated, UV-protected gloss offers this mud flap an extreme corrosion resistance. 

Product Features & Specs

The Rock Tamers are the ideal solution for buyers who want the effectiveness of mudflaps and also wish to maintain their truck’s attractive and stylish looks. These durable, heavy-duty truck mudflaps are 3/8 inches thick and moulded with a coating of tear-resistant material. 

These mudflaps measure 24.25 x 23.875 inches, offering exceptional coverage. The Rock Tamers can be custom cut to any size, by utilizing pre-moulded cut lines, and it also features an anti-splash pattern on the backside of mudflaps.

  • Fits most vehicles
  • Overall width is 66.75 inches to 97 inches adjustable
  • Easily gets to 2-inch ball mounts and hitches
  • Center hub needs 1 inch of space on ball mount shank
  • No drilling required; Hub length: 67-¼ inches – 96-¾ inches


  • Stainless steel trim plates
  • Sleek and durable construction
  • Easy to install


  • No recourse for replacements single flap. 


2.  Husky Liners Fits With OEM Fender Flares Custom Rear Mud Guards


Rocks, mud and salty slush put your truck’s paint in danger. Don’t let the wheels kick up any damaging junk- block it with these Husky Liners Mud Flaps. These moulded rubber mud flap and mudguards act as a shield against road-borne hazards and threats, keeping your trucks’ finish scratch-free and clean.

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Product Features & Specs

Husky Liners Mudflaps and Guards are moulded from heavy-duty rubber with a black matte finish that you can match with your truck. The Husky Liners mud flaps include all the necessary hardware you will need for a safe and secure installation that takes an hour, with little drilling work. Overall the installation is simple and hassle-free. These Husky Mud Flaps hold firmly to your vehicle and stand up to pebbles, rocks and sludge.

Pick a rear or front pair of mud flaps, or you can obtain both sets to your cart for full ultimate coverage. The product is backed with the Husky Liners Lifetime guarantee and Made in the USA.

  • Mud Guards appropriate WITH OEM Fender Flares
  • Husky liners Mudflaps and Guards are fit to match the fenders 
  • These Husky Mud Guards are built for full tread coverage of tires
  • Durable and impact-resistant thermoplastic material
  • No Hassles- Lifetime Guarantee and Designed in the USA. 


  • Impact-resistant all-weather thermoplastic material
  • Designed and made in the USA
  • It offers full tread protection of tires.


  • These flaps can scratch the paint on the inside of your wheels.


3.  Husky Liners Custom Front and Rear Mud Flap Guard Set


Here we have another Husky Liners heavy-duty product built to withstand all kinds of road threats. The mud flaps are resistant to high and low temperatures, which makes it ideal for the chilly winter season. It’ll protect your vehicle from dust, mud, dirt, rocks, and other evils on the way. 

The pack includes 4 of these incredible items, and without a doubt, you’ll get an excellent product to keep your vehicle spotless all the time.

Product Features & Specs

Super Durable Husky Liners Mud flaps offer a package of 4 marvellous flaps. They are specially made to withstand all kinds of road threats, including the harsh weather condition. The robust construction makes them durable so you can use them for many years. Needless to mention that this product is quite versatile too. It fits various vehicle types and fits firmly in its place for maximum protection. 

These mud flaps and guards are made to cover the factory tires. This way, they’ll fully protect your truck from mud, dirt, rocks, and all such stuff. Also, the installation is straightforward but be prepared for some drilling work. The mounting process is a breeze. 

  • These Mudflaps and Guards are custom fit to match with your fenders
  • These Mudflaps and Mud Guards are built to the all-out width for full coverage of factory tires
  • Durable, all-weather resistant thermoplastic material
  • Manufactured in the USA


  • Designed to withstand harsh conditions
  • Completely cover the factory tires
  • The simple design complements almost all vehicles


  • Some Drilling work will be required.


4.  Lund 930F-99 Mud Flaps and Splash Guards


Lund 930F-99 Mud flaps offer superior protection against rocks and debris damages. Heavy-duty rubber mud flaps with extruded stainless steel panels deliver a custom look. The pack includes mounting brackets and all necessary hardware required for installation. Mud Flaps from a reputable manufacturer like Lund promises that the product will deliver the best safety and performance you wish and need.

Product Features & Specs

If you’re searching for the tough mud flaps that also look great on your truck, check out this Lund 930F Series mud flaps. The pack includes and features pre-drilled mounting holes and custom fittings to ensure a perfect and firm fit, heavy-duty moulded rubber mud flaps are made with diamond plate aluminium, and features a sturdy design that will extend the life of your truck.

  • 12″ x 18″ Mudflaps
  • Protects against road damages
  • Heavy-duty rubber with diamond plate features
  • Includes hardware and mounting brackets
  • Made in the USA 
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  •  They are made of heavy materials and looks great on your truck.
  • Made in the USA 
  • Includes hardware and brackets


  • Some drilling will be required.


5.  Highland 1007100 Heavy Duty Black Rubber Splash Guard – 2 Piece


These Highland mud flaps measure 12 inches wide and 18 inches long and deliver sufficient coverage to save your vehicle from the impact of the mud, rocks and debris that gets picked up by the tires. Also, the heavy-duty rubber construction makes these mud flaps resistant to continuous debris effects, and they can last a lifetime protecting your truck’s bodywork. Highland offers a pair of black mud flaps that proves to be durable and very well-built. 

Product Features & Specs

These mud flaps are 18 inches long and 12 inches wide. This makes these perfect for large and small vehicles like vans, mini-vans, trucks, and pickups. They will protect your vehicle from all damaging stuff on the road and will keep it spotless all the time, thanks to the high-quality construction.

These mud flaps are simple to install. They provide a universal fit so you can mount them on trucks, vans, RVs, and other vehicles. The package even includes hardware. 

Overall we can say that this Highland product is the best bang for the bucks! You’ll get a lifetime warranty and a fantastic customer service.

  • Made with heavy-duty rubber
  • 18 inch long and 12 inches wide
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Fits vans, pickups, minivans, light trucks, RVs and SUVs
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Wide and long enough to protect the different vehicle 
  • A universal fit 
  • Easy to install  


  • The quality of the included hardware is not good


6.  Amooca Custom Fit No-Drill Molded Mud Flaps and Splash Guards Kit


Amooca offers this factory tested high quality, mud flaps and mudguards for your Silverado. You will get four pieces for all wheels, and all the required hardware with easy to follow instructions. Your vehicle will benefit from the excellent protection these mud flaps and guards provide. These Amooca mud flaps will stop dirt, mud, and water from flying up on the fender effectively. This Amooca product features a smart design, and no drilling work will be required for installation. You will be impressed by the looks and sturdiness of these mud flaps.

Product Features & Specs

Don’t like to paint chipping and splash? When you fix these Amooca mud flaps, consider your truck protected. These mud flaps and guards are rigid, thick, and provide excellent coverage to protect the fenders, doors, and Nerf bars behind your wheels. Don’t worry about the components that the tires are kicking up; these mud flaps will easily block them. All the holes lined up perfectly and will make the installation process a breeze. These mud flaps fit perfectly to the models we have mentioned below.

When you use a ridiculous amount of money on a vehicle, it makes sense to spend a little more to protect it. 

  • Will fit: 2014-2018 and 2015-2018 Silverado (will not fit GMC) *Models WITHOUT Fender *
  • These mudguards are heavy duty and are quality tested in the factory.
  • Stop dirt, mud, and water from flying up.
  • We guarantee that these mud flaps will hug the curves of your truck like no other.


  • quality tested in the factory
  • Stop dirt, mud, and water from flying up.
  •  The mounting holes are well aligned with the OEM screws.


  • A little tricky to get on


7.  Red Hound Auto Premium Heavy Duty Molded Mud Flaps Splash Guards


This pair is compatible with Ford F150, so those who have this particular model will be thrilled with it. Here we are talking about a top-notch product that has a lot to offer. It can withstand all kinds of threats and delivers outstanding protection for your truck.

These Red Hound auto premium mud flaps are made of high-grade materials. The robust construction makes them durable and resistant to extreme threats. They can go through all hitches without a single scratch and protect your truck all the way.

Product Features & Specs

The installation is straightforward and effortless, and you will manage to put these mud flaps in a breeze. If you want a tight fit, you’ll have to do some drilling work. On the good side, you’ll get the complete and useful mounting directions and all required mounting hardware.

Truth to be told, it’s one of the heavy-duty and durable product that has too much to offer. You won’t regret ordering it!

  • These mudguards will fit your Ford 2004-2014 F-150 & 2006-2008 (For trucks ONLY WITHOUT Fender & Running Boards).
  • Full Set includes rear and front guards with hardware and mounting instructions.
  • Guaranteed fit and easy to install.
  • These guards are heavy-duty polymer and thick.
  • Quality Tested to ensure they are the highest quality and will last a lifetime.


  • Resistant to all road threats
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with necessary hardware and instructions


  • Some drilling is required


8.  Aero HD Black Mud Flap for Semi Truck & Semi-Trailer


This product from Truck fairings is well built and long-lasting. The frame design delivers overall durability and strength. No curling shape or deformation. Due to the special formula used in the manufacturing of these mud flaps, the weight of the material is much lighter than standard rubber or PVC mudguards and flaps. The unique design of these mud flaps reduces wind resistance and drag to save fuel consumption up to 1% as reported by makers and also reduces spray and block the harmful road debris effectively.

Product Features & Specs

Its vent cap design reduces wind resistance; the oval shape holes are made for simple and effortless adjustments and installation on all trailers and trucks. The design and looks are unique and definitely much attractive than the other common mudflaps. The quality is robust and reliable, strong enough that it will not bend up from the bottom. Always check the logo on the product so you can get the original product.

  • Durable venting cap designs for 28″/48″/53″ trailer; good for the flatbed trailer as well. 
  • Meet DOT compliance, No more bacon or curling shape, No more anti-sail brackets required, No more sailing happened, No more ticket issued from the highway patrol
  • Reduces wind resistance and drag pull to save fuel reduce spray and block debris
  • Industrial plastic material, not rubber, average 3lbs./pc.
  • Temperature range 300°F to -40°F


  • Reduces wind resistance and drag pull to save fuel
  • Durable venting cap designs
  • Suited for trucks and trailers


  • Drilling required


9.  Buyers Products Polymer Semi-Truck Mud Flaps


Buyers Products Polymer Semi-truck Mudflaps are constructed from 3/16 inch thick polymer to resist impact from road hazards. The durable mudflaps can endure subfreezing temperatures while resisting ice buildup and snow, making them an ideal choice for all-season use. This Buyers Product Mudflaps are easy to drill and cut and ridged enough to not bend in the wind and flexible enough to not break if and when bent backwards. You can trim these for a custom fit for your truck or pick up. It will hold on and will provide a perfect fit. 

Product Features & Specs

These mudflaps are designed, keeping durability in mind. These Heavy-duty polymer mud flaps are extra thick 3/16″ and features robust construction. These include a low-density polymer for better strength and stability. These mud flaps are flexible to withstand stress and impacts and are Rigid enough to maintain anti-sail properties. These mudflaps are 24″ wide and sold in pairs. 

  • Measure the height before ordering
  • Heavy-duty, polymer and extra thick 3/16″ provides stability
  • Flexible and can withstand impact but rigid enough to maintain the appearance
  • Resists buildup of snow and repels debris
  • 24″ wide flaps and are sold in pairs


  • Resists buildup of snow and repels debris.
  • Flexible but rigid.


  • Hard plastic product


10.  Dodge Ram White Logo Easy Fit 15″ Mud Guard


Here we have a pair of mud flaps designed especially for your Dodge Ram. It’s one of the amazing products that offer superb protection from road hazards. Not to mention that its installation is very simple and the product has a long lifespan. You will admire its stylish looks. 

Made from high-quality PVC, these mud flaps are sturdy and highly durable. Apart from protecting your Dodge Ram from rock, mud and dirt, these mud flaps can withstand extremely cold temperatures without cracking. Moreover, they will give your truck a new enhanced and tough look. 

Product Features & Specs

This pair is made of high-grade materials and delivers outstanding performance. It will deflect all mud, rocks, dirt, dust, and other harmful stuff coming on the road. The plastic can resist high temperatures and is very durable. All in all, this is a well-built product that will fulfil all needs!

You can mount it in no time, but you’ll have to do some drilling work to attach it properly. Fear not, you don’t have to be professional to get the task done. Within a few moments, you’ll be ready to go the road with these mud flaps! 

  • Most durable and colourful mud flaps
  • Patented, fibreglass that keeps from cracking
  • Adds memory to maintain the shape
  • Built of a formulated PVC
  • Withstands cold temperatures and heat without cracking


  • Resistant to road threats 
  • Very durable 
  • Installs in a breeze


  • Costly than others


11.  Plasticolor Plain Black 24inch Mud Guards


These plain black mud flaps are made from formulated PVC with a fibreglass backing. They are durable and can withstand cold or hot temperatures without splitting. They form a perfectly fitting curve with complete coverage and provide protection to the paintwork of your truck from mud, stones and dirt. Also, the durable PVC construction makes them tough, and they can survive whatever debris the tires throw at them.

Product Features & Specs

To be exact these mud flaps are 1/4″ thick around the border, and 3/16″ thick inside the border. This reasonably priced mud flap set includes two pieces that are durable and stylish and made in the USA. These are also coated on the reverse with reinforced fibreglass which prevents them from splitting even in harsh temperatures. So they can endure all sorts of conditions and still look awesome. 

The fibreglass material helps them to maintain their shape. The ‘Easy to Fit’ design will allow you to fit these Plain black mud flaps yourself. The pack includes all the required and necessary hardware for proper fitting.

  • Most durable mud flaps
  • Patented, fibreglass backing
  • Specially formulated PVC design
  • Withstands zero temperatures and heat without cracking


  • Durable construction
  • Resistant to extreme weather condition
  • Easy fitting


  • Drill required


12.  RoadSport 6418 Pro-Fit Truck/SUV/Van Splash Guard


Road Sportfeatures these amazing mud flaps to keep your vehicles safe. It keeps mud, dirt, dust, rocks and other similar stuff away from your truck or Van. It’s a well-made gear that proves to be very durable and efficient. Its simple and sleek design allows a perfect fit. You’ll be pleasantly amazed by all the features it offers! Undoubtfully, you’ll find them very handy. They will do a great job of keeping the vehicle harmless and clean all the time.

Product Features & Specs

These RoadSport mud flaps are moulded from heavy-duty plastic that can resist quite a lot. They are rubber flaps which means they are flexible and very sturdy. This makes them even more long-lasting as they won’t split in harsh conditions.

The installation is effortless and simple. You’ll get detailed instructions along with mounting hardware. But you might have to drill to make necessary adjustments and for the best fit.

  • Custom moulded splash guard.
  • Custom moulded for each.


  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • Sturdy and flexible at the same time
  • Simple installation


  • You will have to do drilling work


Truck Mud Flaps and Splash Guard Buying Guide

Important Things to Consider Before Buying Truck Mud Flaps

Mudflaps should be durable and can survive whatever the road throws at them. Here’s what to think about when buying the mud flaps for trucks:

Quality of materials

Mudflaps are usually made from PVC, rubber, or plastic. The quality of the materials is extremely vital as you will want to stand up to all the flying debris and rocks that your tires kick up. So search for the high-quality materials that will endure heavy-duty wear and tear.

Types of mud flap

Mudflaps have several varieties, including no-drill, moulded mud flaps and rubber mud flaps. Some mud flaps are for the front of your truck, and some are for the back. 

Size and fitment

When buying a mud flap, it is vital to check the fitment and size. Some mud flaps will fit almost every vehicle. So, it’s still essential to check the truck’s manufacturing to ensure that you buy the right size mud flaps. Never allow the mud flap to hang lower than four or five inches from the ground. 

No-drill installation

Some mud flaps have a no-drill facility. These came with all the necessary tools you will need to install and usually have a rapid installation. No-drill flaps are moulded to your truck and are specially designed for particular models, so be sure that your vehicle matches the specifications.

Truck Mud Flaps and Splash Guards Frequently Asked Questions

What are mud flaps? 

Mud flaps are made from rubber, PVC, or plastic that can withstand heavy-duty wear and tear from debris. In either case, they give a blockade between your truck and all the rocks, dirt, mud. 

Do mud flaps make a difference?

Mud flaps make a big difference in protecting your truck from damages. Sometimes, factory-installed mud flaps that come with your truck are not enough for utmost protection. 

Are mud flaps required by law?

Mud flaps are essential that they’re required in law in a few states of the US. But even if your country doesn’t expect, they are still an excellent investment to protect your truck.

How high should mud flaps be off the ground?

To determine how high should be mud flaps, check your manufacturer’s recommendations. Your mud flaps should never hang more than three or four inches from the ground for good ground clearance. 


Final Verdict

When driving in changing terrains or when it is drizzling, there are elements that the tires through at the truck’s bodywork which leads paint chipping and body deterioration. To stop these, you can use mud flaps that will keep those elements away. However, there are best truck mud flaps will give a better and more appropriate functionality than standard mud flaps. They are made from high quality and robust materials that can withstand any wreckage thrown at them.

Moreover, these best truck mud flaps are designed to fit into your truck for perfect protection and coverage precisely. So, where is the delay choose any the above-listed mud flaps for trucks or keep in mind the factors we have mentioned in the buying guide to make the right decision.

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