Best Truck Nerf Bar Running Boards – Top 12 Reviews

Nerf bar running boards are one of the trendy modifications to your trucks and the reasons for this is quite obvious. They help the passengers climb in and out of your truck. This is vital if the job demands you to go in and out of truck several times in a day, or if the passengers are elderly, kids or vertically challenged. Nerf bars are practical, but remember – they also make the appearance of your truck cool.

Reviews of the Best Truck Nerf Bar Running Boards

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Best Rated Truck Nerf Bar Running Boards – Top 12 Reviews and Recommendations

Every truck looks more attractive and stylish with a set of nerf bars, but with so many styles available today, how can you find the perfect set for your truck? Here we will be reviewing some top selling and best Nerf bars. Presenting the Best Nerf Bars:

1.  APS iBoard Berf Bar Running Boards 4 inches Custom Fit


One of the most well-known and reputable running board brands is APS iBoard. It features a sleek design that makes the appearance of your truck attractive and serves the purpose as you want. This APS iBoard has aluminium finish which enhances its look and also the appearance of your truck. The best part is it only includes aluminium, or we can say it is made of 100% aluminium no plastic parts used. This also makes the board highly durable too.

Product Features & Specs

It can be annoying when you spend money on board, and it gives up to rust or corrosion. This will not be the case with this APS iBoard because it is rust and corrosion-proof. Usually, the primary purpose of a board is to allow travellers to get in and out of the truck quickly no matter what the height is. 

The APS running iBoard is sturdy, and it can support 350 lbs of weight capacity as it includes high-end aircraft material in its construction. The board also features a 5” wide steps which make it comfortable to climb up or down. There’s a rubber wrapped on the steps of the running board which makes it secure to use the board. These rubber steps will prevent you from slipping and offer an easy step to the passengers.

  • The Package includes iBoard running boards 2, hardware kit and mounting brackets for an easy DIY installation.
  • 100% aircraft-grade aluminium build, iBoard steps offer the best in rust and corrosion protection, and strength 300 LBS load capacity.
  • 4″ wide rubber steps cover the entire board, providing a secure, anti-slip, step for the whole family
  • Upgrade your truck’s looks with this iBoard’s low profile design and iBoard’s silver aluminium finish
  • Easy to install Rocker Panel Mount and custom fit for your Crew Cab Pickup 4Dr: 2009-2018 Ram 1500 2010-2019 Ram 2500/3500.


  • 100% aircraft-grade aluminium build
  • Easy to install Rocker Panel Mount and custom fit
  • 4″ wide rubber steps cover the entire board


  • Drilling required for installation


2.  Tyger Auto Textured Black TG-AM2D20078 Star Armor Nerf Bar Running Board Kit


This Tyger Auto nerf bar is another excellent option for you to consider with these Nerf bars and running boards. If you have a 4-Door model, these running boards will work great for you, but they are not compatible with chassis models, quad cabs, or mega cabs. One thing remarkable thing about these boards by Tyger Auto is their star-studded step pads. Obviously, they will assist you in and out of your truck, but they will also protect the undercarriage of your truck in case of any collision or you go off-roads.

Product Features & Specs

This Nerf bar can hold up to 500 pounds weight and has 2-inch tubing. Made of one sturdy piece, this also includes powder-coated finishing in black colour. When installing, you can bolt it to the undercarriage, or you can drill 1/4-inch holes to gain excellent stability. It is has a DIY installation, and the board will be secure for years to come. Lastly, the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty.

  • It will Only fit Crew Cab 4 doors (Not for Chassis Model). NOT for Quad Cab with two front doors & 2 narrower rear doors.
  • TYGER unique Star step pads serve a helpful in and out of the truck. Dual girder system gives protection for the underside from damaging impacts
  • 500 LBS weight capacity each side. 2inch diameter tubes. One-piece design. Dual-stage powder coated textured black finish
  • For 2009-2011, minor drilling will be required for 1/4” holes through the pinch weld to support the brackets. DIY instruction included in the pack.
  • TYGER no-hassle 5-year warranty.


  • 500 LBS weight capacity each side
  • Dual girder system gives protection for the underside from damaging impacts
  • Five-year warranty


  • Rust issues.


3.  MaxMate Custom Fit Crew Cab Nerf Bar Running Boards


Look at these Nerf bars running boards, sturdy 100% stainless steel materials, custom-fit by MaxMate. These are highly durable, affordable and have a mirror-like finish.

Its simple installation will some minor drilling work, but overall it will not be a problem and instructions are also included in the pack. Luckily, the pack contains every essential required for the installation.

Product Features & Specs

The bars feature sturdy construction and also have UV protecting features, these 4” oval bars also offer a firm and anti-slip footing. The ‘slip-resistant’ pads will make the stepping in and out of the truck risk-free in conditions. 

MaxMate Nerf Bars are manufactured only for the crew cab with four doors full-size and are not compatible with the quad cab or mega cab. Please check before buying.

  • Only fit Crew Cab with four doors. Not for Quad and Mega Cab. 
  • 100% new 2 bars for both passenger and driver sides. All hardware and DIY instruction included.
  • Step bars are manufactures of 4-inch oval stainless steel tubing with welded stainless steel end caps!
  • UV resistant and non-slip wide step pads.
  • Easy Bolt-On installation. Some models may require drilling.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Decent instructions for installation
  • Suitable for all trucks with four doors


  • Cannot be used on 2-door trucks
  • You may need different brackets to install the bars



4.  Tyger Auto Black TG-RS2D40078 Riser Side Step Nerf Bar Running Boards


The Tyger Auto is one of the best Nerf bar available in the market. It has several things going for it. For example, it has a great price to quality ratio. In fact, this Nerf bar is the most affordable that you can buy for yourself.

To make sure that it will hold your weight, this Nerf bar is made from Mild steel. It is weatherproof, rust and corrosion-free so it will not get weak over time. Actually, the entire surface of this bar is powder-coated for corrosion resistance.

Product Features & Specs

Furthermore, it has a diameter of 4 inches to ensure that you get sufficient space to stand on. There is a rubberized material that makes it anti-slip, so it is also much safe to use. With this Nerf bar, you will not have any problem because it is a recognized model that is easy to install and is highly durable.

​You will find it very easy to assemble it because the installation work is straightforward, and all the necessary instructions are included in the pack. For any manufacturing defects, the makers offer a five-year warranty. Make sure to check your trucks compatibility.

  • It only fits Crew Cab with four full-size doors. Not compatible for a mega cab or Quad Cab. 
  • 100% brand new OE-style step bars for passengers and driver sides. All hardware and DIY instruction included
  • Step bars are 4inch wide heavy duty mild Steel tubing in powder-coating for rust-resistant with UV resistant anti-slip wide step pads
  • Easy Bolt-On installation. For 2009-2011 and some 2012 models, minor drilling required for 1/4” holes through the pinch weld for support brackets.
  • Five-year warranty against manufacturing defects!


  • The most affordable nerf bar in this review. Excellent Price to quality ratio
  • Easy to install by absolute beginners
  • Surface is anti-slip


  • Not as durable when compared to other models
  • Instructions could have been better written


5.  Tyger Auto TG-RS9D60067 Riser Stainless Steel Running Board Side Step Rails Nerf Bars


This Tyger Auto RS9D60067 riser nerf bar is compatible with Quad cabs of 2 front doors and 6.5” bed. The board features OE style step bars on both driver and passenger sides. The wheel to wheel boards features 5” risers with an additional step and total three-step pads for smooth access to your truck bed. A five-year hassle-free warranty backs this Tyger Auto product, so you count on this one.

Product Features & Specs

These step bars or you can say The Risers are built with marine grade stainless steel and are 5” wide providing you with a secure stepping surface. The bars also feature triangle tubing with UV resistant anti-slip pads so you can use them safely and securely. For some models, minor drilling work can be required, but overall the installation is simple, and you will get the instructions along with all the necessary things in the pack so you can mount them easily.

  • Fit for Quad Cab with two doors & 2 doors and with 6. 5′ Bed. NOT for Mega or Crew.
  • 5″ wheel-to-wheel boards with the extra 3rd step offer more comfortable access. 
  • 100% new OE-Style bars for driver & passenger sides. All mounting hardware and instruction included.
  • The boards are made of 5inch wide marine grade stainless steel triangle tubing with UV resistant non-slip step pads.
  • Easy bolt-on installation. For some 2012 models, drilling required for 1/4” holes through the pinch weld for support brackets.


  • 100% new OE-Style bars for driver & passenger sides.
  • 5″ wheel-to-wheel boards with the extra step
  • Marine-grade stainless steel triangle tubing 


  • Drilling required for some models.


6.  Tyger Auto Textured Black TG-AM2C20178 Star Armor Nerf Bar Running Boards Kit


TYGER AUTO focus on developing premium auto accessories that exceed OE quality standards. This Tyger Auto AM2C20178 Nerf bar includes unique patented star step pads that not only offers extra stepping surface but is also safe to get in and out of your truck. It also features the dual girder system that provides maximum protection to unforeseen impacts on the undercarriage.     

Product Features & Specs

The steps pads feature 2-inch diameter heavy-duty tubes with a single-piece design with powder coating finish that offers ultimate strength and a reliable weight capacity of 300 lbs on each side, making it durable running board. Moreover, powder coating textured finishing also makes the running board resistance to corrosion and rust.

The installation is simple, with no drilling work needed and instructions along with all necessary is included in the package.

To sum it up, Max loading capacity, ultimate durability, unique design, and Ease of Installation -these are some of the features that will provide you with the feel of premium Nerf bars with a five-year warranty.

  • Fits Crew Cab with four doors.
  • Tyger patented Star step pads serve smooth step in and out of the vehicle. Dual gird system for max protection for the underside from damaging impacts
  • 300 lbs. Weight capacity. Heavy-duty diameter tubes of 2inch. Double stage powder coated Textured Black finish One-piece design.
  • Easy bolt-on installation. 
  • TYGER 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects!


  • 300 LBS. weight capacity.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Easy bolt-on set up.


  • Too high for the Chevy Colorado


7.  MaxMate Custom Fit Extended Double Cab Stainless Steel Side Step Rails Nerf Bars Running Boards


MaxMate is a well-known and high rated Nerf bar brands in the market, especially when it comes to quality and affordability. This MaxMate custom-fit Nerf bar is not only durable but visually appealing as well. This model features a stainless-steel construction that is 100% resistant to corrosion and rust. The material is also UV resistant and can survive extreme weather threats.

Product Features & Specs

The heavy-duty 3” rubber pads on these bars provide your feet with the perfect and firm grip and prevent you from slipping.

Additionally, it contains a weight capacity of 350 lbs on each side, and it can hold the weight with ease. The installation process is a breeze, and you can do it yourself in minutes with all the hardware and simple to follow instructions.

  • Fits Extended Cab & Double Cab with two front doors & 2 rear doors. NOT compatible with Crew Cab. Also fits 2019 Silverado 1500 LD & 2019 Sierra 1500 Limited
  • Brand new 2 bars for both sides. All hardware and DIY instruction included.
  • Step bars are built with stainless steel 3 inch and UV resistant non-slip step pads.;
  • Easy DIY installation in minutes. No-Drilling required.


  • The UV light and corrosion-resistant surface
  • Anti-slip surface with heavy-duty rubber pads


  • The relatively small size of 3 inches


8.  TAC Black Side Step Nerf Bar Running Boards


Usually rounded Nerf bars are safer to use on your truck. Round Nerf bars can easily deflect an obstacle which can be helpful, especially if you drive in narrow roads with curbs. It also protects the truck from abrasions and scratches, and since the surface is quite anti-slip, you can safely stand on it. This is what this TAC side step Truck Nerf bar is all about. It will provide your truck with side protection. Besides, it will also enhance the looks of your truck; it offers an eye-catching sporty look.

Product Features & Specs

The nerf bar features powder coating of mild steel round tube, which makes it corrosion resistant and also protects it with harmful UV rays. When it comes to the installation work, it is effortless because there is no drilling to be done.

But what makes this Nerf Bar exceptional is its affordable price. Definitely, it is the most affordable model that you can find in the market.

  • Fit for GMC Sierra / Chevy Silverado 1999-2019 2500/3500 1999-2018 1500 Extended / Double Cab. 
  • It is made of heavy-duty powder-coated mild steel for rust-resistant with UV resistant full step non-slip pads.
  • Side steps give you truck extra protection, make it convenient to get in or out.
  • Easy bolt-on installation. No drilling required. 
  • 3-Year warranty against manufacturing defects!


  • Black powder coating makes it corrosion resistant.
  • Very affordable option.
  • Very easy to install. Does not require any drilling


  • The small size of 3 inches


9.  TAC 3″ Stainless Steel Running Board Side Steps


Next up we have one more Nerf bars by TAC, and this bar has a unique and tremendous sense of style. This set is perfect for Ram 1500 Crew Cab and Dodge RAM with four doors. It will fit the 1500 model from years 2009-2018 and 2500 and 3500 from 2010-2019. These heavy-duty bars have a weight capacity of 500 lbs. For each side. These steps are comfortable, simple to install even for beginners, and feature ultimate protection on the undercarriage to keep your truck safe from impacts and to keep it clean.

Product Features & Specs

If you’re searching for some sturdy, durable, heavy-duty running board, this is the best truck nerf bar for you. In our opinion, it is one of the best running boards for Ram 1500 Crew Cab. It also includes a five-year warranty for any defects! Together, the running board’s weight 91 lbs., each one weighs around 45 lbs. DIY instructions are included in the pack, though according to some users the setup is slightly more complicated than others due to the strength of this Nerf bar. 

  • Fit for 2009-2018 Dodge RAM 1500 Crew Cab / 2010-2020 Dodge RAM 2500/3500/4500/5500 Crew Cab. 
  • It is made from ultra-strong polished stainless steel for rust-resistant and UV resistant non-slip 3” step pads.
  • TAC steps give your truck extra protection, make you convenient to get in or out of your truck.
  • Easy bolt-on installation. No drilling or cutting required. 
  • TAC 3-Year warranty against engineering defects!


  • UV resistant non-slip 3” step pads.
  • All required hardware included in the package
  • 3-year warranty.


  • Included hardware is not enough for installation.


10.  APS iBoard Matte Black Custom Fit Nerf Bar Running Boards


This matte black nerf bar running board from APS features traditional running board design. Simultaneously, it is a modernized take on a classic, providing several notable features. Installation is simple, with the included kit and mounting brackets you can easily fit it into predrilled holes. It is an extremely practical unit that offers a safe stepping point in and out of your truck. 

Product Features & Specs

It is built with 100% aircraft-grade aluminium for a solid and reliable step. On top is a raised surface which is weather-proof and UV resistant heavy duty rubber. The metal construction, along with rubber surface, will provide an extremely stable and highly durable stepping surface with a firm grip – a safe and reliable surface you can trust in all weather conditions.

To conclude you will get excellent value for your money as it is very well designed and well-made Nerf bar in the market.

  • In the box two running boards, hardware kit and mounting brackets.
  • Solid aluminium boards, iBoard steps offer the best protection against rust, durability, and strength 300 LBS capacity.
  • 5″ wide rubber steps corrugated covers the whole running board, providing a slip-proof, comfortable step


  • Solid aluminium boards rust protection and ultimate durability.
  • Extremely stable and weather-proof step pads.


  • Rust problem 


11.  TAC C and K Classic Body Mount Stainless Steel Nerf Bar Running Boards


TAC 3” round tube side step bars are the most popular sidebars and will fit most vehicle models of trucks and SUV. These running boards feature durable surface finishing of Stainless steel polish, with black powder coating and semi-gloss powder finish. With the Years of manufacturing experience, this TAC 3” side step bar will provide you with the safest driving pleasure.

Product Features & Specs

This TAC Nerf Bars include Marine grade stainless steel polish finish and UV resistant 3” non-slip step pads which provide you large surface area and smooth access in and out of the truck. These truck Nerf bar not only delivery high-class protection but will also improve the looks of your truck. The included hardware and mounting brackets allow for the simple installation without any drilling work.

  • Fit for GMC Sierra 1500 1999-2018 Chevy Silverado 1999-2019 / 3500 Regular Cab.
  • It is made by heavy-duty stainless steel for rust-resistant with non-slip 3 inches wide UV resistant step pads.
  • Easy installation. No drilling work required. All hardware and instruction included.
  • TAC 3-Year warranty


  • Weather-proof and UV resistant step pads.
  • A 3-year warranty backs the product.


  • The boards may attract rust.


12.  MPH Auto 5.5” Innovative Nerf Bar Running Boards with Pre-Installed LED Light Bars


MPH Auto is one of North America’s best manufacturer of high-quality, specialized, aftermarket truck accessories. So, you can say that the product you are about to buy comes from a reputable brand. This MPH Auto running board features aircraft-grade aluminium construction with LED light bars. The running boards also feature coating and fine-textured black powder-coated finish which is 100% resistant to rust and corrosion. The running board have a weight capacity of 500 lbs. For each board. The MPH auto also backs its products with a five-year warranty.

Product Features & Specs

The running boards are incredibly lightweight yet durable because of machine manufacturing from aircraft-grade aluminium billet. The anodized surface is extra resistance to corrosion than the regular steel running boards. The running board also features a white welcome light while you are opening the door and a signal light while you are making any turns. These features provide additional safety while getting in or out of your truck and while driving at night. The installation is straightforward using direct bolts; however, professional set up is always better and safe. The package comes with everything required for safe installation along with the instructions.

  • It fits 2007-2017 Toyota Tundra Crew Max Cab.
  • Innovative design with Light Bars 5.5 inch Aircraft Grade 6061 Aluminum Boards. White Light-On while opening the door. Signal Light-On while making Right / Left Turn. 
  • MPH Auto Running Boards are machine-made precisely from aircraft-grade aluminium billet, with fine-textured black powder-coated finish. The anodized surface gives additional resistance to corrosion. Durable and light compared to others made of steel.
  • The running boards come with all the accessories. The process needs no drilling. Installation instruction included.
  • 5-years warranty. 


  • 5-years warranty. 
  • Signal Light-On while making Right / Left Turn.
  • The process needs no drilling.


  • The wiring work is difficult.


Nerf Bar Running Boards Buying Guide

Things To Consider Before Buying Nerf Bar Running Boards For Your Truck


First of all, ensure that the nerf bar correctly fits your truck. Nerf bars are not made universally so measure the dimensions, especially the length of your truck. This will help you in determining that the Nerf bar you are about to purchase will fit. Furthermore, there is an aspect of beauty to consider also. If the nerf bar fits your truck, you have to check that it looks beautiful and attractive on your truck.


Now that you have learnt how important the length of the nerf bar but equally important is its diameter. A nerf bar with a big diameter is safe to stand on and ergonomic as well. The nerf bar, which is too big, can be a security risk, especially when you are driving on the narrow roads that have a curb. The chances of collisions are very high. Thus, it is wise to buy a nerf bar that is of the right size for your truck.


You should also consider the materials used in the making of the nerf bar to ensure its sturdiness and durability. Mostly, the nerf bar is built from steel that is durable and is also weather-resistant. Always remember that the nerf bar is not only for good looks. It also offers protection to the side of your truck, so a steel construction makes it durable against the impacts.

Types of Nerf Bar

There are many types of nerf bars available. Here are some of the most common ones:


The round nerf bar has a rounded edge and is built more for looks. It is safe as compared to the other nerf bars because the round edge will brush away any obstacles in its way. The drawback of this bar is that the ends lack reinforcements and are not recommended for you to stand on for a very long time.


Oval nerf bar has a flat surface; it also offers a wide surface for you to stand on. This nerf bar measures around 4 to 5 inches in diameter, good enough for anyone. The diameter makes this nerf bar more ergonomic and safe to stand on.


The step nerf bar makes it safe and easy to go in and out of the trucks. This type of nerf bar is helpful if you tune your truck with big tires which raises the truck by a significant amount.

Cab Length

The cab length nerf bars are more discreet as compared to the other types. Nevertheless, it is ergonomic and safe as cab lengths nerf bars include stepping pads on tubes. Furthermore, this nerf bar is standard in design and offers footing on both backs as well as on the front sides.

Wheel to Wheel

The wheel-to-wheel nerf bar is one of the trendy types that you will find online. This nerf bar is hassle-free and straightforward to install, attractive as well as highly functional. It usually has multiple steps for both rear and front passengers. Furthermore, you can stand on this nerf bar even on the moving truck as it is comfortable, stable, and safe.


Truck Nerf Bars FAQs

Why do we call them Nerf Bars?

Nerf is a racing term that states to a small rub between the two vehicles. When a driver rubs the other vehicle to pass it, they refer it as Nerfing. The bar shields the sides of the vehicles and keeps the tires from rubbing together.

What do nerf bars do?

The nerf bar acts as a step to comfort the entry and exit from the truck or to prevent damages to when crossing the rocks off-road. 

How much weight can nerf bars hold?

The standard set of nerf bar can bear 300lbs approx at a time, made of the steel and heavy-duty frame mount brackets. 

Will Installing the nerf bars void’s the truck’s warranty?

No, it will not. But it’s always advised to check with the dealer. 

How Long Will They Last?

Nerf bars come with all stainless-steel mounting frame, brackets and hardware, so they are corrosion-free. Moreover, it is backed with a lifetime warranty; so you are covered for many years.


Final Verdict

The nerf bar makes it easy for you to step in the truck. The nerf bar can be helpful if you have a tall truck. Many models have an anti-slip surface and an ergonomic for better safety. Furthermore, the nerf bar is also convenient as it shields the side of your truck from the curbs and rubs. The nerf bar is simple to install, and no drilling is required for the installation.

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