Best Truck Power Inverter – Top 11 Reviews

Driving the same truck throughout the year can be boring, and would stop your work as a truck driver from being pleasurable. However, adding some perks to your rides can help make these long journeys a less exhausting.

Some of the common additions that drivers have made include DVD Players, mini-refrigerators and Power Inverters. These additions help them to stay well-fed when they are driving in places with little to no convenience stores, or at the place where the food is costly.

One of the additions that truck drivers do is power inverters. The power inverters can be obtained either from a shop which specializes in the giving of one or by purchasing one and installing onto the truck themselves.

This publication will make things easier for you, as we are going to review some of the best power inverters for cars and trucks and this read also includes an ultimate detail buying and some frequently asked questions which will assist you in your purchase.

Reviews of the Best Truck Power Inverter

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Best Power Inverter For Trucks and Cars – Our Top 11 Recommendations and Reviews


1.  ENERGIZER 2000 Watt 12V Power Inverter With 2 USB Ports

The Energizer EN 2000W power inverter is based on modified sine wave technology and is perfect for keeping the hauls away from your trip. This Energizer power inverter comes with an LCD, and you can connect a 12 V DC port directly for high power to operate all the appliances.

As it includes the sine wave technology, it means you will get a continuous voltage with the protection of 4000 W. The weight of EN 2000 power inverter is 5.53lbs that makes it easy to carry.

Product Features & Specs

You will certainly not feel power lacking issues when your truck is equipped with Energizer 2000 power inverter. If you do not have enough power or if your truck has some hefty appliances, then Energizer is the ultimate solution. All of the products of Energizer are resistant to overloads, overheating issues, short circuit, and no-load draw.

  • 2000 watts power, 4000 watts peak power, Modified Sine Wave converts 12V DC to 120V 
  • 2 x USB charging ports features 3ft long Two Gauge Cables 
  • This power inverter has all the protections, Overload, short circuit, Temperature, and all of these are displayed on the LCD, it also shows you the Output Wattage, Input Voltage, and Battery Level
  • This Power Inverter connects directly to a 12 Volt battery to power televisions, gaming consoles, microwaves, power tools, home electronics and home appliances.
  • This item has been validated, tested, and approved by METLAB. 


  • LCD for accurate information
  • USB ports allow direct access
  • High surging capacity
  • Less weight to power ratio


  • No cables included
  • This inverter doesn’t support fast charging.


2.  Krieger 2000 Watt 12V Power Inverter With Installation Kit

Krieger is a well-known and reputable brand in the industry. Krieger is also ROHS certified, ISO 9001 certified, and CS, MET, and UL approved. 

Krieger KR2000-12v is a power inverter which provides 4000 peak power. This modified sine wave power inverter converts the 12V DC into 120V AC power. The inverter also includes in a 3 ft battery cable which can be handy to connect your battery with the power inverter.

The model also offers an LCD which displays input and output voltage and battery level. This power inverter has an auto-shutdown feature that turns it off when any overheating occurs.

Product Features & Specs

This lightweight device has a simple output panel. The panel includes 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports. USB ports are useful for charging stuff. The AC outlets are built with North American standards and are approved by CSA and MET.

Krieger KR2000-12v power inverter can operate appliances like televisions, fans, microwave oven etc. The package also contains a remote control so you can control the power inverter from a distance.

  • KR2000 modified sine wave inverter converts 12V DC to 120V AC, connect DC battery directly to 12V battery. It offers 2000 watts nonstop power, 4000 watts peak.
  • Perfect for a Hurricane, Storm, Emergency, or Outage – This all-inclusive version contains ANL inline fuse kit, wired remote control, and 3 Ft battery cables included
  • It displays over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, high temperature and short circuit on the LCD screen 
  • MET Approved product under UL std 458 and CSA std C22.2
  • 3 Years parts and labour warranty


  • MET and ISO certified inverter.
  • LCD screen to show warnings.
  • Lightweight inverter, easy to carry
  • Wired remote control.


  • Not suitable for devices like coffee makers, floodlights etc.


3.  Ampeak 400W Power Inverter with Dual USB Converter

Not bigger than a standard cell phone, this Ampeak 400W comes with multiple outlets (dual USB 3.1A, two 110 V AC), overvoltage, overcurrent, surge and overheating protection. Moreover, it supplies 400 Watts; this power inverter is suited for power-hungry appliances.

Product Features & Specs

This Ampeak inverter is suitably sized, conveniently priced and efficiently designed for use. With all-round protection, in-built fuses and noiseless fans, it is durable and has electrical insulation. The inverter also has an alarm to indicate the device is faulty. Ampeak power inverter also includes a battery clip cables and a plug compatible with the lighter port, thereby improving its versatility.

  • Provides 400W continuous 800W DC to AC power and 3.1A Dual USB port, ideal for Christmas gift. 
  • Battery Clip Cables and Lighter Cable for different connection demands. 3.1A USB Charging Ports for fast charging electronic devices. 
  • Designed to save space, easy to carry and store. Ideal for long road trips, family vacations, and camping. 26-inch cigarette lighter plug ensures that the inverter can be plugged into any vehicle.
  • Cooling Fan & Audible Alarm, built-in Replaceable 35A mini slip Fuse*2 &, automatic shutdown protection. 
  • ETL certified product and 18-Month Hassle-Free Warranty, 24/7 friendly customer service.


  • Portability
  • Built-in protection 


  • Not compatible with power-hungry appliances.


4.  BESTEK 2000W Power Inverter For Trucks and Cars

This is another very well built power inverter. It will supply you up to 2000 watts to run three different units at the same time when hooked up directly to your battery. This is a power inverter that works well and is robust too. It has three household electrical outlets, and it also provides excellent protection against overload and several such issues.

The manufacturer backs this product with a decent 18-month warranty. This model looks attractive with its fire engine red colour.

Product Features & Specs

With this BESTEK Inverter, you have three household working outlets, more places to plugin let you avoid using the adapters that will affect the performance of the inverter.

The devices are protected from surges, low-power and from shorting out. If there is a problem, this power inverter will notify you through an alarm so you can switch it off. 

This power inverter also has six fuses to evenly distribute the power to reduce any wear and tear. 

  • America’s leading inverter brand. Provides 2000 Watts DC to AC power, max 2300W (Not continuously), and 4600W peak.
  • It provides 2000W with three 110V AC outlets. It can supply power to AC appliances on camping or work sites, such as TV, freezer, Laptop, DVD player, Camera or to charge phone/iPad etc.
  • The red light indicates protection (shut down), and the green light indicates normal working.
  • Aluminium housing gives ultimate protection from bumps and can stand up to extreme environments — best for using on at campsites, roads, remote job sites.
  • Includes four battery clamps and six pcs of spare 50 amps fuse.18-months warranty.


  • Battery clamps and DC adapter included
  • Power switch to save energy
  • 18-month limited warranty


  • It is difficult to change fuse if they burn out


5.  Ampeak 2000W Power Inverter With USB Inverter

Ampeak 2000W inverter converts 12V DC 110V AC. It also has a remote control which lets you control the power inverter. This power inverter has 3 AC outlets and a 2.1A USB port. The inverter’s output modified sine wave. 

This power inverter is durable as it includes high-quality ABS material shell. You can mount it on a safe spot to enjoy the performance it delivers.

Product Features & Specs

Ampeak 2000w inverter has many features. This power inverter has a digital display that shows wattage, voltage, and fault codes. The auto shut mode will turn off the power inverter if any voltage up-down, overheating, overload etc. 

It also features a cooling fan, which will prevent the power inverter from overheating whereas alarm shows various warnings.

  • Provides 2000W DC to AC output, up to 4000W, features three outlets and a USB port to transform 12V DC power to standard 110V AC.
  • Built-in 10*35A slip Fuse, 2*Cooling Fans, Smart Digital Display, Audible Alarm, auto shutdown and safety against Low voltage, Over-voltage, Overload, Short circuit, Overheat
  • Coming with Ring Terminal Cables which is safe than alligator clips with plastic cover. 
  • Durable ABS materials ensure all-round protection
  • ETL certified and makers provide 18-Month Warranty.


  • Auto shut feature for ultimate safety against any irregularity.
  • ETL certified inverter.


  • High-powered appliances are not suitable for this inverter.


6.  Cantonape Peak Power Inverter With LCD Display And USB Converter

If you want a power inverter with excellent safety, this one fits the description. It protects your appliances against short circuit, overheating, overload, reverse polarity and overvoltage. It delivers 1000W, while peak power is 2000W. 

Product Features & Specs

This modified sine wave power inverter features two AC outlets and two USB ports, with 3.1A for charging. It has a fantastic efficiency of over 90%. The unit also features an LCD which indicates the input and output voltage and the load capacity. This unit also allows you to insert two plugs at one time.

  • Convert DC 12V to 110V AC 60Hz. 1000 Watts modified sine wave power and 2000 Watts peak. 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports for charging. High efficiency conversion > 90%.
  • The LCD displays battery capacity, input/output voltage, load capacity. Easy to read the loads capacity.
  • 2 Built-in 40A fuses to protect your device. 
  • Built-in temperature control cooling fan. 2pcs battery clips and 24-inch cigarette lighter. Isolated Ground Neutral. The durable aluminium design offers protection and comfortable cooling.
  • The sockets can easily manage two large size plugs. Dual 110V AC Outlets for charging fan, refrigerator, laptop, game console, Perfect to use on work trips, outdoors for an emergency, outdoor activities and camping.


  • Built-in 40A fuses to protect your device. 
  • 24-inch cigarette lighter. Isolated Ground Neutral. 
  • Dual 110V AC Outlets for charging refrigerator, fans etc.


  • Battery cable is small.
  • Problems with LCD screen.


7.  HAITRAL Power Inverter With Three Intelligent Temperature Control Fans

With a 3.000W capacity, Haitral power inverter is one of the ideal choices for those seeking an all-in-one unit. From powering cellphones to powering electric drills, there’s nothing it can’t accommodate. One of the great characteristics of the inverter is that it has three fans. They work efficiently to handle heat management. This means that the inverter can work for long.

Inside the inverter, durable copper is used for circuits. The inverter comes with simple connectors which are bolted in place for safety reasons. 

Product Features & Specs

The features of such useful inverter can’t be overlooked. Obviously, investing in this inverter to charge a cellphone is not suitable. But those who need a TV or those who need the power for power tools will find it appealing.

Equipped with two outlets, the power inverter can power two devices at the same time. So you can enjoy watching TV and charge your phone at the same time. This can be done for hours safely. You don’t have to monitor the inverter’s temperature regularly, as it comes with Overload protection and overheating protection as well so that all electrical appliances are safe while connected.

  • 3000 Watt Continuous and Peak Power–6000 with Anti-reverse Protection
  • Multi-protection– reverse polarity protection, overload protection, high-temperature protection, short circuit protection, high voltage protection
  • The shell is aluminium solid, light, and convenient; 
  • It can be used as a power emergency during a storm, outage, party. 


  • Designed with two small fans and one massive fan
  • Multi-protection– reverse polarity protection


  • No USB ports


8.  POTEK 2000W Power Inverter 2A USB Port

With dual AC outlets and dual USB ports on the front of the POTEK 1500W inverter, this is great for those who want added power in their trucks. For drivers making regular long hauls, protection against short-circuiting is severe, and the POTEK offers it with a built-in fan that starts working when the POTEK inverter hits 104-degrees Fahrenheit.

Product Features & Specs

This POTEK power inverter also features six internal fuses which make it safer on the road, and the POTEK quickly rises to the top for users who want extra power and support for their appliances. Ready to handle your laptops, power tools and other electronic devices the POTEK adds 3000 watts of a peak to promptly kick on electronic devices without creating any interruption.

  • Potek 2000W DC to AC inverter provides 2000 watts DC to AC and 4000 watts peak power
  • Three AC outlets and single USB port is ideal for charging freezer, TV, floodlights, microwaves, refrigerator, and any other device
  • This inverter has overload, over-current, under-voltage, over-voltage, overheating, short circuit protection
  • The built-in cooling fan starts working when the temperature is 104℉, and eight fuses make it much safer when using the Inverter, ideal for use at campsites, remote job sites or anywhere AC power is needed
  • With an inverter, you get 1x 2000W Inverter, 4xCar Cables, 1xManual, 24-month warranty.


  •  Three AC outlets and a single USB port
  • The built-in cooling fan starts working when the temperature is 104℉


  • In rare cases, it can be noisy


9.  Soyond Power Inverter AC Outlets Converter

Soyond 3000W is a sine wave power inverter that provides 3000Watt continuous and 6000 Watts of peak power. The power inverter can be directly connected with a vehicle’s battery and can power lights, TV, radio, computer, blender, etc.

Soyond 3000W power inverter is durable, and its design makes it last years without any issues. The aluminium shell adds to the durability. 

 Product Features & Specs

This Soyond inverter provides multi-protection, more than any other power inverter and we can say this is the safest one. It includes advanced polarity reverse protection against low voltage, overload, over-voltage, short circuit, overheating.

The output system has two AC outlets. This high power inverter continuously provides 3000-watt power and 6000 Watt peak power. It is not designed for top power appliances like electric heaters, curling irons, etc. So you should not use it for power those high power devices.

  • 3000w High Power Inverter provides 3000 watts DC to AC and 6000 watts peak power.
  • By using this inverter connect your Battery directly to power your appliances. Home or Outdoor Using – a 12V battery system to connect with it to your device in outdoors for Emergency, Storm, Hurricane, Outage, Party
  • Advanced polarity reverse protection against Low voltage, Overload, Short circuit, Overheat, Led light indicates working status.
  • One 3000W Power Inverter, 2 2.63 ft Battery connector, a User Manual,
  • 18 months warranty


  • Aluminium alloy body for durability.
  • Includes soft-start feature to reduce inrush current.
  • Advanced microprocessor control design.


  • Can make buzzing sound due to modified sine wave.
  • Does not contain LCD screen


10.  VOLTWORKS Power Inverter With Remote Control, LCD Display And Dual USB Ports

This Voltworks 2000Watt power inverter features strong heat dissipation, high metal properties, and alloy case for long time usage and ultimate safety and protection. This 2000Watt power inverter includes Input over-voltage and under-voltage protection, Output short-circuits, and over-load, over-current, over-temperature protection and protection from short circuit. More relief, less heat. To dissipate heat throughout the operation, the power inverter features a cooling fan which usually starts at 1/3 of the rated power of inverter, and after rotating, the efficiency will increase. 

Product Features & Specs

This Voltworks 2000Watt power inverter also includes LCD which displays the voltage, Hz, VAC, and load so that you can see the accurate status of the battery quickly. This power inverter contains a Remote Control so that you easily control it from a distance. The 15ft, long cable helps you to control the inverter turn ON/OFF. Moreover, it includes 2 USB Ports with 3 AC Outlets for simultaneously charging electronic appliances and Dual 2.4A USB Ports for fast charging of Smartphone etc.


  • Provides 2000 watt DC 12volt to AC 120volt power, up to 4000 peak power, with 3 AC outlets and 2×2.4A USB.
  • Features fast charging of your devices up to 2.4 amps. The three outlets (AC) are great for powering devices like home appliances, power tools, etc
  • Features an LCD which can let you know the voltage and status of your battery. The Remote Controller adds convenience to control the power inverter
  • Includes Input over-voltage/ under-voltage protection, Short circuit protection, Output short-circuit, over-load, over-current, over-temperature protection.
  • Cooling fan avoids overheating.
  • 18-month warranty


  •  Built-in Cooling fan avoids overheating.
  • 3 AC outlets are great for powering devices like home appliances, power tools.


  • Charging problems.


11.  NDDI Power Inverter Charger Adapter with Dual 3.1A USB Ports

This NDDI 1500Watt power inverter is manufactured for people who love to travel and keep their electrical devices running as well. Often, our journeys lead to places where you do not even get the power to charge the cellphones. From now on, if you have this NDDI power inverter, you are safe from such misfortunes. The two AC outputs deliver 1000W of nonstop power with a peak power of 1500W to enhance convenience and usability. 

Product Features & Specs

Furthermore, charging of the small devices is much more comfortable with this NDDI 1500Watt power inverter. The two USB ports have a 3.1A of DC current output for quick charging of your small appliances. Also, the built-in cooling fans never let the heat grow up inside your vehicle, thus eliminating the risks. Both of these fans are efficient and remain silent always.

  • This NDDI power inverter gives 2AC continuous 1500 watts outlet (3000 peak power), 2 Smart USB 3.1A ports.
  • The power inverter has 4 Useable fuses allows you to deal with the problem of replacing the fuse and two built-in cooling fans which increases life and usage time.
  • This NDDI Car inverter will solve charging problems on the roads — a perfect choice for a long journey, camping, and offices, etc. 
  • This inverter has multiple protections against short-circuit, low-voltage, overload, over-heating and high-voltage.
  • 18 months warranty.


  • Equipped with multiple different protections measure like over-heating, short-circuiting, and high-voltage damage.
  • Features 4 replaceable fuses


  • Customer care is not supportive.


Ultimate Buying Guide – Power Inverter For Trucks and Cars

Things To Consider While Buying Power Inverter

Getting the best truck power inverter can be a complicated task. It gets much complicated if you are a beginner. While buying a power inverter, you must know about certain factors like size, power and lastly your budget.

That’s why we have compiled a detailed buying guide regarding the best power inverter for your truck. Let’s have a look:

Size of Inverter

There is a common misunderstanding that bigger inverters are better, but they are not right. The size of the power inverter has nothing to do with its power delivery and capability. If you have a place to mount it, then measure it before purchasing.

The Sine Wave or Modified Wave

The power inverters for trucks come in two variants: sine wave and modified wave technology. Both of these have their own uses. If the truck is equipped with sensitive equipment like drilling machines, then sine wave technology is suggested.


There are many power inverters available in the market that offers round-the-go installation. But some of them are expensive and may require expertise for installation. However, if you are busy and cannot visit a shop for the installation of the inverter can buy easy installation inverters. 

Higher Capacity

The capacity of inverters for trucks depends on the types of electrical appliances you are using. If you have aa refrigerator, a TV, and some other equipment, then you should consider purchasing an inverter with 2000-4000 W of power capacity. These power inverters have abilities to secure the electric appliances against any fluctuations.

If you are only looking to charge a cell phone or a laptop, then a power inverter with 1000-1500 W is enough.

Number of features

The inverter is not just a box that provides high voltage. Instead, these devices have tons of other functionalities. For the ones who prefer to get notifications from the power inverters like overloading notification, the battery levels and others, the inverters with the LED display will be suitable.

Price Range

The price range is always a point to talk about. Many companies sell their products at budget-friendly prices; however, some have high prices. It depends on you and which manufacturer you prefer to go with.

Every product, as mentioned above, is funnelled down from a list of multiple power inverters. You can pick a reliable one from here according to your budget.


Power Inverter FAQs

What is a power inverter?

It is a device that converts DC into AC and can be used by connecting to a battery. A battery with inverters can power electrical appliances.

Why do I need power inverter?

It is necessary if you want to use electrical appliances in your truck. People install these devices in their trucks or vehicles to the power DVD player, TV, Microwave, and Refrigerator etc.

Does power inverter drain car battery faster?

An inverter can drain your truck’s battery fast if you are using it when you aren’t driving. But it works fine if you’re using it while driving the vehicle.

Can we connect more than one battery?

Yes. You can connect two or more batteries if you use the devices that need more power and voltage.


Final Words

To purchase the best power inverter for your truck, you need to look for the inverters that match with the appliances you have. The best inverters are useful for camping, long trips and weekends away. With different power capacity, the power inverters are the simplest and most efficient tool to consider. 

We hope that the products, as mentioned above, will be helpful for you and you will be able to find the best power inverter for your truck. 

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