Best Truck Seat Covers – Top 12 Reviews

We get it; you want to keep your truck lovely. But daily driving will eventually bring wear and tear to your inner spaces – especially to your seats. A set of seat covers will not only save your investment from spills and thrills, but can also improve the look, and impress the passengers. 

Once you start to use custom seat covers, you might soon feel overwhelmed. There are a ton of choices available on the market. That’s why we decided to make things easier with our list of the Best truck Seat Covers. Take a look at our best-selling seat covers; we’re confident that this list will lead you to the perfect seat covers for your truck.

Reviews of the Best Truck Seat Covers

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Best Rated Truck Seat Covers – Top 12 Reviews and Recommendations

1.  FH Group Universal Set Flat Fit Full Cloth Fabric Truck and Car Seat Cover


This FH Group car seat covers come in many colours, and they are washable. They go on easy and fit your truck. It takes about 45 minutes to install these car seat covers. A little tug and you’re done. You will have to customize these covers a little for seat belts and other push through. 

Product Features & Specs

This truck seat covers feature high-grade fabric with three millimetres of foam. The foam disperses heat and keeps you relax during long trips. The seat cover stays in place due to concealed Velcro and adjustable straps. The seat cover has a universal fit, compatible with almost all vehicle seats. 

  • Includes 1 set rear bench, two front buckets, four headrest covers
  • Universal seat covers fit all seats (Trucks, Cars, Vans, & SUV )
  • Materials are Durable & Comfortable High-Quality Fabric- Easy to Clean Breathable washable, Air dry
  • No Stain Resistant


  • Includes 1 set rear bench, two front buckets, four headrest covers
  • Durable & Comfortable High-Quality Fabric


  • The covers are fragile.


2.  BDK OS309CC Charcoal Gray Polypro Black Easy Wrap Truck and Car Seat Cover


Putting in new truck seat covers is the nightmare for most drivers. Thankfully, this BDK Car Seat Cover is not tough to set up. These seat covers are made from a stretchable material that makes them very easy to customize. The fabric is soft to provide the comfort you want when you are in your truck. Plus it also includes a foam backing, and it’s washable. That being mentioned, you’ll not have any problem keeping your vehicle clean. 

Product Features & Specs

These car seat covers are geared with a one-tuck-bar in and also a strap to make installation a lot simpler. This car seat covers also feature “S” hooks which also makes the fitting a breeze. The BDK Car Seat Cover will not only provide the comfort to you but will also give the interior of your truck a classy and stylish look.

  • Charcoal Gray and Black – Blends Perfectly into your Interior
  • Machine Washable Cloth with Polyester Foam Backing
  • Seating with Durable covers, Easy-Fit Material
  • Includes 2 Front Back Seat Covers, Bench Cover & 5 Headrest Covers


  • Improves the look of your vehicle.
  • Blends Perfectly into your Interior
  • Easy fitting


  • Fabric is not durable.


3.  FH Group Universal Cloth Fit Flat Pair Bucket Seat Cover – Fit Most Trucks and Cars


If you have a less budget, but you want a durable and top-notch seat cover, then this pair of truck seat covers by FH Group is your option. That said, this truck seat cover pair is available in many other colours than the universal black colour, offering you a wide range of choices for matching with your truck interior.

This seat cover features an internal 3mm foam padding for super comfort and Velcro adjustable straps for smooth installation and removal.

Product Features & Specs

This FH Group universal seat cover comes as a pair including two covers for front seats, and the cover is divided into a bucket and headrest cover. These covers have a universal fitting so it these will be suitable for many cars, Truck, SUV and vans seats. The fabric of this seat cover is durable, breathable, and though although it is not waterproof, but it is machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance, and you can air-dry these covers.

  • Two headrest covers and two front bucket
  • Universal seat covers
  • Materials Durable & Comfortable Breathable, Machine washable, Air dry High-Quality Fabric
  • Protect a new Seat or an Old One


  • Affordable
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Universal fitting design
  • Velcro adjustable straps for easy removal and installation


  • Not waterproof


4.  Dickies Heavy Duty Water-resistant Trader Seat Cover


For the kids, you need a protective cover that keeps your vehicle safe and prevents expensive repairs to the material. This Dickies cover is water-resistant and feature cutouts for seat belts and fits bench seats with or without headrests. It is made from polyester fabric; it is strong and can endure what a field hockey, basketball, and soccer throw at it. The seat cover comes in black and simple to fit. This product provides style comfort and protection.

Product Features & Specs

The Dickies Heavy Duty Trader truck seat covers come with ultimate durability and protects your truck seats. It is water-resistant, and you can expect these truck seat covers to defend your seats from a range of harsh elements like dirt, UV light, dust etc. With these seat covers, you can carry your children and pets without any worry that they will damage your truck seats. The fitment of these covers is easy, and the pack also includes detailed instructions which are easy to follow. The covers can fit universal bucket seats with armrests and high-back. 

  • This seat cover provides durable protection from gardening gear, dirt, pet hair & other stains.
  • The seat covers are made of polyester to protect your seat’s fabric. Fits universal seats with overhead Size: 24″ x 53″ water-resistant covers.
  • Covers for trucks, sedans, vans & other vehicles are perfect for keeping your car cleaner. Great for drinks, pets, food & dirt.


  • Tough
  • Easy On, Easy Off Fitment
  • Ideal protection from pets, gardening mess and dirty work


  • Not enough seat belt holes


5.  Gorla Premium Universal Fit Waterproof Seat Cover


Gorla offers a premium, universal fit, waterproof truck seat covers. This premium seat cover is designed to protect your leather or cloth interior seats from drink spills, sweat, pet fur and, as well as daily grime and dirt. This product features an anti-slip backing that eliminates bunching. The company also features a perfect fit on the seat and improves durability. A strap ensures the cover won’t slide while driving. This cover is built from neoprene material so that it won’t stick to your skin.

Product Features & Specs

This seat cover also features a seat belt protector, which will save your belts from sweat and water. When it is not in use, this seat cover can be rolled up easily and includes a strap for simple storage. You can also wash this cover with detergent, or machine wash. This truck seat cover measures 21.25-inches wide 54-inches long for maximum coverage.

  • Universal fit and 100% waterproof protection for your interior bucket seat from drink spills, sweat, pet fur & dander.
  • ANTI SLIP backing removes bunching. This car seat protector provides a contoured fit. INTEGRATED STRAPS certifies that your cover will not move while driving.
  • Unlike other nylon protectors, this won’t stick when it’s hot. Neoprene is comfortable to sit on.
  • Seat belt neoprene cover protects your seat belts from sweat! 
  • Return due to any reason, ten days, ten months or ten years from purchase. Buy without risk!


  • Universal fit and 100% waterproof protection
  • ANTI SLIP backing removes bunching
  • Integrated Straps


  • Complains regarding extreme chemical odour.


6.  EDEALYN Ultra-Luxury PU Leather Seat Cover Protection


The EDEALYN luxury Seat Cover is made of heavy-duty leather. The inner part of the cover is made of heat-insulated cloth and high-elasticity sponge, so it’s much comfortable to sit and drive for hours. Non-slip silicone is included to the bottom, so it stays in place. Furthermore, the cover consists of adjustable straps that keep the car seat in place. The installation is super easy.

Product Features & Specs

These truck seat covers include breathable material with the high-elastic sponge in the inner side. Moreover, the fabric is non-woven, heat-insulated, antistatic and antibacterial providing comfortable sitting. These easy to fit seat covers also protect the seats against daily tear, wear, and dirt. 

  • It will fit the seat of most vehicles Chevy Silverado, Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Honda Pilot, Nissan Altima/Teana, Ford F150/ expedition, Toyota Tundra, GMC, Mercedes Benz E Series etc. Similarly sized cars.)
  • Unlike other seat covers that spread to the side of the seat interfere with the airbags, this cover is entirely safe with side-impact airbags.


  • Easy to install
  • Affordably priced
  • Breathable material for ultimate comfort


  • Not include many features like other car seat covers.


7.  Seat Covers Unlimited – Black Universal Car Seat Cover for Truck and Car Bench Seats


Seat Covers Unlimited truck bench Seat Covers are a great choice for drivers who want that Western-style and excellent protection. The tight woven material is durable, highly water-resistant, and effortless to clean. While the cost of these covers maybe a little less than others but by no means, it indicates less protection. These truck bench Seat Covers are coated and water, fade, and scratch-resistant.

Product Features & Specs

Superior heavy-duty coated blanket truck seat covers add power and ultimate durability to your truck seats. They will keep spills and dust off your original fabric. These covers feature industrial-grade, heavy-duty, Black Atomic Poly Fabric on back, sides and Trim. Stain, water and fade resistant Western-Style truck Seat Covers.

Seat Covers Unlimited truck bench seat covers are machine washable in cold water and air-dried. Remove all hooks before washing.

  • These covers work for front bench seats. If you have buckets, split-bench, or anything than the straight bench seat, these covers will not fit.
  • Available in 10 colours
  • Highly durable material that will survive intense wear
  • One-piece seat cover for easy installation.


  • Available in 10 colours
  • Easy installation


  • Fabric is not tough.


8.  Motor Trend OS-274-GR SeatGo Pro 3 Layer Waterproof Car Seat Covers


This Motor Trend Seat cover features ingenious design and fabric for both fit and fashion. This Motor trend seat cover updates the appearance of dirty and old covers and protects them against fading, dirt, splits, stains, and pet hairs. This seat cover is straightforward to apply and will fit the most vehicle.

Product Features & Specs

Modern Gray and Black Auto Protection, this Motor Trend product features three-layer waterproof seat covers and also a soft polyester fabric outer layer with neoprene backing waterproof. Behind these coatings is a non-slip backing which both strengthens and prevents from daily wear and tear, while also keep the seat cover in place and avoid any slide and slippage.

  • Durable and Comfortable Neoprene Seat Cover to Enhance your Auto Interior.
  • 100% Waterproof –against All Messes and Spills.
  • Machine Washable Cloth with Foam Backing
  • Fits Most SUVs, Vans, Sedans, & Trucks (Please Check the Fitment Chart).
  • Easy Installation.


  • The outer soft polyester layer
  • 3-layer 100% waterproof
  • Easy & quick installation


  • They are not good in hot conditions. 


9.  Copap Universal Stripe Colorful Baja Bucket Seat Cover with Seat-Belt Pad Protectors


Copap Baja Front Seat Covers come with classic Baja design. This seat cover will be a superb choice to enhance the interior of your truck. Additionally, 3mm foam padding scatters dampness and keeps you cool even under the hot environment. This 4pc front cover for car seats also includes a seat belt protector. Its universal fitting will precisely fit most seats with adjustable headrests.

Product Features & Specs

This seat cover provides a very convenient way to save your seats. It is made from highly breathable materials with padding of 3mm foam. This super quality car seat cover features an elegant design to enhance the look of your truck’s interior; it also features a soft, fully washable material. It takes no time to install this car seat cover.

  • Gives a convenient way to save brand new seats.
  • Premium material and 3mm padding – comfortable and breathable material.
  • Compatible with most seats with adjustable or built-in headrests.
  • Colourful Baja flavour design
  • Includes 2pc Safety Seat Pad Protectors and 2pc Front Seat Covers.


  • Breathable and comfortable material
  • Fit seats with adjustable headrests
  • Easy to put on and remove


  • It’s hard to keep it in place.


10.  FH Group Gray Front Airbag Ready Sport Bucket Seat Cover


This FH Group grey colour front airbag seat cover is ranked among the best seat covers and comes in a set of two bucket seat covers and headset covers. Side airbag compatible and features special stitching technique that makes it one the best seat cover. This seat cover will not affect the sides of airbags from working. Its front seat cover is double-stitched, which makes the product more durable. Use of high-quality material makes the car seat cover comfortable. Easy to maintain it fits into all types of car seats easily.

Product Features & Specs

Unlike other car seat covers, these FH seat covers for trucks come with stretchy fabrics with pockets for storage. But you will have to detach the headrest to put these seat covers. Whereas many manufacturer’s claims that their products are compatible with airbags – these car seat covers are tested for this purpose.  The passenger’s and driver’s ease is also kept in mind while manufacturing these seat covers. There is a section in the back for storage purposes, and a thick foam padding with sporty design – quite nice features, we guess!

  • Two headrest covers and two front covers.
  • Officially tested Airbag Compatible, special stitching allows it to inflate when needed. Back of the seat is made by stretchy fabric with pockets for storage.
  • Materials are comfortable, breathable high-quality fabric-
  • Universal application ( cars, trucks, vans, & SUV )


  • Officially tested Airbag Compatible.
  • Materials are comfortable, breathable high-quality fabric.


  •  Some people find material thin.


11.  FH Group Classic Cloth Car Pair Set High Back Seat Covers


This seat cover from FH Group comes as a pair of 2 high back seat covers that are built as a single piece, and are useful with either detachable or non-removable headrests. The pair is designed for traditional or heated seats and fits almost all kinds of seats in trucks, cars, vans, and SUVs. Though not waterproof, the materials used in making these seat covers are highly breathable that is backed by a 3mm foam inside padding, making the entire design comfortable. 

Product Features & Specs

Talking about the fitting, it’s designed to adjust any shaped seats. Yes, this stretchy fabric is almost universal. You can’t save the car seats from getting torn, threadbare, and split with it if the headrest is non-detachable. Breathable materials absorb liquids, and strains stuck on this seat cover can easily damage your original seats. But these FH Group seat covers are machine washable.

  • Pack includes 1 Free Air Freshener and two front bucket covers.
  • 3D Air Mesh polyester with 3D air mesh centre panel and advanced stitching. Material is breathable, extra thickness, and sturdy and washable in washable, air dry.
  • Adjustable straps make installation, and reattachment a breeze. 
  • Made to fit traditional and heated seats.
  • Machine wash and air dry. Universal application ( Cars, Trucks, Vans, & SUV ).


  • Made of a highly breathable cloth material plus a 3mm foam
  • Adjustable straps make installation, and reattachment a breeze


  • Not waterproof


12.  FH Group Black Faux Leather Seat Cover


Add all the style and luxury of leather to your automobile without the upkeep. These car seat covers are made of the quality faux leather and with a protecting coating to make them durable and beautiful. 3 mm of thick foam padding dissolves heat, removing the struggle of burning hot leather and keep you cool even in the summer days.

Product Features & Specs

The pack includes two bucket covers, a backrest rear cover, a bag of snaps, five headrest covers, and a bottom bench cover. These FH Group car seat covers features Semi-Universal fit and are suited for a wide range of trucks, cars and SUVs. Installation work is made effortless with the instruction videos on the FH Group website. Lastly, these truck seat covers are compatible with your vehicle’s airbags, and unique stitching allows airbag working.

  • Side airbag companionable – tested – stitching technique lets airbag to work correctly upon impact. It will not block airbags from deploying. 
  • Bench covers have three zippers to accommodate 40/60 split, 40/20/40 split and 50/50 split. 
  • Materials are Durable & Comfortable, PU Leather Breathable – Easy to Clean, Air dry.
  • Universal application fits Trucks, Cars, Vans, & SUV. 


  • Materials are Durable & Comfortable, PU Leather Breathable
  • Side airbag companionable officially tested.


  • Some reviews state that they did not secure the seats to stay in place.


Truck Seat Covers Buying Guide

Truck seat covers shopping can be a complicated job. You should look at some of the key elements before shopping. 

Let’s examine the key features that we should consider while buying a truck seat covers.

  • Compatibility

Compatibility in the truck seat covers has to do with the fitting. Obviously, the seat cover is only valuable if it fits your truck, and therefore, it is significant to check out the factor. 

  • Material

Selection of material quality plays a vital in determining the best seat covers for your vehicle. For example, leather seat covers have a high-end look but are not breathable and are expensive than others. They are also not machine washable.

For mesh or cloth seat covers, they are affordable, breathable, and washable, but most of them are not waterproof and not suitable to be used as a pet seat covers.

  • Color & Design

The design and colour of the seat covers don’t have any direct effect on its performance; it is good to consider this factor. For example, if your truck has a wooden finish, then it would be suitable to purchase a wooden, black or brown coloured covers instead of an orange or yellow. 

  • Ease of Cleaning

Easy-To-Maintain covers are always a better option; the ideal cover set should be machine washable as this decreases the manual work when eliminating the dirt. However, there are seat covers that can’t be washed, and these include the leather ones mostly. If you prefer such seat covers for your truck, make sure that they are easy to wipe.

  • Budget

The last thing to check is the price of the seat covers. The expensive ones may have several features and are possibly high end. You should not purchase them if they are out of your budget.

The recommended process is to look out the features you prefer, look for the covers who fulfil your needs, then pick the affordable one. This will allow you to save a lot for your next shopping trip.


Truck Seat Covers FAQs

Are seat covers difficult to install?

In general, the process is easy. Most of the seat covers attach via buckles or straps that connect the seat itself. Back seat covers are little tricky to install than front covers, as removal of the seat may be involved. 

Are covers easy to clean and maintain?

Some materials can be machine-washed, while others must be hand-washed. The process isn’t complicated, but it is useful to go through the manufacturer’s instructions so you can know what is and is not right for a specific fabric. 

Which type of seat covers provides the best moisture protection?

The ideal material to protect against moisture and dampness is neoprene. Some other fabrics aids in moisture-resistance too, but read the product’s description to know how moisture-resistant it is.

How do you get seat covers to stay on?

Remove the headrest and move the rear of the seat forward. Slide the cover over the seat and pull it down. Set the base of the seat cover over the base. Clip elastic under the seat with the clips at the end of each elastic band and you are done. 


Final Verdict

When shopping for the seat covers, base your decision on your needs rather than on what you like. There’s no sense in purchasing an expensive material if you don’t need it. Buy a set of seat covers that are well-suited to your driving routine.

Try using our above list of best seat covers for your truck. This is an excellent way to simplify the process of what seat covers you should go for.

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