Best Truck Seat Cushion – Top 12 Reviews

Driving should be comfortable, regardless of the distance. Neck stiffness, back pains and stress are some of the consequences of not investing in quality truck seat cushions. Be a sensible driver and avoid the hassles of nursing body maladies, only go for the ergonomically-designed and well-built truck seat cushions. 

The options are many as you’ll recognize upon surfing through the below list of carefully chosen seat cushions. Cushions for injured passengers and even for toddlers are available for purchase; you only have to identify your needs. Remember, you should also pay attention to the details such as the colour, texture, material, and even the fitting of the cushion. 


Reviews of the Best Truck Seat Cushion

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Best Rated Truck Seat Cushion – Top 12 Reviews and Recommendations

Where driving safety and convenience are concerned, but details also matter. With thorough study and comprehensive analysis, we’ve shortlisted the best truck seat cushions for you.

1.  Everlasting Comfort Truck and Car Seat Cushion Memory Foam for Hip and Tailbone Pain

Relax in luxury with this Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Cushion. Orthopedists across the globe advise its U-shaped ergonomic design because it lightens pressure in strategic parts of your body. By using the heat-responsive technology, this foam cushion moulds perfectly to the shape of your back, offering ideal support, and preserves the shape after every use.

Premium quality memory foam with no condiments and built of the exact same material as the world’s best memory foam brands. This advanced cushion responds to the temperature of your body to offer the optimal density of cushioning for custom support.

Product Features & Specs

This Everlasting foam seat cushion is built with premium quality foam. You will find ease and comfort in any seat with this cushion’s non-slip gel rubber bottom, soft exterior, and portable size. Great for softening hard surfaces like truck bench seats, car seats, plastic chairs, stadium seats, office chairs, airline seats, and bleachers. Avoid pain and suffering and start using this comfortable Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion.

  • This foam is 100% pure and is made of the same material as the leading memory foam makers. You can use it to overcome bad posture and relieve pain while driving for long periods.
  • The advanced memory pillow responds to the heat of your body. The thick padding and cushions provide you with that comfort and support your lower back, tailbone, spine and hips from those pressure points.
  • U shaped ergonomic cushion recommended by orthopaedic across the globe for chronic or acute pain. 
  • Enjoy this pillow’s soft exterior and a gel rubber bottom. An excellent solution for your car, truck, kitchen chair, wheelchair, aeroplane, computer desk chairs at home. Can be used as a riser, or car cushion to raise the height of the seat. It’s small, and portable helps you to find relief when you travel. Plus its cover is machine washable.


  •  The cushion improves your posture.
  • Pain reliever
  • The advanced memory pillow responds to the heat of your body. 
  • The U-shaped design helps relieve pressure on the hips, lower back, coccyx, spine, tailbone and more.


  • The colour of these foam cushions leaves stains and colour marks on car seats.


2.  ComfiLife Enhanced Gel Seat Cushion – Memory Foam Coccyx Cushion Non-Slip Orthopedic Gel For Truck and Car Seat

This ComfiLife Gel-Enhanced Coccyx Cushion is a multipurpose and natural solution for sciatica relief and back pain or everyday comfort while driving. It helps release back pain by decreasing pressure on the back and tailbone with its cut-out rear. The ergonomic contour structure further promotes spinal alignment and a good posture.

Product Features & Specs

100% High-Density Foam topped with a gel layer is long-lasting and provides comfort than others. The all-in-one design engineered into this potable transport cushion is unmatched. Its resilient zippered cover is machine washable for cleaning. It also includes a built-in handle and is lightweight.

Firmness for all-foam cushions changes with varying conditions and temperature. The cushion feels softer in hot and firmer in winters. Room temperature is perfect for optimal performance. ComfiLife Coccyx Seat Cushion will deliver less support with increased weight.

  • Built with ultimate comfort in mind, this foam cushion features a premium rubber texture to confirm minimal to no movement.
  • ComfilLife’s features are supreme: Built-In Handle for simple carry, Non-Slip rubber bottom, and machine-washable velour cover. The Cushion is the best memory gel foam cushion on the market 
  • The ergonomically designed cushion gives support and ease by reducing pressure on the tailbone and healthy posture.
  • It supports recovery from back problems, tailbone injuries, herniated discs, sciatica and other issues. Great for travel, office, home, car seats or wheelchair use. 


  • This cushion features a premium rubber texture.
  • It supports recovery from back problems, tailbone injuries.
  • The Cushion is the best memory gel foam cushion on the market.


  • It is not that firm for some users.


3.  Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion, Memory Foam Cool Gel Large Orthopedic Tailbone Pillow for Back, Sciatica, and Tailbone Pain

This Kieba Coccyx orthopaedic superior grade foam cushion adds comfort and relief to any car seat, plane seat, chair, bench, wheelchair, or floor. The cooling gel technology stabilizes temperature by decreasing trapped body heat and releases pressure points. The U-shape design contoured cushion offers relief from tension and pain, and also promotes a healthy posture, healthy weight distribution, proper spine alignment, and ultimate comfort.

Product Features & Specs

Made from the high-grade memory foam, this truck seat cushion will not squash out from extended use like any other seat cushions. The firm density of this seat cushion delivers extra support. You can also remove the breathable cover from the back zippers for proper cleaning.

  • Ultra-premium foam layered with gel technology delivers ultimate comfort. New large design with extra gel coverage than others. It is built to relieve pain from the coccyx (tailbone), hip, lower back, spine, and sciatic areas. Firm density gives extra support.
  • 100% therapeutic grade memory foam with gel. The non-slip bottom makes sure that the cushion remains in place and will not slide on any surface.
  • It promotes healthy posture and normal weight distribution of comfortable sitting.
  • Superior comfort for any car seat, plane seat, chair, bench, or wheelchair.
  • Removable cover is machine washable.


  • 100% therapeutic grade memory foam with gel
  • Superior comfort for any car seat, plane seat, chair etc.
  • It is built to relieve pain from the coccyx (tailbone), hip, lower back pain.


  • Way too thick to use in a car.


4.  SOFTaCARE Coccyx Orthopedic Seat Cushion Memory Foam and Lumbar Support Pillow (Set of 2)

For people who work eight hours seated, it is common to have various problems such as spine problems back pains, neck and shoulder problems. However, by using this SOFTaCARE orthopaedic memory foam seat cushion, you can forget about all these problems. This memory foam has an ANATOMIC shape which will relive all pressure and back pain.

Product Features & Specs

This SOFTaCARE seat cushion is more than a tailbone cushion. This set also includes a lumbar support pillow that you can strap to any chair, from car seat to the kitchen table. What makes this the best truck seat cushion is its non-slip rubber bottom, premium memory foam, built-in handle, adjustable straps, breathable mesh, and phone pocket. 

The inclusion of lumbar pillow is a perfect idea, as it meshes with the tailbone to enhance the posture and relaxation when sitting for longer hours. 

  • This seat cushion decrease pressure on the back and coccyx because of ANATOMIC SHAPE and relief pain of herniated discs, sciatica, and tailbone injuries, etc. Lumbar Support Pillow relieves back pain.
  • This Sitting Cushion for cars has a non-slip bottom – to keep it in place, washable zippered cover for simple cleaning. 
  • It includes a breathable Mesh – to avoid getting hot, POCKET FOR MP3, cellphone 
  • This Car seat cushion will help you with all surface – office chair, car seat, desk chair.


  • Two complimentary ergonomic pillows in one convenient package.
  • Handle for portability.
  • Removable covers on both pillows for cleanliness and long life.
  • A pocket on the lumbar pillow is nice.
  • Non-slip rubber feet.


  • Low density, these cushions flatten easily.


5.  Xtreme Comforts Large Seat Cushion with Carry Handle and Anti Slip Bottom Gives Relief from Back Pain

The Extreme Comfort large seat cushion is built with a dual-layer foam system. This unique structure combines the two elements you are searching for durability and comfort. Its extra-large size allows it to deliver more significant coverage to divide pressure effectively and equally while compatible with body contours. This car seat cushion is firm enough to provide you with great support, and you can use it perfectly on any surface. 

Product Features & Specs

This large seat cushion is designed to relieve numb buttocks, back pain, and other discomforts due to extended sitting. ​ This improved version includes a high-grade cover layered with an ANIT-Slip layer at the bottom of the seat cushion to keep it in place and a handle for smooth transportation anywhere you go with this large seat cushion.

This XF seat cushion is stylish and comfortable and features a built-in handle, which makes it easy to carry, and it goes where you go like car, train, truck, wheelchairs, sporting events etc.

  • Hard and traditionally padded seat cushion avoid pressure on your spine alignment, Poor posture, Decreased blood circulation, Pinched nerves & other problems. 
  • It promotes equal weight distribution relieving pain naturally –
  • The built-in handle makes it portable. Great for Computer Desk, Office Chair, Kitchen, Dining room, Living room, Couch, Patio, Recliner. Carry it with you to Bleachers. Truck, Train & Airplane Travel, Classrooms Great for Car. Use it for Yoga, or as a Kneeling Pad Cushion.


  • Hard and traditionally padded seat cushion avoid pressure on your spine
  • It promotes equal weight distribution relieving pain naturally.
  • The built-in handle makes it portable.


  • Foam is not durable


6.  FORTEM Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support for Truck and Car Seat and Office Chair

This FORTEM provides the users with the best truck seat cushion that delivers the best comfort and remain sturdy. The seat cushions are super comfortable and will prevent any pressure points. You will love the ergonomic contours that distribute the body weight evenly for the perfect performance. 

Product Features & Specs

Furthermore, another notable feature of this FORTEM seat cushion is the supportive soft padding that keeps your Coccyx, hips, and spine, relaxed. It also features strong lumbar support with adjustable elastic straps that will support your back when sitting for lengthy periods. This makes it useful in easing swollen muscles and joints.

  • 100% Memory Foam
  • Seat cushion includes a handy handle. Lumbar support has adjustable straps.
  • Seat cushion prevents pressure on your back and coccyx.
  • Cushions made with premium memory foam and washable covers. 
  • It is lightweight and portable makes it a perfect travel companion.


  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Lumbar support has adjustable straps.
  • Cushions made with premium memory foam


  • Straps are not durable.


7.  Orthopedic Memory Foam Ergonomic Lumbar Support Back Pillow Cushion For Truck and Car Seat

With this Feagar Lumbar Support Pillow, you have something that’s very exceptionally designed. It’s larger than the other products, but this is part of the orthopaedic design. You will have to place this above the bottom of your truck seat, and it will offer your spine with excellent support. Its memory foam c cushion will force your lumbar spine to the correct alignment, and it will keep you balanced and upright. This means you will sit in a healthy posture and avoid the back pain.

Product Features & Specs

One excellent feature of this truck seat cushion is the extension strap that you can attach to this cushion and also wrap it around your truck seat. It measures 18 inches in length, so it simply gets around the truck seat, allowing you to secure this seat cushion, and these straps will keep the cushion from slipping down or slide. It’s made of very breathable material and is essential for long car journeys, especially in hot conditions. 

  • 12-month warranty, 30 days hassle-free return and refund.
  • If you are continuously driving or sitting, this memory foam seat cushion will give you the relief from your pains. It is perfect for middle & lower back pains.
  • With this breathable mesh soft velvet cover, this support pillow will keep back air circulating. 
  • This ergonomic seat cushion and backrest with contoured structure can be used anywhere back of a chair and fits any height. It will correct your posture instead of hunched over your desk.
  • This seat cushion and pillow is right for the car seat, gaming chair, wheelchair, recliner, office chair, any home chair or the seat on a bus, aeroplane or train. And backrest pad is ideal for students; people need a wheelchair, pregnant women, drivers, teachers, office workers etc.


  • This is an ergonomic seat cushion and backrest
  • It includes support pillow
  • Straps are included in the pack


  • The foam quality is not that good


8.  Seat Cushion With 3 Levels Cooling and 2 Levels Heating Pad for Truck, Car, Home and Office

If you’re among those people who can’t easily decide if they are feeling cold or hot or both, then this Snailax Cooling & Heating seat Cushion is perfect for you. This car seat warmer by Snailax has four air intake car vents to distribute cold air, it rapidly wicks out the body heat and moisture preventing you from sweating. The cover includes mesh air holes and is also ventilated. The heating zone contains two heating pads on the seat and at the back. The heating offers both the warming comfort and soothing heat cure for the hip area and the back. You can select between the two heating modes.

Product Features & Specs

Cooling air cushion has a powerful air intake to suck the air and reprocess to the whole seat, cooling airflow from this cushion and reduce perspiration, delivering an optimum relaxed car seat cooler during summer. Built-in straps system secure this heating and cooling seat cushion to your car seats or home chairs. This Snailax seat cushion also features the non-slip bottom so it will not slip or slide.

  • Cool in summer. Cool Function provides moisture management. Special Ventilation Cooling layer battles the body heat with quick-dry 3D Mesh, so you are always dry.
  • Warm in Winter. Dual rapid heating, with heat therapy and seat, will bring warm feeling in the cold. Overheat Protection and remains stable.
  • Ventilation and cooling layer. 
  • 3D breathable mesh 3D Spacer fabric, its lower and upper side mesh, and the middle is the unique structure made of polyester, giving the excellent support ventilation functions and force.
  • Universal fit, compatible with 12V car and also for 24V Trucks, Bus Boat, Home and Car adapter are included, portable for office, home use too.


  • Universal fit, compatible with 12V car and also for 24V Trucks
  • Ventilation and cooling layer
  • Dual rapid heating, with heat therapy and seat, will bring warm feeling in the cold.


  • The controllers are not good.


9.  Zone Tech Cooling Truck and Car Seat Cushion with Automotive Adjustable Temperature Comfortable Cooling

Change blistering hot summer drives to a relaxed ride with this Zone Tech Cooling Seat Cushion. Use this cushion in your truck to enjoy a relaxing drive during the summer heat. This air provides comfort and cooling relief simultaneously. Driving in summer or any boiling day can be a challenge. Sweat running through your head and on your back is an uncomfortable feeling. You can change these things into something relaxing or comfortable by using this Zone Tech Cooling seat cushions. No more damp back and you can enjoy a refreshing and cool feeling in your driving.

 Product Features & Specs

The seat cushion can be used for home or at work with an AC adapter. Enjoy the comfortable feeling of this cushion in your car, home or office. Just plug it into 12V lighter adapter, and a fan will circulate the refreshing air to your thighs and back legs. Turn the dial from low to high to medium according to the temperature in your car, or your preferences. The seat cushion has a universal fit. You can attach this cushion securely with straps in your truck, SUV, car or even RVs. This seat cushion puts a cool, breathable layer between your car’s upholstery and your body. The refreshing air flows from the cushion grips the body heat and decreases sweat, offering a comfortable ride during summer.

  • The Zone cooling seat cushion safe you from the summer heat preventing your seat from cracking.
  • The Zone Tech seat cushion can circulate air through the tiny spaces in the mesh materials. This seat cushion offers a breathable layer between the car’s upholstery and your body. The airflow from the cushion absorbs heat and reduces perspiration.
  • The Zone Tech seat cushion is a universal fit in vehicles. 
  • The Zone Tech cooling car seat cushion is easy to use. 


  • Easy to use
  • It absorbs heat and reduces perspiration
  • The Zone Tech seat cushion is a universal fit in vehicles


  • Bodyweight blocks off all the air holes, and therefore airflow is not good.


10.  KINGLETING Heated Seat Cushion with Intelligent Temperature Controller

This KINGLETING heated seat cushion brings that luxury feels to your vehicle. You won’t find a more quality seat cushion with this feel and premium look. This is an attractive heated car seat cushion. It is has a low profile look and is super slim. This is like a heated mat that fits on your seat than a heated cushion.

It’s simple to use and warm with its extraordinary heating control. Just place it under the car seat, and in 30 seconds you will feel the difference. With a hook beneath that fits on to seat handle and clip that fits around the headrest, all you will have to do is place this 12v into your car’s lighter socket.

Product Features & Specs

Pre-selected temperatures prevent inconsistent heating, and the timer allows you to turn on a time—30, 60, or 90 minutes—without the worry that you forget to shut off the heat.

There is also a thermostat feature built into this cushion to heat, then stop to avoid damaging the cover, and then warming again to preserve the comfort range. You will like that this seat cushion as it is thin and features a universal fit. Elastic bands hold the seat cushion in place the bottom of the seat and under the headrest.

  • Kingleting heated seat cushion increases the temperature quickly providing warmth for your back, hips and thighs. The highest temperature is 60℃.
  • By using the controller, you can set the temperature to 30 ℃ to 60 ℃ every three ℃ freely.
  • If you overlook to off the switch, its protection gives you with timing choices in 30 minutes, 60 or 90 minutes to stop battery drain
  • The heated seat cushion fits almost all standard types of cars, SUVs, and RV seats.


  • Various temperature and timer settings
  • Anti-freeze wiring harness
  • Easy cigarette lighter vehicle plug-in


  • Claims to be fire retardant, but some feedback of melted spots.


11.  Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion & Lumbar Back Cushion Combo – Orthopedic Design for Coccyx & Tailbone Pain

Welcome, this 100% gel infused & ventilated memory foam seat cushion, designed to offer the perfect blend of support and comfort to alleviate all your pain and provide you with the everlasting luxury you seek. Whether you’re on a road trip, pulling an all-nighter on a paper, travelling, or at work, this seat cushion will provide your body with the comfort and relief it needs.

Product Features & Specs

Both seat cushions feature high-quality gel-infused memory foam and well-placed holes to improve cooling and comfort. Coupled with a breathable and hypoallergenic cover to maximize airflow for the best experience.

This car seat cushion responds to your body heat and provides the optimal density of ergonomically designed to target and relieve the pain. Relax without the need to readjust, this back cushion’s dual straps (adjustable) can be fixed to any part of car seat back, and this seat cushion’s texturized non-slip bottom stays secure in its place.

  • This seat and back cushion features a formula with gel-infused memory foam to enhance cooling.
  • Due to universal contoured structure, this support cushion can be placed along the back for middle, thoracic, neck, upper, spine or lower back pain relief. 
  • We use an ergonomic design U shaped recommended by orthopaedic doctors across the globe for treatment of acute pain by easing pressure in strategic areas. 
  • The advanced memory foam responds to the body heat to mould perfectly. The thick padding compresses and provide you with that Comfort and yet keeps its shape to care your lower back, tailbone, spine and hips from pressure points.


  • 100% pure gel-infused memory foam
  • A breathable cover prevents allergic reactions 


  • It is hard and too firm.


12.  Snailax Cooling Truck and Car Seat Cushion with Cooling Pad

This massage and car seat warmer with heat therapy and gentle warmth. What will you get? Massage areas: Hips Upper Back, Lower Back, and Thighs. You can select and customize to release aches, stress, tension and knots.

This Snailax cooling car seat cushion provides four massaging modes (Tapping, Pulsate, Rolling and Kneading) and intensity settings. This set includes two AC & DC adapters that let you use it anywhere not only in your car, also in the office or home too. This thing can be an ideal gift for those who are suffering from back pain.

Product Features & Specs

When the hot air turns your vehicle into the sauna, this Snailax cooling seat cushion puts a cool, breathable layer between your car seat and you. The calm air flows from this Snailax seat cushion and absorbs the body heat and decreases sweat, which allows you put an end to that painful car rides when you sweaty and when your thighs, backs, butts, legs stick to your seat during those hot days.

This Snailax car seat cushion and a massage feature 2 built-in powerful motors in back to provide massage penetrate deeply into your lower back to relax pain, stress, aches, and tension. This seat cushion and a vibration massage feature can be turned on without cooling function.

  • Fresh airflow from the car seat cushion and absorbs your body heat and reduces sweat, provide a comfortable ride in summer. 
  • The powerful vibration massage in the back to provide massage deeply into your back to loose aches, stress, and tension. 
  • Best for –24V truck, 12V Car, office and home
  • Breathable Mesh upper-provides breathability. The cushion will not slide and stay Into Place; two straps go around back of chair or car seat to keep the cooler stable and safe.
  • Set up a timer for easy use. It will switch off a massage or Cool automatically.


  •  It features two powerful motors in back to give Vibrating massage.
  • The unique design allows ventilation between user and cushion.
  • It includes non-slip rubber bottom design.


  • Some users find it uncomfortable and hard.


Truck Seat Cushion Buying Guide

Things To Consider Before Buying Truck Seat Cushion

Here are some features that we consider to be extremely essential if you want the best truck seat cushions, and you should definitely keep them in your checklist.

  • Ergonomic Support

One of the most important aspects of a truck seat cushions is its design as represented by its ergonomics. You would like to have a cushion that is sturdy enough to support your weight, but not apply pressure on specific parts of the body such as tailbone. This is true if you have lower back problems or any other problem of the spinal column. 

In these cases, the design of the truck’s seat cushion should have a notch or a cutout at that part of the seat cushion where it estimates the location of the tailbone. This is vital as you should avoid any pressure on this part of the vertebra. Similarly, the contour of the cushion is also essential. The contour should be seamlessly moulded to the shape of your hips. 

  • Fabric

For many, this is not a deal-breaker, but it is for us. If you would like to go into the detail of the product that you are about to buy, then you should consider this aspect, too. Many individuals prefer leather, while many choose the conventional polyester fabric. Some people also consider the design of the cover to make sure that it doesn’t become an eyesore inside the truck. 

  • Fill

Majority of truck seat cushions have foam padding. However, some use other materials. Some cushions have fibre filling instead of foam, whereas some use polyester granules to get the feelings of bean bags. Take your time and search about the kinds of filling that are used in truck seat cushions.

  • Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance is always related to the material, fabric and filling of the truck seat cushion that you will buy. Always opt for washable covers or can be washed in a machine. Or else, you can choose the one that needs meticulous care.


Truck Seat Cushion FAQs

Is It Suitable for a Heavyweight Person?

That depends on the foam or any other material used in the manufacturing of cushions. Most cushions are made of foam, and its density will determine the weight capacity. 

Can I use it on a bike?

As the name itself clarifies, a car seat cushion is designed and made only for trucks and cars and hence, cannot be used on a bike. If you want to place a seat cushion on your bike, then you should purchase the one which is specially designed for it.

What is the best filling for truck seat cushions?

Foam is the best filling material for cushions. It has a variety of densities. High-density foams offer a firm truck seat cushion. Low-density provides a medium or soft firmness.

Are Seat Cover fabric and cushion waterproof?

It depends on the manufacturers, you can get a truck cushion seat that has a fabric cover, and the cushion itself is waterproof. Most of the cushions are made from the foam of different densities.

Foam is water absorbent, not waterproof. You can only consider a cushion to be waterproof when it is wrapped or encased in a waterproof casing.


Final Verdict

Long journeys can cause back problems, and that is why you should invest in a quality seat cushion, especially if you go on long trips frequently. Before you buy, ensure that the product is of high-quality and not just generic seat cushion for truck drivers.

 Invest in the best truck seat cushion, and it will provide you with ergonomic support and will also improve your posture, discomfort and pain. Getting the one that includes a backrest, by having this you will have additional support that you need.

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