Best Bull Bars For Trucks

Bull bar is a device installed on the front of your truck to protect its front from an accidental or an intentional collision. In the US, a bull bar is also called push bumper, push bar, brush guard, bush bar, grille guard, rammer pusher or cattle pusher. In Canada, it is called a moose bumper. In Australia, it is called a kangaroo bar or nudge bar. In the UK, it is named as winch bumper. Its main purpose is to protect the headlights and the radiator grille of your truck. It provides a platform to install spotlights, radio antennas and vehicle recovery winches. Modern bull bars feature activation of airbags after a collision. Modern bull bars are pedestrian friendly as they act as a spring and deflect due to the force of a collision. Your truck will be driveable after a collision and the pedestrian won’t face a serious injury or death. Read more