Best Rated Truck Bed Lights – Top 12 Reviews

Truck bed lights are handy in several ways. They have a practical purpose, without which truck is illegal to drive. Then comes the decorative feature of it, the lights make the truck more attractive only if you have picked the best truck bed lights.

We will help you to achieve both: practical and decorative. This publication will offer you two things: the detail of some of the best truck bed lights, and a comprehensive Buying Guide to assist you in buying the right bed lights for your truck. We will be discussing the critical features of the truck bed lights, so let’s begin.

Reviews of the Best Truck Bed Lights

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Best Rated Truck Bed Lights – Top 12 Reviews and Recommendations


1.  Mictuning White LED Truck Bed Light Kit – 2 Pcs 60 Inches

Mictuning always emphasis on selling top-quality products. These bed light strips are made of LED chipsets with waterproof hosing, providing them excellent protection against rain, strong wind, raindrops, dirt, sand or snow. These truck bed lights are durable and feature 30,000hrs running time. 

Product Features & Specs

This Mictuning 60″ LED White light is long enough for Truck, RV Awning, SUV, Cargo and Camper lighting or party decorations. You can mount these lights on the sides of your truck also, and it features 12V power source. The extra ties will help you to fix these strips. The light comes with on/off switch and a blade fuse, which you can easily control while driving your truck safely!

  • 2pcs White LED lights, best for Truck Bed Light, Step Bar LED Lighting, Pickup Bed Light Kit, etc
  • Strips 60″ LED, 12V, long for truck/garage/RV Awning lighting or household party decoration
  • The light comes with On-Off Switch and Fuse
  • IP67 waterproof sealed housing protects LED against rain, dirt and sand, flexible with up to 30,000 hrs lifespan


  • Lifespan 30,000 hrs
  • IP67 waterproof sealed housing 
  • Light Strips 60″ LED, 12V.


  • Wires are too thin.


2.  Truck Bed LED Lighting Kit with 48 Waterproof Super Bright Lights

This EXCOUP LED bed light to enable you to operate and carry out your work in the night conveniently without any need of a flashlight or a portable light for work. The light pods contain six LED that is ultra-bright, with the increased wire that is safe and highly durable. These LED bed lights by Excoup are waterproof and a rating of IP67.

Product Features & Specs

This will protect the light pods from heavy rains, dirt, bad weather and also snow. The light features a lifespan of 30000hours. With a power of 12V and you can mount these truck bed lights anywhere you want.

It also has on/off switch that controls the bed lights and a 3M adhesive pad on the backside of the light pod. It comes with screws that you will need for installation of these lights. The light pods have a thickness of 0.2 inches. The bed light includes 23 inches of wire between the pods.

With a waterproof rating of IP67, this light will work efficiently in any condition, whether it is rainy snowy or any type of weather.

  • The width is increased, and more durable extended the life of bed lights.
  • Eight pods bed lights, 48 SMD LEDs. The thickness of a pod is 0.2in. Each truck bed light includes 23in of wire between pods — 21ft long of power wire.
  • With IP67 waterproof. The lighting kit will work in bad weather Rains, Snow and others.
  • On / off switch, you can control the brightness of your bed with a switch. 


  • Lights are With IP67 waterproof
  • The power cord is included in the box.


  • Not bright


3.  Partsam LED Truck Bed Waterproof Light Strips

These truck bed lights offer extra lighting with each light pod having 6 LED in them. This allows for a brighter light on the truck bed, and the on/off switch makes it simple to use them. These weather-resistant bed lights will work perfectly in the heavy rains, and any conditions. The adhesive is simple to install.

Product Features & Specs

You can buy these bed lights in different colours. The colours include blue, white, red and green. You can use this truck bed light on many locations such as cargo, down to pick up, then trucks, up to your garage lights and RV awning light. Moreover, these lights are perfect for the household or party decorations. You can lit these lights with just the push of a switch. As mentioned before, it is waterproof so you can also use the light on outdoor locations.

The Partsam LED bed light has a life span of over 30000 hours. It uses eight-light pods, and each pod has six LEDs. Also, it comes with screws that will assist in the installation of these lights.

  • Partsam truck bed lighting kit 8 Pods, the pod has 6LEDs and 48 White LEDs. 2FT between each pod; 21FT power wire.
  • The light comes with Switch, allowing you to control the light pods 
  • It has passed waterproof IP67 rating sealed housing, protects LED pods snow, raindrops, dirt and sand. 30,000 hrs lifespan
  • The reliable 3M adhesive can stick on any smooth surface, plus, extra screws will reinforce the installation; 
  • You can Mount it Anywhere 12V Power Source- 21ft LED pods, ultra-long for truck /pickup/camper/garage/ or household party decoration.


  • Suitable for extreme weather
  • It comes with extra screws and ties.
  • Simple to install


  • No instructions included for installation.


4.  Autuneer White Truck Bed Waterproof LED Light Kit

When considering usability, safety, and price, the Autuneer LED is the best truck bed light you can get. The unit includes two light strands measuring 60 inches. The LEDs are placed end to end of each light strand, offering you with bright white light. Jointly, these strands put more than 2500 lumens. The LEDs are covered in a vinyl tube, which protects from harsh elements. There is also a silicone sealing, so don’t worry about the water damage.

Product Features & Specs

If you don’t like drilling, then you need a truck led bed light with an active adhesive pad. One such product is the Autuneer truck bed light, which includes a strong adhesive backing. The adhesive sticks effectively.

You will also get the retaining clips in the pack, and these will come handy while you are installing the lights. A switch for turning these lights on/off is included in the box. The switch is of decent quality and comfortable to operate. The switch is also weather-resistant and well-sealed.

  • 2pcs LED lights, Truck Bed Light, Side Door Led Lamp, Step Bar LED Lighting, Pickup Bed Light Kit, etc.
  • It comes with On-Off Switch and a Blade Fuse so that you can control the strips
  • 60″ strips, 12V, long for pickup/camper/garage/RV or household party decoration
  • IP65 Sealed Housing protected LED Strips, protection against Snow, Rain Drops, Dirt and Sand, 30,000 hours Lifetime
  • The reliable adhesive can be peeled to stick on any surface plus, and the ties help to keep your wires in place.


  • Two strands of LED lights each measuring 60 inches.
  • The weather-resistant power switch is included.
  • It comes with blade switch.
  • Strong adhesive backing.


  • Short power cord


5.  Audew Waterproof Truck Bed Light Strips for Trucks

Searching for a truck bed light with a powerful emitting diode that offers a great illumination? The Audew is one pick that will not dissatisfy you. It emits so much bright white light that everything in the bed is vibrant. The light includes two separate strands. Each light strand has its power switch so you can control these individually. In each light strand, there are four light pods, each containing 6 LEDs. Therefore, you will get a total of 48 LEDs.

The pods also have an adhesive system, so you will have to remove the paper and stick these light pods where you like. And if you need a much secure connection, you can use the included screws.

Product Features & Specs

Made of imported chips, you can use these lights for 50000 hours, no dark spots and bright enough to illuminate your truck bed. The rating of IP67 these bed lights are completely waterproof, so you can use these on outdoor places also or on a rainy day.

The wire included is long enough so you won’t have to buy any extra wire. Between the two pods is a length of 2-feet. Because each light strand has a 23-foot long cable, reaching the power source will not require any additional wire.

  • Built-in SMD LED chips; the bed lights have an excellent performance. It can light the entire bed so you can also work at night.
  • With IP67 waterproof rating, it can work in bad conditions — anti-corrosion housing.
  • On/Off switch so that you can control the light; with DC 12V power can use it on trucks, side door, uploading vehicles, kitchen cabinet etc.
  • 2400Lumens 8W, eight pods, 48 LED chips, the power wire is 197 inches.


  • Super bright illumination.
  • Two separate strands, each with its power source.
  • Plenty of wire.


  • The design is not that attractive for some people.


6.  Ampper LED Truck Bed Light Kit (2 Strips, 20 Pcs, White)

Ampper 12V truck bed lights with switch and harness kits can be installed anywhere with power resource of 12V. You can use these truck bed lights on truck, car, pickup truck, van, home, Garden, Backyard, office, commercial space, showcase, etc.

These LED lights are effortless to install, and comes with a switch for easy controlling. The lights are also equipped with an in-line fuse, simplified wiring and 3M adhesive, so can just stick these bed lights to any smooth surface or else you can use the included screws to fix these LED bed lights. 

Product Features & Specs

Ampper LED Truck Bed Light includes 20 Light Pods and 60 Bright LEDs in total. It is compatible with 12V power resource. These are widely lights used in many locations, such as truck bed, Van lights, RV awning lights, Decorative off Road Lighting. And you can also use these light to decorate your home, Garden, and Backyard Lighting etc. The light can endure raindrops, but it is not entirely waterproof, so don’t soak the light in water for long.

  • You can use these with any 12V Power Source such as truck bed light, footwells light, under-car light, tail light, side door led lamp, at home and more.
  • The size is small only 0.25″ thick makes them easy to hide, this item is almost invisible on the truck bed. 
  • It is composed of 20 modules and two strips with 60 bright LEDs plenty of lights, 30,000 hours lifespan.
  • The lights can survive, against rain, snow, dirt and sand, withstand harsh conditions like snow, rain, etc. But do not soak the lights for a very long time.


  • Nice and bright illumination.
  • Hidden lights.


  • Extra power wire will be required.


7.  AMBOTHER Truck Bed Lights 12-volts Waterproof

Designed to offer you with excellent brightness, this AMBOTHER truck bed light features the latest SMD LED technology. The AMBOTHER 60 Inch LED truck bed lights contains 180 SMD LED beads that provide impressive brightness. This ensures the best lighting on your RV, truck, or a boat. Different from the regular lighting, these light strips come with silicone sealing that provides better waterproof performance.

Product Features & Specs

These LED light strips come with a sealed structure that is also shockproof. These truck bed lights offer you a lifespan of 30,000 hours. For improved safety, this light is equipped with a switch and fuse that is tested and verified. 

Still thinking What’s more, then only for you no drilling hassles required in the installation and neither your truck will lose its value due to the holes. You can use the tough adhesive packing for a secure and simple installation.

  • Using SMD LED bulb, very bright
  • Waterproof Performance. No worry about rainy days
  • Safe to use DC 12-volt
  • No Drill Installation. 


  • Waterproof Performance.
  • No Drill Installation. 
  • A lifespan of 30,000 hours


  • The wires are very brittle.


8.  Vanjing Truck Bed LED Light Strip Kit with Sound-Activated Function

This Vanjing 60” LED truck bed light kit is available in multi-colours. You can choose from 8 different and bright colours to illuminate your truck bed. The light strands are 60 inches long, which is enough for many truck beds, pickup, cargo, trailer, campers, etc. as well as for home and party decorations. With these truck bed lights, you will get a self-adhesive tape and ties which will make the installation a straightforward process, and by using the ties you keep the wires organized.

Product Features & Specs

These RGB truck bed lights will change the look of your truck bed entirely. The lights feature an integral built-in smart sound system which will make these on the beat of the song. Besides it also features a remote control so you can on/off these truck bed light while driving smoothly. The Vanjing bed lights are entirely waterproof IP 67 so can freely use these lights in rain, snow and extreme weather.

  • Eight different colours, LED Chipset: LED Quality: 90pcs Leds, Length: 60 inches, Waterproof Rating IP67, Sound-Activated Function RF Remote Controller.
  • Built-in smart sensor, these lights will dance on the beats of the song. Music show in the bed of your pickup.
  • VANJING RGB light p can be used for many vehicles, trailer, truck, pickup, cargo, camper, boats RV awning light, VAN, step bar LED lighting and more.
  • The RGB truck bed light comes with 3M self-adhesive tape and extra ties, screws and fasteners, which can install it on any smooth surface you want.
  • 2 x LED Light Strips, 1 x On-off Push Button, 1 x 2 Way Splitter, 1 x Remote Signal Receiver, 1 x RF Remote Controller, 6 x Ties, 4 x Clips, 8 x Screws. We offer a 1-year warranty. 


  • Built-in smart sensor for sound.
  •  1-year warranty.
  • Multi-colour lights


  • Not durable.


9.  Linkstyle Truck Bed Waterproof LED Lights with Remote Control

The Link style LED Lights is an excellent option if you’re looking for a colour changing truck bed lights. These lights come in 2 separate light strips, each with four light pods. Each light pod include 6 LEDs so that you will get 48 LEDs in total. There are four bright colours to choose from blue, red, green, and white. These colours are vibrant, providing your truck with a cool look.

Therefore, these lights not only have the colour changing option, but they also offer decent lighting. You will get 2400 lumens, which is more than enough to see what is in the truck bed.

Product Features & Specs

You can install this multi-colour truck bed light anywhere you like. It operates 12V DC. Using the bright SMD chips, this truck bed light will illuminate the whole truck bed. It also includes remote Control to turn these lights on/off and to change the colours. It also features a rocker switch to control these lights from the inside of the truck. Two switches are included in the pack one for each light strand, and you can turn on/off these light strands individually.

  • This truck bed light includes 48pcs LEDs that can fit your demands.
  • Wireless remote control to turn on/off these lights and to change the colours.
  • Each bed light strip has 23.6inch of wire between each light pod. 
  • Waterproof LED Truck Bed Lighting with IP67 rating snow-proof, and sand-proof.
  • You can mount these in the interior, the exterior of the truck bed, truck liner, wheel well etc.


  • Wireless remote control feature.
  • Multi-colour lights
  • IP67 waterproof.


  • The wiring harness is short


10.  Auxbeam Smart RGB LED Truck Bed Lights with Wireless Remote Control and On/Off Switch

The Auxbeam White LED light is a multi-purpose light which you can use in many places such as truck bed, step bar, side door, etc. These lights are one of the famous lights and durable enough to serve you for years without any problems.

It features the wireless remote to control these lights and to change the colour modes. You can pick from colour changing and flashing mode, choose gradient mode, voice-activated mode.

Product Features & Specs

These light are 60″ LED strips, with 12V power, long enough for cargo/pickup/camper/garage or party decorations. As these lights come with the power On-Off Switch and a fuse that allows you to control these strips lights while you are driving.

Entirely Waterproof LED lights with a rating of IP67. These truck bed lights are correctly sealed housing, which protects LED strips against snow, rain dirt and sand. Durable provide a lifespan of 30,000 hours. The reliable adhesive pack allows for simple and hassle-free installation. Just peeled to stick on any surface, and the extra ties further secure the mounting and wiring of these bed lights.

  • 2pcs LED Strip lights, best for truck bed light, side door led lamp, pickup light kit.
  • On/Off Switch and Blade Fuse 
  • It comes with screws and ties for stable mounting.
  • With the remote control, you can change colours.
  • IP67 waterproof Sealed Housing protects led against snow, raindrops, dirt and sand, 30,000 hrs Lifetime.


  • On/Off Switch and Blade Fuse
  • It comes with extra ties and screws for mounting.
  • IP67 waterproof Sealed Housing


  • The pack does not include instructions.


11.  Mictuning Truck Bed Waterproof LED Lights with On-Off Switch

These LED light strips by Mictuning are built with chipsets and include IP67 waterproof casing. This provides incredible protection against sand, dirt, powerful wind, rain, plus snow. These LED bed light are durable and have a lifespan of 30,000 hours.

You can also use these truck bed lights for SUV, cargo, RV they can also act as camper lighting or you can use as a decoration light for home parties.

Product Features & Specs

These light provide ultra-bright and amazing light; you will no longer face the issues while looking for anything in your truck bed at night. The blade fuse prevents overloading. It also features an on/off button for controlling these lights. The additional ties are included in the pack which can be useful in keeping your wires together.

MICTUNING Crystal White 3pcs LED strip lights, 270 LEDs high brightness. They will illuminate the entire truck bed. Best for Truck Bed Light, Side Door Led Lamp, Pickup Bed Light Kit, etc.

  • 60″ strips, 12V, enough for pickup/camper/garage/RV party household decoration. Features 79ft of power wire, 1x 20ft wire, easy to attach. 
  • On-Off Switch and Blade Fuse, freely control these strips and ensure safety in driving.
  • These truck bed lights are sealed. IP67 waterproof housing protects strips against snow, dirt and sand, 30,000 hours lifespan.


  • Bright glowing LEDs.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to install.


  • Problems in power cord.


12.  Sunjoyco LED Truck Bed Multi-Color Lighting Kit

These bed lights feature eight-light pods each light pod has six bright LEDs, 48 SMD LEDs. Each truck bed light includes a strand. The distance between each pod is 23inches. The pack also includes 21ft of wire for power. Enjoy 16 accent colours that will offer your truck a unique feel and look. You can simply Control these lights, their colour, the brightness, and unique patterns with a WIRELESS REMOTE.

Product Features & Specs

This MULTI-COLOR light kit can be installed anywhere. The light Operates on DC 12V. It Includes a remote to turn on/off the lights and to change the colours. The remote also comes handy if you want to turn on or off these lights form inside the truck. By using the adhesive backing, you can peel these truck bed lights to stick on any flat surface within seconds.

  • Eight light pods bed lights, 6LEDs, 48 SMD LEDs. Truck bed light strand is 23in wire between the pods — 21ft power wire.
  • Sixteen premium accent colours to choose from. Control colour, lights, brightness, and flash pattern with a WIRELESS REMOTE.
  • IP67 rated waterproof sealed housing, protects pods against snow, dirt and sand, durable and flexible with 30,000 hours lifespan.
  • It will fit your truck, truck/jeep trailer, RV, boat, undercarriage. 


  •  30,000 hours lifespan.
  • Sixteen premium accent colours to choose from
  • IP67 waterproof.


  • Sticky pads are not that good.


Truck Bed Lights Buying Guide

Things To Consider Before Buying Truck Bed Lights

Now that you have read about the products, you should figure out which one is suitable for you. We will list some key aspects you should consider when shopping for the truck bed lights.

  • Compatibility

Before you think about the design, colours, brightness, and the features, you need to check that the lights will fit your truck. Therefore, you should focus on the cord length.

The additional wiring is great for those who have massive truck beds but challenging for those who have small trucks. Remember that you can cut and shorten the wires, as per your requirements.

  • Voltage

Voltage is another vital thing you should pay attention to. Most truck bed lights have 12V enough to match the voltage of your truck’s battery. It won’t bother much if you double-check the specs.

  • Durability

Of course, you want your truck bed lights to last long. For durability, consider the aspects that make the light pods durable, and then assess the lights. Lighting pods are the things that save and protect the lights; if the lights are durable, light bulbs will sustain.

Then again, this isn’t a thumb rule. Some bed lights can’t sustain the harsh weathers and will break down regardless of the design and durability. However, ensure that the bed light you are about to purchase is shockproof, waterproof and that they can withstand extreme conditions.

  • Colour

Colour is another feature you should consider before you make the final decision. Consider whether you need blue one or the standard white, or you are searching for something funkier, you will surely find the one for you.

  • Installation Difficulty

Even though these truck bed lights include strong 3M tape, you may require some drilling, manage the wiring, and fix the position more firmly.

Most manufacturers don’t include the instructions regarding the installation of the lights as they believe that who buy these lights also know how to fix them, which isn’t always the case. So there will be some manual work you will have to do, be prepared.


Truck Bed Lights FAQs

Will installing truck bed lights void my truck’s warranty?

Although we don’t know about every truck out there, to be absolutely sure we will advise checking your documentation and agreements.

Are LED truck bed lights legal?

No, but there are some restrictions you should be aware of, the main point is colour. If the light is red, yellow, or blue, they might be confused with fire, police and ambulances. Laws are different for every country or state, so if you are not sure, check the local transport authority.

Are the bed lights water-resistant and waterproof?

Go through the makes descriptions but be aware that waterproof and water-resistant are two very different things. To be certain water will not damage these lights and you can also use some silicone if there are any exposed coppers and soldering. 

In what colours can I have my LED lights?

You are not limited to red or white light. But there are some other options to select from. You can opt for the yellow, pink, blue, white, red or green light. It depends on your preferences.


Final Verdict

It does not matter if you are looking for the best truck bed light to enhance your truck’s look or trying to make a statement; the truck bed lights are a perfect choice for any truck owner. Nevertheless, remember to go through the buying guide mentioned above and specific laws of your state before making the purchase. It will considerably help in providing the best bed light that will satisfy your needs.

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